Patient ID: FEMALE
Diagnosis: Mind Tumor [Episode 10]
Presciption: MindSurgery


Let me begin with this confession, it has not been easy gathering the information I have to share with us today. But putting myself in a lady’s thought process for 18 hours has given me a mind renewal especially about the things I didn’t know.

How did I do that? Anyway, I have a lady friend and I contracted two of her closest friends to send her two extreme messages in a space of 5 minutes. One message, extremely nice and romantic from a boyfriend and the other extremely irritating from a female friend  she felt competitive with, after with they sent screenshots of her responds to me.

She responded emotionally but independently to both stimuli of messages according to the level of relationship she had with them ,even though there were overlaps in emotions. Then I said to myself afterall women are not who we men have badly perceived them to be .

Whatever seed of stimuli we sow into them is multiplied and served back to us in abundance according to the power that worketh within them. Sounds like a scripture right? The mechanisms differ from men but same principle. The challenge here is concealing it with perfection.

However there is a danger. You would wish she expresses it immediately but if the atmosphere forces her to keep her emotions, something interesting happens. A storyline is formed. All other events will be connected to that one suppressed emotion and trust me, you are in to direct a whole movie script on the day she finally decides to shoot that movie.

Does this make them bad or weird people? No, i don’t think so. We as men must understand their centre of emotional displays and take cautions because every diverted emotion adds up within them and will definately come out some day when a similar event triggers her MIND to it. Amazingly, no two women exhibit the same trend of emotional display. They all have their unique displays that sets them apart so let us stop comparing  Barbara with Becca, Modesta with Margaret and Rachel with Rita. They are independently unique with communicating their emotions.

This is the final episode on MIND TUMOR as far as Emotions are concerned. Watch out for the next TUMOR on MINDSURGERY. Keep broadcasting and love you.

The MindSurgeon