Man In Black Episode 70


Chuks didn’t even waste his energy shaking his head on her matter. 

He hadn’t come here to lift before Monday morning so muscle cramps would finish him at the range. He just went straight for the treadmills. No one was running on any of them, but all were plugged. He just got on one, set it to medium and began to run. All the treadmills faced a wall with a huge mirror on it, and he watched himself jog, feeling the muscles in his leg stretching out. The knees down there felt stiff. It had been definitely too long since he last went into a gym. But they would loosen, no doubt about that. 

There was a noise inside the gym. Voices. Chuks looked to his left where the voices were coming from without breaking stride. Beyond a wall that looked as if it had no use aside from bearing the load of the ceiling was the weight section. Not as impressive as many gyms he had been in, but it was still okay. On a small shelf were rows of small dumbells, them below the small ones were the big dumbells, the ones that looked as heavy as small barbells.

The barbells were arranged on the floor, in the same side-by-side arrangement as the treadmills. Some workout benches were close by the weights. 

The barbells themselves were the source of the noise. There were two men there, and there was some sort of argument going on between them over the big weights. Chuks assumed the first one was a fitness trainer, while the second guy. . . That guy was big.

The way Chuks saw him, the guy had to be around six-and-a-half feet tall and as muscular as The Rock. Okay, maybe not like that, but e no dey far. He wore a black T-shirt so tight that Chuks had no idea how he had managed to put it on, and the forearms his T-shirt exposed looked banded with muscle, and veins like iron tendrils. 

The guy was scowling down at the other man. The fitness trainer might not have looked fazed, but Chuks wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a scowl from a guy like that, not for anything in the world.

“I’ve told you already, you don’t want to listen. This is the heaviest weight you can lift in this gym. The bar cannot hold anything again. If you add another weight to it, you will injure yourself. Unless you want to deadlift, and we don’t do deadlifting in this gym. You can lift it as it is like this.”

The fitness trainer was referring to a barbell lying at his feet with the air of someone who knew all about such things. The barbell in question had rims that were huge, and they weren’t just two on the bar. They were two on each side, four of them on the bar. 

“I’m not talking about deadlifting,” the other guy said. “I used to lift weights before I packed to this area. Look at me. You think I would be this shredded if I was lifting a barbell as small as this?”

The guy flexed his whole body to show the other man what he was talking about, his whole body tensing, then relaxing. The muscles on his forearms rippled almost unbelievably. But for all of that, the fitness trainer looked at him as if he was out of his mind, and for that matter Chuks thought he was as well. Sure, the guy looked muscled enough to kill somebody with his bare hands, but the moment he called that barbell “small”, Chuks had known he was just one of those attention seekers out to convince everybody that they were not on the level of other weight lifters.

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Chuks had seen them in gyms more times than he cared to remember.

Abeg leave am focus for your own, bros. And that was exactly what he did, putting his mind on his jog. He could see sweat already beading on his face, and running down his armpits. Thankfully the top he had on was sleeveless.

A woman came into the gym from outside and walked to treadmill on Chuks’ right. She bent over the controls but couldn’t seem to turn it on. She looked at him. How she want make I help am, shebi she see sey I dey run. At least the woman saw it as well, because she went to call the fitness trainer instead. The man came over and helped her turn it on. 

Chuks looked at both of them, then his mind went to the other guy in the weight section. He looked at the direction of the load-bearing wall. The guy had one hand on the big barbell’s bar and seemed to be testing the weight. Chuks had one moment to think that the guy finally saw no shame in just lifting the thing now that the fitness instructor wasn’t looking when the guy lifted it. He picked it up with the hand that had been on the bar, his left hand, hefted it over his head and looked at something under one of the iron rims. 

Chuks was so shocked he stumbled and fell before he could regain his footing, and the conveyor belt slid him off and dumped him on the floor. He had banged his head on the treadmill’s control panel, and when he fell his waist smacked into the edge of the treadmill.

Chuks forgot all about that big guy as he withdrew a sharp intake of breath at the pain from his fall. The fall in question had drawn the attention of the fitness trainer.