Love And Revenge Episode 3


Ann stood in front of the three presidents of 3BRAINS. She was nervous. But she reminded herself that she was doing this for Lex. Even though they were still not in good terms, she wanted to surprise him.
She was sick and tired of the quarrel between them. She never knew she loved Lex this much. She loved him so much sometimes she felt like crying. How on earth did a pastor’s daughter come to fall in love with a drug addict?
She looked at the men with hatred. How dare they cause Lex unhappiness? How dare they murder his parents and cause him to be unhappy? How dare they cause him so much pain.
They had no right to kill the beloved family of the love of her life. She was going to deal with them.
Even if she was going to die, she was ready to help Lex fight them. They looked so rich and comfortable and Lex was suffering from the pains and kept blaming himself for not saving his family.
‘young lady. What are your qualifications?’ the one she knew as Tommy Anderson, the father of Ciara Anderson asked.
‘Lex or whatever you call yourself, are you listening to me?’ Ciara barked angrily at the absentminded Lex.
Lex jerked, in the course of their conversation, his mind had strayed away thinking about Ann. Since their little misunderstanding two days ago, Ann had been behaving funny.
She goes out early in the morning to God knows where without preparing breakfast, then returns in the midnight only to start flirting with a guy on phone.
She doesn’t even greet him anymore. He missed her company, her jokes, her disturbances and her help.
After working with Ciara, he realized he couldn’t be her manager and still work with 3BRAINS. So he wanted Ann to work with 3BRAINS while he worked with Ciara but how was he to ask for her help when she was snubbing him? He made up his mind to apologize and probably take her out on a romantic date, then make love to her silly.
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LEX: Sorry Ciara….i mean miss Anderson, i…i was just thinking.
CIARA: You are more annoying than Sam. Just what the hell were you thinking about when i, Ciara Anderson is talking to you? Do you know who i am? I’m Africa’s top celebrity!!!
LEX: I’m sorry.
CIARA: Sorry for yourself! So as i was saying, i would be going to Abuja for shooting and……
His phone rang interrupting her. He quickly frowned, he knew Ciara would be upset. The girl was very difficult and demanding, in fact he was tired of her. Maybe, he would just work for 3BRAINS and find a way to get Ann work as Ciara’s manager, grease some palms.
He quickly busied the call.
LEX: Sorry about that.
Ciara eyed him. The guy was humble and hardworking, even when she had no reason for shouting or getting angry, he always apologized to her. And the guy was cute. She had a thing for cute guys and she loved flirting with guys but there was something about this guy that stopped her from flirting with him.
She had a fiance who she loved with all her heart, and he meant the whole world to her. Though he was currently in the states handling some business over there.
CIARA: Lex, do you have a girlfriend?
Lex coughed ‘why do you ask?’
CIARA: I just want to know.
LEX: Sorry but it’s personal.
Ciara smiled inwardly. She had wanted to risk flirting with him but she changed her mind.
LEX: Excuse me, if you would let me take this call.
CIARA: You are going nowhere Lex.
Lex sighed, instead he sent a text to Chuks.
LEX: Loose the brakes. I want Tommy Anderson dead immediately, i will start with the rest later.
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To be continued………