Mission Impossible Episode 13


Mehn the next day,i took my bath and off to school.i got to the school gate and met armies all armed standing by the gate.they collected my bag and search it like they were washing it lolz.they searched me too like a common thief and almost got me naked,i wanted to para(provoke and react) but when i remembered the say

“if soldier slap you you go know say police na your friend”

So a just melo.they were still searching me when one guy came,he was forming big boy,his trouser was half way his waste with one ear ring on his left ear(upon say i belong i nor craze reach like that)with his rough jerry coil

Soldier:mr man u look like an animal

Boy: *silent*

Soldier:are you a celeb that you are looking this way?

Boy:bros you dey fall my hand,as in eh u fall my hand reach ground

Soldier:eh? repeat am?

Boy:must i be celeb before i go show swag!

Soldier:you wan show swag? oyah wait…

Like play like play come see beating.i just dey go my own before yawa go gas.see inside school,soldiers everywhere you go.oh we don create o.through out that day infact that week and 2 more weeks added the school was still talking about the attrack and trust THE ELVIS they don clear school for the time been.

We went on well and related well with Cloud till a month passed then the capon called me,matchety and few others for a secret meeting where he discussed with us on how to eliminate Cloud(i knew it and i said it,forgiveness is a sin so he cant be forgiven and now judgement day is here).the plan was well set and trust BLACKERS its a prefect plan.oya watch how the plan goes


A party was created(oh God save those that belong for they no not what they got themselves involve with.let me share this secret with u.if u belong please becareful of parties and clubs,its the perfect setup to eliminate anyone when he or she is no longer useful or wanted especially when you fuckup)

This part was hold on a sunday afternoon,it lasted till mama’s call.we began paying our last respect to the ignorant Cloud.everyone seem to be at peace with him(what we did was that we never told him about the party till the D-day and we invited him to the party by 8pm,this was done in other to leave no trace of his death).

When he came everyone was shaking him and hailing him “cloud nigga,cloud cloud,bado,alaye etc” and the mumu was laughing and shaking hands,he danced and dance(oh how i wish he knew it was his last dance) and then he was served drugged drinks.within the hours of 2 (2hours)he had drank like 8 bottles.then we kept him busy dancing till he started misbehaving.the time is here.we quickly ended the party and we began walking and gisting till we got to the school compound(we entered the school through the bush)

At the back of Cloud’s lecture hall his grave has already been dung.Cloud had been drugged so he wasnt his self and he was just staggering.when we got there we meet the capon already there… We got there and stood in a circle

Capon:cloud fall out(the guy just stood staring,the drug was really working)talking too much would be a waste of time but incase God replay this record for u nah make u know say u f–k up.u betrayed a brother because of money,just too bad.push him to the grave and cover him alive…

The capon said as he turned and left.then two guys pushed him inside and began covering it as the rest of us all began to leave the scene.oh what a big fuckup from cloud.we dismissed to our various houses.


Then next day being monday,i got up,prepared for lectures and left,things moved on well like nothing ever happened.i was still in school when capon called me.i picked up

Me:the boss im self

Capon:sky get ready,you have a mission

Me:the boss,wetin sup?

Capon: one politican just give us work and he is paying 15m for the work

Me:which mission be dat the boss

Capon:termination mission

Me:ah capon,i nev…er(i turned left and right to make sure no student was close before continuing and thank God non was close)i never kill before nah

Capon:but u don go reach 15 termination mission for the past na

Me:ehhhn i no but i no kill nah

Capon:you better wise up and get mind now because one day u go become arkman

Me:capon me know na but that day never reach

Capon:well you no go kill but nah you go lead the mission

Me:how,the boss

Capon:where you dey self

Me:i dey skul…

Call ends.wetin come end call nah.i looked up and saw the capon coming to where i was seated.he got close and sat with me

Capon:so u dey school na im i dey waste my airtime abi

Me:nor vex,i nor no say you dey school

Capon:this is the plan.u would go and start working for the man

Me:which man?

Capon:the man is also a politican, running for another party and you know election is few months away.the man in question is an opponent of chief Soso who happens to be his running mate . .

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To be continued