Mission Impossible Episode 31


Later an ambulance came and cleared the corpse.my lawyer still came back to discuss somethings with me.Well none of them had courage to put me into another cell so i walked over to the counter and sat there till it was time for the court hearing

Policeman: oga time for court done reach and motor dey wait u outside……

I looked at him with those bossy eyes,he got scared and stepped back a little.if it was before they would had come to the cell,open it and shout “hey flush out and face justice”.i looked at him and smiled,the blood staining me had dried up turning black somehow and is smelling.

I walked down to the black maria and got inside.in no time we were at the court premiss.i came down and i walked into the courtroom into the jury box.soon the judge was in,after all their court ceremony,he adjusted his googles and looked at me like someone watching an horror film

Judge:youngman why are you looking bloody all over

Bar. Jude:my lord,the safty of my cliant can not be guaranted in the cell, he has been detained

Judge:and why if i may ask?

Bar. Jude: (brought out series of photos and handed 8 copies to the judge,then passed the remaining for the court to see)my lord,last night the police sent two killers to silent my cliant

Court:jesus!! (murmuring)

Clerk: order pls

Bar. Willians: objection my lord

Me:kai sit down,wetin u wan object abi u blind?

Judge: (as if not having a clear view of the photos through his board like google glass,he pulled it off,dropped it on the table,looked at the photos closely.all this while the court had been silent waiting for him to give orders.he raised his head)objection over rude. bar.willians,dont make me believe u stand for injustices.the defence coucil pls go on

Bar. Jude:thank u my lord.they didnt succeed because my cliant over powered and killed them including one of the policeman that led them into the cell

Bar. Willians: objection my lord

Judged: objection over rude.bar.willians,anymore word from u and u wld be sent out of the court

Bar. Willians:sorry my lord

Judge:defence coucil u can proceed.

Bar. Jude:thank u my lord.i put it to this honorable that the police know more than they perturbed.i rest my case

Judge:the prescuting coucil

Bar. Willians:thank u my lord.this can be a setup.lets not forget that the accused here was arrested not by the police but by the army after killing one williams chidi a final year student of political science.he is a cultist and a murderer as such and should be left behind bars.


They talked and talked,a soldier came and testified against me.so many preasure and finally my lawyer lost it all,he had no evidence to save me out then the judge cleared his throat and said

Judge:this is my judgement,the accused had been found guilty of multiples murder and his here by….

Unknown:nooo wait……who was it,every ones eyes turned back,at the door stood a boy and a girl,i knew just the boy but who are they???

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To be continued