Love And Revenge Episode 23


Ann was discharged the next day.
She was a shadow of herself. She had come with a cab and had met Sandra lying down on a couch with her head on Lex’s laps.
Ann didn’t utter a word instead she went inside. She thought about leaving the house but that would be an act of cowardice besides she was carrying his baby. She knew it was his, because she never failed to double a condom whenever she was sleeping with guys who weren’t Lex. But she loved the skin to skin feeling she felt whenever Lex was inside her.
The problem she had was that she loved Lex too much.
A knock sounded on the door, then it opened and Lex entered with a smile on his handsome face. Her throat went dry just looking at him, she felt wet in desire again, then she realised she missed him in just 24hrs.
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This wasn’t good. Loving him this much no matter what he did wasn’t right. For goodness sakes she caught him kissing and caressing another lady. And who knows whether he bleeped or had bleeped her earlier.
She removed her gaze from him and hissed, then she sat on the bed and took off her sandals.
He regarded her for a while, then he moved closer and rubbed her bare shoulders. She didn’t know how he did it but she felt her n—–s hardening at his touch.
She gathered all the strength she could muster and stood up then landed a hot slap on his left cheek ‘get out of my room you jerk!’
Lex was mad. No woman, apart from his mother had ever slapped him before. He felt anger grow in him but he pushed it aside. He had angered Ann.
He had betrayed her, betrayed her love. Cheated on her with another. He deserved it.
Then he went on his knees and placed his palms together ‘my love’
Ann felt tears welling up in her eyes and she looked away. This wasn’t the time to be emotional, this was the time to act, to take what’s rightfully hers.
LEX: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t mean to hurt you baby, you know that i love you.
ANN: That’s a capital lie mister man! You are a beast, you don’t have a conscience, you have a stone in there instead of a heart. I hate you. I hate you with everything i’ve got.
He went on his feet and moved closer to her ‘you know that’s a lie baby’
He tried touching her but she pushed his hand away. He moved closer and placed his lips on hers. As much as she tried resisting, she found herself responding to his kiss. Then Sandra came in.
Peter couldn’t take his mind off the damsel he had laid in his office two weeks ago. He felt attached to her for reasons himself didn’t know.
The way she had barged into his office, seduced him, succeeded and walked out marvelled him really.
And because of that he had felt attracted to her.
He had wanted to follow her that day but his mother had come in so he couldn’t go after her. He sighed and relaxed on his sofa, brought out his cell phone and played candy crush with it.
The the door bell rang.
He groaned and staggered to the door. He was shocked at who he saw.
Holy christ! When was she discharged?
PETER: Ci….ar…ara, is this you?
She pushed past him and entered the house with her beautiful shacommended eyeglass sitting on the bridge of her hair, her dark long hair packed beautifully in doughnut style, her red short dress just below her bum exposed her white laps and desire licked through him.
He closed the door and faced her with his hands akimbo ‘i heard you were stabbed’
‘yeah. And i survived’ Ciara replied carelessly, opened her purse, brought out her red lipstick and applied it on her lips.
‘i thank God for that’ Peter replied.
‘i’m grateful for that. Now Peter, i am here to understand somethings, what’s going on between us. I asked and i was told you never bothered to visit me all through my stay in the hospital’ Ciara said.
‘i wasn’t chanced’
‘i understand. Afterall you are the son of a business tycoon so you couldn’t make out time to see your fiancee, idiot’
‘don’t insult me Ciara, you just left the hospital but i won’t hesitate to send you back there with immediate effect.
Just then the door was forcefully pushed open and masked men went in corking their guns.
Ciara and Peter were shot.
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