Man In Black Episode 74


Tobi shrugged. “It’s your choice, then. I can’t drink it black like that.”

“The police are still in possession of the bullet removed from Ms. Felicia’s body, no?”

Wow, that was direct. Tobi still remembered last Saturday. That was the major reason he had been lenient with Cole and all the rest. He had sent Kunle with Mr Clyde to drive him to Mrs Durojaiye’s house, yes, but another reason was that Tobi didn’t want to be shut out of the Eel’s case simply because he was in a wheelchair. If Mr Clyde was going to conduct an investigation, he wanted one of his own to be there to report back to him.

And the report Kunle brought back had made his day. They had finally found the place the Eel had fired the shot from. Primeview Hotel. It was a wonder Tobi himself hadn’t considered it. The hotel had been just there if you looked outside the woman’s bedroom window, but Tobi had just passed it over. He hadn’t even given it much of a thought. 

And now not only had they found that out, they also knew the room he lodged in. Kunle said they had even seen him, though they hadn’t seen his face. Tobi had asked Kunle to repeat that part. That was how unbelievable it had sounded.

If Mr Clyde investigating this case would make it move this fast, then Tobi was grateful the man was here.

“Yes, we still have it. Do you want to see it?”

“Yes, if you please.”

“Efe, tell one of these people to bring exhibit 255Bb to my office. Let’s go, sir.”

Tobi left his mug with Efe with instructions to bring it to his office after she was done running the errand. Three minutes later they were in the office.

“I have to say, sir, I’m impressed with the work you did over the weekend. The junior detective you took along gave me satisfying reports. The case is progressing faster than anyone would have thought.”

“Oh, Tobi, it is still in progress, that much I can tell you. I just need to confirm something about that bullet first.”

“That guy that came to meet you there, what’s his name again? Has he been of help?”

“Chuck? You know, detective, he shone light on the very thing I came here to confirm.” Tobi had to wonder what that meant.

A uniformed officer came into the office, dropped a sealed transparent bag and his coffee mug, bowed and took her leave. Tobi promptly took a sip, while Mr Clyde took the bag in his hands. He was looking at the damaged bullet inside it with interest.

The sight of the bullet brought something to Tobi’s mind. Kunle had said something strange that Saturday. That guy, Chukwudi was his name, had said that there was no way the weapon that was used to kill the woman was from an M21. That it was too old. And that it could not fit inside a bag or something like that. Kunle’s opinion was that the guy had no idea what he was saying, but still, Tobi had to wonder. 

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Shebi they said he and his friend were studying guns. He had to know something about guns, then. Not that Tobi didn’t know anything about guns. He was wearing one on himself right now. But he had come to have complete trust in Bode and his expertise in the lab, same way he did with Cole and his expertise in technology. If the lab said it was an M21. . .

“Detective, do you have lab gloves? And a tape measure, if you would be so kind.”

Tobi dropped the mug and opened a drawer in the table.

“I have the lab gloves, but tape measure,” he said to himself as he rummaged inside it. He found the box of latex gloves, but he had to search a little longer to find the tape rule. “Here they are.” He handed the both to him.

Mr Clyde put on the latex gloves and opened the plastic bag carefully, lifting out the damaged bullet. He held it up to the light, put it back on the table and the tape measure beside it. He hummed as he passed the tape around the bullet and took the measurement.

“What is it?” Tobi asked, looking at the man.

“The bullet is from an M21, truly. 7.62X51mm NATO cartridge, but how could it have dented so badly?”
“It’s obvious, now. The bullet broke through her skull.”

Mr Clyde looked at him and shook his head. “Detective, this round was made for a sniper rifle. An assault rifle would be another matter. This one was made for long-distance fire. Oui, it can get damaged by hitting a bone, but not like this. Unless of course. . . Mon deau, he was right.”

“Who? Right about what?” Tobi asked, perking up at the prospect of yet another new discovery.