Mission Impossible Episode 2


In no time people had covered d compound (that’s why i hate village things) the noise in the small compound was alarming,everyone wanted to know what was wrong,infact those that were told what went wrong on time goes out to call more people(women,they like gossip).

My mother was revived but she wasnt that concious as Sir Winners continued to explain what and how his son died

Sir Winners:clinton had an accident 17 years ago,this incured him a mark on his forehead where his head was opened due to the accident,he couldnt survive it.his death was a painful one because he was my only child.he died a death he did not agree with his creator,he died before his time…

Yes my step father had a mark on his forehead as if it was sticted,hmmm this is making sense now but i wish he would just come out now & tell them something like “who died? I never died” but no he never did.

so that was the last time i saw my precious step father? No it not possible,i know i would see him when i get to lagos again.i felt tears drop from my eyes.

mama clinton was still shouting as if clinton just died,she was by his grave now hitting it as if she wants to hit out clinton(my step father),women were gathered holding her and consoling her while some elders were gathered at one side discussing on how to go to lagos to confirm everything(world people eh,they always want to see with their eyes).

The next day myself,two youths & two elders(sir winners & one other elder) sat off to my step father’s house in lagos.my mother couldnt follow us because she had not regained her conciousness fully.

Like play like play we arrived lagos and entered a bike to my step father’s house.it was rented and it a big house,a one story building but its wide,two houses down and two up,each contains 4 bed room flats and a big parlour, we and one other tenant occupied the down flates while the landlady and one other tenant occupied the up building.

we got to the house,i opened the gate because it only insiders who can open the gate,visitors cant no matter how they try unless we teach them or they have similar gate at home and behold my step father’s car wasnt in d compound where he had parked it before we travelled the previous day,

i was so surprised but thank God the landlady was outside,she was fixing something in her car(the landlord is late)

Me:good evening ma

Landlady: Dan,how are u(she noticed the elder when she raised her head)afternoon o elders

Elders: (both smiling,trying to hide that things weren’t all right)our daughter,how are u(the youths greeted too)

Landlady:fine o

Elders: our children nkor

Landlady:they are all fine sir.Dan any problem?

Me:no,please is my father around?(here in lag everyone thinks he is my real father and as you can see am even having his name Winners)

Landlady:ur father! he was here helping me out few minutes ago but drove out about 5minutes ago to his office

Sir Winners:u mean clinton just left here?

Landlady:yes he just drove out,any problem

Elder:no problem,this (pointing at sir winners)is his father

Landlady: ok,he just left that he wants to get something at his work place Sir

Winner: ok thank you.daniel do u know his office?

Me:yes sir i do

Elder: take us there…

At least i was happy that they would be proven wrong by seeing my step father alive and healthy but am still surprised how come he ran back here living us in Edo state,maybe his people offended him.well cant wait for all this whole drama to end and i proven right.

I took them to my step father’s place of work and as God may have it we met his manager outside,about to open his car probably to drive out,i knew him very well and he knows me too because my step father is his assitant manager and had brought me to the office on many occasions.he was surprise to see me,we greeted and all that

Me:sir please is my dad at work

Manager:ah ah,your father just drove off a minute before you approached me

Sir Winners: please my dear,he is my son,please what did he come to do at the office

Manager: (shakes his head)hmmm,mr clinton winners was a good and hardworking man(this man should go straight to the point na) and am surprised he came to tender his resignation letter without due reasons

All: (except me)he resigned?

Manager:yes resigned,does he have any problem at home?

Sir Winners:no not at all,daniel take us back home we would wait for him at home

Me: ok sir…we thanked the manager and left but wait, what is really going on,is my step father playing tricks on us! he better stop because his tricks are becoming expensive than expected.

We got home,entered the compound and met the landlady again

Landlady:eeenn you people are lucky,he just came back and i informed him

Elder: oh thank u my daughter but where is his car?

Landlady:i dont know,he came back without it and i didnt bother asking him

Sir winners: ok thank u my daughter.dan take us inside…

lo and behold inside d house was empty. . .

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To be continue