Mission Impossible Episode 26


Later in the evening i was called out of cell and taken to the DPO’s office by this time i wasnt on trouser nor singlet,i was just on my red boxers,my hands were on cuffed.when we got to the office the officer made me seat on the floor

DPO:finally we got u

Me: (stared into his eyes)

DPO:u have been the one disturbing the peace of the school with ur cult group abi?

Me: (stared deeper into his eyes till i wasnt sure what i was looking at)

DPO:u have suddenly gone dumb right?

Me:sir u are disturbing urself over nothing because am not a cultist

DPO:are u not sky

Me:am not sky,the sky is up

DPO: taaahi(he slapped me)who is joking here

Me:are u slapping me to accept what am not? Am not sky

DPO: ok what is ur nickname

Me:little prince

DPO: (looked at the officer standing close to me in surprise)little prince


DPO: ok let me act like i believe u,so the man u killed,why did u kill him

Me:it was a mistake,i did it in self defence

DPO:it obvious u dont like people being gentle with u

Me:sir that’s the truth

DPO:i wont talk much,the school authority will take its cost on u

Me:sir i don’t feel threatened,the law is no ghost,it made up of bodies that are human so i can still prove am not guilty

DPO:u must be a harden criminal

Me:with all due respect sir am not a criminal and by the way i only did the police a favour

DPO:i see.officer take him away and interrogate him properly

Officer:sure sir…he held me up and began leading me off the Dpo’s office

Me:i want to call my father,can i?

DPO: officer let him call his father

Officer: ok sir…

He led me out to his own office,i was given a phone to call my father(not my phone),i dialled my dad’s number

Dad:who is this and how many i help u

Me:father its me daniel

Dad: dani where are u

Me:at the station,i was arrested

Dad:what station?

Me: A division at ikoyi

Dad: on my way son

Me: ok sir…hang up.

Officer: the IPO in charge of your case just went out

Me:so?….he just kept me quiet,got a strong rod,with the help of two other officers(because i struggled) they got my cuffed hands under my legs,passed the rod through it,fixed an edge to the window and the other to a table,i found myself hanging on the rod,it was so painful as the handcuff was beginning to injure me,i hanged there for an hour before i was brought down and led to see my father in a room he was patiently seated and waiting for me

Dad: dan how are u,officer why the cuff?

Officer:chief is he ur son?

Dad:yes,he is my son

Officer:chief ur son is a harden criminal

Dad:are you mad? U stand in my presence and call my so a criminal?

Officer:sorry sir

Dad:take off that cuff right now and excuse us(he took of the and cuff and left with it)o look at my son’s hand

Me: (sat opposite my dad and whispered)dad,how did u find us in the bush?

Dad:u told me over the phone before u left for the mission remember?

Me: oh yes,thanks for saving me

Dad:no son,u saved me,u risked ur life to protect me,so i should be saying thanks

Me:its nothing dad

Dad:why is ur hand bleed?

Me:hmmm dad,have been hanging for the past one hour before u finally showed up

Dad: (the constancy on his face changed)

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Me:what’s the problem dad,did anybody die?

Dad:you have been charged to court daniel

Me:jesus!!! Court?

Dad:yes son

Me:dont worry dad,nothing would happen to me dad

Dad:you dont understand,my hands look tied,someone is behind this

Me:u worry too much dad,my mission isnt finished,i must leave here to finish the mission

Dad:son forget about this mission and get out of here first,by the way what mission is that?

Me:chief soso


Me:not this time dad because is when mission turns possible

Dad:you dont understand,chief soso is behind all this and i know he would stop at nothing to see u hang

Me:chief Soso again?


3 DAYS LATER. Today is the first day i would be facing trail in court,i stood at the gate of my cell waiting for a policeman to come and let me out of this cage called cell.am becoming so scared now as the tempo of my heartbeat keept increasing,four days in cell probably awaiting prison or death,but if i succeed in getting out of here alive,chief Soso(though i dnt know him in person)must fall.

Finally the police showed up,opened up the cell,fixed up the cuff into my hand,and led me to a black maria parked outside,12 other policemen were waiting outside,all armed,on seeing me the black maria was opened,i got inside and it was closed,it was probably locked from outside.inside the black maria was so dark,only a very small hole gave in a little light(those of u who made pin hole camera in secondary school would understand better).

I was in alone, fear grip me for what really awaits me. . .

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To be continued