Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 16


‘how did you leave prison?’ Lex said handing a cup of hot tea to her, then he sat on a cushion opposite her.
‘well….’ Sandra said sipping from her tea ‘its a long story. And you dont expect me to spend the rest of my life there right? Was that your plan?’
Lex smiled tiredly raking a hand through his hair. He had to go to work, Ciara had a photoshoot, he didnt know why this devil had come to see him. He had threatened to deal with her, he hadnt forgotten but for the meantime because he had a lot of things on his mind and Sandra was the least of his problems. He would so deal with her later she would regret coming out of prison.
‘well, thats by the way. Someone bailed me out of the kindness of his heart, i dont even know the person. And…..’ she trailed off.
‘and what?’
‘i…i need your help Lex, i….need somewhere to stay. The apartment where i lived before, the landlord broke the lock and threw my things out after bringing in a new tenant. He left my things under the sun and under the rain. Most of them got spoilt, even some of my clothes. A very good friend and neighbour of mine helped me keep one box containing some of my clothes and underwears and i’m lucky for that because currently, i’m very broke, i have nowhere to stay, no friend to go to, no money on me. Life has been terrible to me Lex. I need a job. I need money. And most especially i need a place to lay my head on’ She said and sipped from her tea.
Lex frowned. This was it. Another ploy. The reason she had come to see him. He could percieve just by looking into her eyes that she had ulterior motives. In the past, he would have let her stay without bating and eyelid but now he was wiser. Sandra wasnt one to trust.
‘what of Ann anyways?’ she asked suddenly like she only remembered.
‘Ann…..well, she travelled but she will be coming back this evening’ if this alone was enough to chase her away, then he would be glad.
She sighed ‘oh God! I dont want what happened last time to repeat itself. Ann is a troublemaker and i dont want temptations because i cant resist it at all. What do we do now?’
‘we?’ Lex cocked an eyebrow.
‘arent you helping me again?’
Did i say i wanted to help you before? Lex thought ‘not that…..look Sandra, its past eight already. I havent even showered nothing and i have to go to work. Ciara has…….’
‘you still work for Ciara?’ Sandra interjected ‘unbelievable! You still work for that untrained animal, you have some guts Lex’
‘on the contrary, Ciara is no animal, she’s actually the nicest person i’ve ever come across. Even you can attest to that because you once said it yourself’
Sandra rolled her eyes ‘whatever! So back to our discussion Lex, i dont want to take much of your time. How do i get the help i’m looking for?’
‘seriously?’ Lex couldnt believe his ears. What was he to her? Her dad? She was really crazy ‘you know what? Just go. When i close from work in the evening, i’ll call you. We’ll meet up somewhere else and we’ll talk but for now….just go’
‘go where? I said i have nowhere to go to!’
‘go back to where you came from this morning na! I said i’ll call you’ Lex said standing up.
‘my kind neighbour allowed me pass the night at her house after which her foolish husband kicked me out this morning simply because he came up to my room in the middle of the night trying to have his way with me and i refused. He so humiliated me this morning and called me a shameless seductress, can you imagine? My friend didnt believe him though. She just gave me transport fare and some food and told me to avoid her husband anyhow possible and that she’ll keep in touch. So you see? I cant go back there. As we speak, my box is in front of your gate. You’re my only hope right now, please dont turn me down. I know i did so many terrible things in the past but they can equally be forgiven, i mean i’m not the only one who’s commited attrocities’ She said shrugging nonchalantly.
What nonsense! This girl certainly didnt have manners and there was no way he was going to help such a person.
Guys what do you think, would you have helped Sandra if you were in Lex’s shoes. And if you are in Sandra’s shoes, what will you do if Lex refused to help you?
Share your thoughts and constructive criticisms.
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‘what would you like to eat dear?’ Ann said kissing Emmy’s hair.
‘anything aunt. Have you heard from my mummy? Isnt she coming for me anymore?’ Emmy asked.
Ann sighed. Emmy was discharged from the hospital the previous day and her mother had gone back to the bar looking for her mother….Fiona, but they said she hasnt been to work for several days now. She was sad, really sad. All this beautiful child ever asked of was to see her mother.
Life was indeed very cruel.
Why was an innocent child suffering? How could a mother be so cruel as to leave her child behind and not give a d–n about her, what amounted to such wickedness and heartlessness. She really wished she could set her eyes on the mother, she was going to give her a piece of her mind. Children wasnt very rampant. To able to bear children is something everyone should be proud of because not everybody could parent a child.
‘yes Emzy, your mother called this morning while you were still in bed. She wanted to talk to you but you were still asleep. She said she’s going to be away for two more weeks and she’s entrusting you to us. She sends her regards’ She lied. She felt bad lying to this beautiful kid but she had no choice but to do so.
She watched Emmy’s brow shoot up in excitement but it didnt last up to a second before she became sad again ‘i miss my mummy’
Ann hugged her ‘dont worry, your mummy will come soon. Do you love pancakes?’
‘pancakes? Whats that?’
Ann giggled ‘so you’ve never eaten that before? Your mummy’s never made it for you?’
‘my mummy has never cooked for me before. She doesnt cook for me. Only aunty Rebecca does’
‘who’s Rebecca?’
‘my aunt’
Ann was bitter. Did such a mother exist?
She was determined to find that Fiona
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‘Chi love’ Ann said teasingly sitting beside the counter. She laughed at his reaction. Surely he didnt think she was falling for him right? That would be so silly.
‘hi Ann, a good evening today. How are you?’
‘i’m good. The weather is very okay today’
‘so the usual right?’
‘oh no Chi! I didnt come here to drink today. Actually i came for a favour, i…..’ she looked around first ‘i’m looking for one Fiona, i heard she works here’
Chidera’s eyes narrowed ‘why’s everyone looking for Fiona? One Mrs Rebecca came looking for her today. Another Mrs Jovita came looking for her yesterday and now you? Whats happening?’
Ann smiled ‘i dont know why those people are looking for her but mine is very important, i need to see her. I was told she works here, is that her?’ she said pointing to a female waiting dressed in white chiffon and black skirt.
Chidera laughed ‘Fiona? A waiter? Hell no. Fiona is a call girl here, and she’s also the boss’ mistress. Why are you looking for her?’
‘Fiona is a call girl?’ Ann asked unbelievably.
‘yes, everyone knows her. She’s the most arrogant and well known call girl here. She’s very good at what she does so everyone employs her services’
‘does she have a child?’
‘Fiona? I’m not sure. Fiona is too careful to get pregnant, so she doesnt have a child’
Ann bit her lower lip hard ‘how long have you known her?’
‘since i started working here. And mind you, i started working here when i was a teenager. So Fiona is very old here. Some people say she started working here as a call girl when she was thirteen’
‘how funny, who would want to carry a call girl who’s just thirteen years old?’
‘but funny enough, so many men patronised her then, so they said, i didnt see it with my own very eyes and i dont believe in hearsays. By the way, i havent seen Fiona for a while now. Over two weeks now, so men keep asking for her and her absense is kind of spoiling business for us’
‘this Fiona….do you uhm….have her contact? Can i get it please?’
He looked at her suspiciously ‘we dont give mobile informations of our girls to customers. I dont know why you need it but sorry, its not within my reach’
She saw the look he gave her. He was suspicious ‘seriously i need this number in good faith, i have no plans of hurting Fiona or something if thats what you’re afraid of, please Chi’
‘its not something i can give you because i dont have it. The manager is the one who has the numbers of our s-x workers. If you can ask him for it. Beside Fiona is not a very friendly person so i dont know if someone else has her number’
‘even her fellow call girls?’
‘even her fellow call girls’
‘hmm, thats serious. This Fiona must be a bitc.h. Anyways, thanks for the information, i’ll just take my leave now. Here’s a tip’ she said pushing some notes to him.
‘oh no!’ he pushed it back ‘i’m sorry i cant accept it please, take it back’
‘its just a token of appreciation’
‘you dont need to appreciate me seriously. Thanks for the money really but i dont need it’
‘okay’ she said shrugging ‘if you say so then’
‘uhm, wait Ann, sorry. Just a minute’
Ann stopped and looked at him ‘what?’
‘uhm…i was wondering….i’ he stammered. He hadnt planned to stammer. He had planned out his speech very well ‘i was wondering if we….could go out on a date…this…this saturday’
‘what?’ Ann almost laughed. This was getting very funny. A common bar tendant, a common bar attendant in a bar asking her out on a date, where could he take her to and how much could he spend on her? How much was his salary in the first place? She didnt want to feel insulted because she knew she could cause a serious commotion there. Simply because she was nice to him, he was taking her for granted. How pathetic!
She eyed him up and down trying to find an answer that befits him. She didnt want to ruin the friendly relationship they both shared. So she just smiled.
‘no, you’re not my class’ she said and walked away.
It felt as if someone poured ice water on him. He felt humiliated, he knew he didnt stand a chance anyway but wanted to give it a try. Ann was a sophisticated lady, he was nothing, just a bar worker. Tears stung his eyes. How long was he going to remain a bar worker? How long will the girls he admired keep rejecting him simply because of his low status? This wasnt the first neither was it the second or third? Was it going to be this way forever?
As Ann struggled towards the crowd to walk away, a loud gunshot was heard.
Everyone screamed and there was commotion everywhere.
Six men all dressed in black entered the bar with large guns pointing at everyone ‘where is Fiona Jay?’
Fiona again? Ann thought as she laid down flat the same way everyone did.
‘where is Fiona Jay everyone?’ the question was accompanied with corking of guns and sporadic shooting.
So many people were shot, some killed on the spot. Ann only hoped she got out of this alive. She looked up. She nearly screamed. Chidera…..was shot too.
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