Mission Impossible Episode 42


That night was hell for me,i couldnt think straight nor concentrate,to sleep was war for me.no position i stay was of comfort to me,sitting on the bed was something else and standing was another thing so i just kept walking to and fro in the room taking glasses of water like a toad.this girl has stolen not just my heart but the whole of me.

The night was so slow,seem like the clocks aint ticking, my mind wasnt mine,i remembered that i had earlier collected her number from observer,i picked my phone and started dailing her line but it wasnt reachable but i continued trying.

Morning finally came after what seem like enternity,i quickly dashed to the bathroom,had my bath and brushed my teeth with extra care,i tried her number once more but it was switched off,i kick up and troop off my room banging the door behind me,straight into my car and i drove out of the compound and zoomed off to search for my nancy.

I searched and searched for her but couldnt find her,i even went to the school to check but there was no sign of nancy.after everything i drove home weak,hopeless and helpless,i opened my door and fell flat on my bed,then my door cracked opened and my step mother’s voice came

Step Mum:have u found her?

Me:not even a sign of her

Josey:are u sure u checked well?

Me: (sat up right with my frustrated self)what sort of foolish question is that eh?

Step Mum:josey i dont want to hear ur voice again.dan pls take a rest and calm down,its obvious u didnt sleep last night because ur eye balls are swellon

Me:thanks mum

Josey:emm,me that is just trying to help out.ok oo…..

Walks out of my room with my step mum.i laid back till i slept off


I wokeup the next morning feeling strange but new,i opened my door and saw my dad passing

Me:good morning dad

Dad: oh my able son,how are u

Me:as u can see dad,am fine

Dad: oh that’s good

Me: dad this one that u are smiling even where u are not supposed to smile,i hope all is well o and by the way aint u going about ur businesses today?

Dad: (smiles)dani u amaze me,well i wont be going anywhere today,isaac would be bringing his wife to be to the house to introduce to the family,we all would be having breakfast together

Me:hmmm nice but if it were to be me i would prefer it to be during dinner

Dad:let’s not argue over this,everyone and their own ways

Me: ok dad let me freshen up before joining u guys

Dad: ok…

Walks away. I went back inside my room,freshen up and was dressing up when a knock sounded on my door

Me:yess.who is there?

Voice:the family request ur presence at the dinning room

Me: ok after u dear…

I knew that would be one of our maid.i troop off my room to the dinning where i met the rest all seated and smiling

Me:nna where is obser…sorry where is isaac and his bae?

Dad:sit down first befor before u start asking questions like jamb official

Me: (sat down)

Step Mum: here they come…

we looked up and saw them,the babe was indeed an epitom of beauty,what am I even saying,i mean she is beauty herself

Dad:who is the girl with u

Observer: dad u are so much in a hurry,lets eat first(smiles and started walking close to sit with his bae following behind already feeling embarrassed

Dad: (with anger and authority)i said who is she?…i turned and looked at my dad,he had turned wild

Observer: (stopped smiling)if u insist,she is the…

Dad:the girl u want to marry? (dad interrupted)

Observer:yes dad

Dad: never! U would marry her over my dead body because u wont have my blessing…dad stuned out angrily

Observer:wha wha why dad?…..

I looked at the girl,she was shivering like a leaf as we all stared at her in shock.now the big question is


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To be continued