Man In Black Episode 22


Tobi was in his office, going through some reports. The fact that Ms Felicia Durojaiye had been killed in a very strange way that he hadn’t still been able to decipher didn’t mean there weren’t still other murders to solve. As the Chief had said, homicides happened everyday.

These ones in particular had been written by his junior detectives, documenting some open-and-shut murder cases he had assigned them to. Even though these cases involved very little investigative work, Tobi still had to oversee how they handled each situation. That was why they always reported to him each time they finished a homicide case.

The detective was going through one of those when his table phone rang. He put the sheet of paper he was holding down and picked the call.

“Tobi, come down to my office immediately,” the Chief said and hung up without waiting for a reply.

Tobi stared at the receiver, wondering what that was about. Almost any instructions Chief Rikau wanted to give, he usually gave over the phone. Except when he wanted to lambast Tobi for anything. But Tobi couldn’t recall crossing the Chief over any issue recently, and even when Chief Rikau called him for a dressing-down, he always sounded angry, not as agitated as he sounded right now.

Well, whatever reason it was, he still had to obey the summons. He replaced the receiver and walked out of his office. Maybe it had to do with the Minister of Defense.

Today was the twenty-third, after all.

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Tobi’s office was on the first floor, so he had to descend the stairs to get to the main hall. A short walk through the aisle dividing the cubicles brought him to the Chief’s office. He opened the door and entered. The Chief was inside, so Tobi went to the chair across his table and sat down.

Chief Rikau looked up from what he was writing and looked at Tobi, then took off his reading glasses and set them on the table and rubbed his eyes with his hand. Tobi just kept quiet. There was something his boss wanted to say, alright, but it wasn’t Tobi’s place to rush him. He would talk when he wanted to talk.

He was still rubbing his eyes when he spoke.

“The Minister of Defense is dead, Tobi,” Chief Rikau said, groaning out the words. He took his hand off his eyes and looked at Tobi. His eyes seemed tired. “I just got off the phone with one of his aides. They said he just slumped in his office. They’re suspecting he was poisoned, and they’re going to look into it.”