Mind Tumor Chapter 2



Patient ID: Both Sexes
Diagnosis: Mind Tumor [Episode 2]
Presciption: MindSurgery

I am very much aware that, for those who have studied Psychology as a course in school, may have come across this topic before. I am not a psychologist and i dont intend to go that line with us. You can study this topic under psychology and still graduate not knowing yourself.

Two years ago, i served on a board to recruit people for a company and amazingly the first question that was asked, almost 85% of the 127 applicants shortlisted answered wrongly. Its the question of WHO ARE YOU?

It sounds quite simple and the complacent ones smiled when asked the question and rattled a rehearsed essay about themselves to us. I was amazed they all started by mentioning their name yet they were called into the room by their names.

What they failed to understand was that we did not ask; TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF? And so when we asked a follow up question of TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF, they looked like a political candidate whose spouse didnt even vote for him or her and i imagine saying quietly to myself OTWEA! #YouSeeYourFace? [wasnt launched then]

Your name is what your parents gave you but the real question is WHAT NAME EXPLAINS YOUR ASSIGNMENT ON EARTH. Let me perform a quick surgery on our minds. I used to believe my parents gave birth to me. Ahaaaa you see your face? They gave birth to your body but the actual person reading this text is a Spirit the real you. He was given not formed as a product of sexual intercourse. What is the name of that spirit? Thats your homework for now.

Many people have been told things about themselves from parents to teachers to prophets but they have not confirmed for themselves who they really are. That is why when someone tells you that you are a fool, you MIS-behave and begin to retaliate because there is a TUMOR ON YOUR MIND. You lack self identity.

I have never seen a pig smile when you tell it that it looks handsome because it knows its a pig not by looking into a mirror but by instincts and nature. At least it sees a fellow pig and draws its own conclusion. How come you get bitter when you are insulted or got a bad grade in class? Its because deep within, you know its false information but you havent come to terms with it in your MIND.

In the next episode, we will talk about how we developed this MIND TUMOR. When you dont know who YOU ARE NOT, you may accept ANYTHING THEY SAY ABOUT THEIR PERCEPTION OF YOU! Keep broadcasting. Love you!

The MindSurgeon