Love And Justice Episode 6


“There is no peace for those that live under constant fights either for love or justice, you lay down your head and all you see are the people you have killed, others guilty of their crimes and others so innocent they die because they got in your way of getting your justice or whatever it is you want to get or achieve.

The way of soldier in war is not an easy one, when all the action is going on, it’s about survival, you don’t mind who you kill or hurt so long you stay alive. That’s what we are taught in training, to fight to survive, otherwise what will be war if people fought to die.” I sighed looking at the man before me, his face was torn apart from the beating so that I could get the truth from him.

He looked at me and instead of spitting in my face he looked down blood drooling out of his mouth I held my face and sighed deeply.

“Look, my trying to use to get you out of this misery. This is war man, the kind that we have to fight in order to win, now I am offering you the chance to survive, so am gonna ask you once more, where is she? How did you find me?” I questioned the 10th time.

“I know nothing man, I told you already, am just a soldier working for his country. I follow orders and that’s it” he looked at me honesty in his eyes.

I was about to leave his side when a thought clicked my mind.

“Look I know you are innocent, you are just following orders and since I have been where you are, I will let you go” I smiled and he sharply looked at me like I was teasing him.

“Hey, untie him. Let the soldier go “I gave an order to the guy standing outside.

“Are you sure about this man?” Chama asked me shaking his head, he obviously was thinking I lost my grip and could not get anything from the guy but I let him have his opinion as I had a well outlined plan that minute.

I watched the guy stagger as he walked away keeping looking back as though he was not believing his lucky.

“What now?” Jim who was standing next to me asked.

“Now he leads us to the people who will give us answers” I grinned at him patting his shoulder.

“Oh great, didn’t see that coming” he nodded smiling.

We followed the guy at a distance, he moved in circles I knew he was trying to check if he was being followed but we made sure he didn’t get a glimpse of our presence behind him.

We followed him as he walked past the busy areas and entered a shop for clothes and later on a chemist. A few minutes later he walked out all cleaned out.

“Hm clever boy keep on” I whispered as we watched him.

Later on as predicted he went to a cellphone booth and made a call. He looked around and stopped a cab driving out of town.

“Now we need to someone to sacrifice himself for some time” I informed the guys who all looked at me in wonder.

“Yeah, we need to get inside and the only way is one of us to be captured” I told them. Before they could answer my phone rung and I looked at the caller ID, I so much wanted to ignore it but a call from Ackim could bear some important news.

“Keep following him” I instructed Jim who was driving before picking the call.

“What is going on? Any leads?’ he asked the moment I pressed the answer button.

“We trying to follow that guy I got from the chase, he has nothing so it seems”

“Or he is good at hiding” Ackim added with a sigh

“Yeah, that’s why we on his tail right now and can you believe the idiot is leading us to house” I scoffed as I watched the guy we were following going into a yard.

“Dammit!” I added forgetting I was still on the call.

“Take it down man, I got something for you here. I could have come over but my family is back man and it’s hard to leave. Am trying to get something from my father in law but he seems slippery. One thing though” he paused.

“Okey” I sat up hoping to hear some better news.

“I know where he might be, he wouldn’t tell his daughter as she is not yet aware of what he has done, he just gave me a call that I should not dare to tell my wife if I want your woman Queen to be given back to you. But, I still got a guy who told me his where about. Am texting you the address right now maybe you can check it out” he explained

“He is here?” I asked

“Yeah, he flee into the city a couple of days ago.” Ackim responded.

“Well, that idiot has it coming” I sighed

After waiting to see if our guy would come out and leave his house, I realized he was taking much of my time. So I decided to leave one of the four guys that where with me to keep watch as we left to check out the area Mr. Benson was at.

The place looked silent as we drove to the some kind of farm house. We were three, Chama and Jim with me so we decided to split so we could check out the area.

The sun was almost going down and I looked at my watch which showed 1o minutes past 6 o’clock. With patience I moved about to see any signs of movement but nothing.

“oh man, this is getting so boring” I whispered to myself leaning on the small tree behind the house and removing the white staff from my pockets taking an inch and pulling it right through my nose its effects making me jerk a little bit. I sniffed the remaining contents from my palm and looked up the sky letting it go into my system my eyes closed.

“This place looks abandoned man, there are no cars, no movements. It looks like an empty house” came Chama`s voice as he matched to where I was making me look down at him.

“Yeah, am beginning to get bored and I don’t like this feeling. Why would a guy point at this place?’” I wondered loudly holding my waist and stepping forward away from the tree.

“Maybe there is more to it than we can see from out here?” he responded.

“Should we go in?” he asked after some few seconds of silence.

“Yeah, am sick of waiting for nothing man” I looked at him.

“Tell Jim we got to move, any news from our guy on the lookout?” I asked him and he shook his head,

“Nothing yet”

We matched inside our guns read as the dark covered the clouds. It was now so silent and the insects around the bushy areas on the other side of the farm where squeaking some noise. Together we went to the front door, made of expensive wood. A door knob with a shape of a lion.

I gave an indication for the guys to cover me as I went inside after shooting the door knob and opening the door slowly. There before me was a wide empty room.

“What?” Jim found his voice first.

“I looked around and before I could realise what was going on, the entire place was covered in tear gas, and we chocked trying to gain our sight and moved about trying to find each other in the middle of the smoke coughing.

“It’s a trap!” I yelled running back to the door, but the shooting started making me draw back a little bit my shirt held up to my nose trying to resist the chocking but it seemed there was more to the smoke as I stared feeling weak and dizzy. The bullets were coming through the walls and I lay down to avoid being in the direct shots.

I shouted for Jim and Chama but there was nothing. I run back to the door dodging the sounds of the shooting. My eyes where so heavy as I got to the cleared air and tried to see who was shooting, then I saw him, he was in the tree top with a long sniper gun.

“Son of a b….” I cursed crawling down as he kept shooting at me.

With the little strength left in me I fired a shot at him and saw him fall down from the tree. A few seconds later I blacked out and woke up hours later with the cold tearing on my skin. I looked around wimping as I tried to move about, my head felt like someone was drumming inside me. I held myself up and realized I was still at the house laying in the dirty my clothes so messed up.

“The boys!” I stood up and ran back inside but it was empty, there was no sign of blood so I had hope they were still alive. I wondered why I was spared though, it was like someone was trying to get me crazy but kidnapping those around me. Now I felt so much alone. My right hand men where gone with me having no clue where they had been taken or if they were killed,

Touching my back pocket I was glad my phone was still there. I pressed the redial button and waited as the phone rung on the other end.

“Who they hell gave you that Infor? We were led into an ambush and I don’t know where the buys are” I snapped at Ackim before he could say a thing.

The laughter in the speaker made me remove the phone from my ears and look at the screen to make sure I dialed the right number.

“You will give us the other copies of the recordings or you can forget about your friends” the voice deep and firm spoke.

“Who they hell are you?” I asked pissed they got to Ackim too.

“Am your worst night mare Steve, am the man behind it all and am no one you would want to play with. I know your every moves and I will take you and your friends down if I don’t get the recordings in 24 hours” he warned and his accent told me he was not Zambian.

“Well, listen to me you fool, this is my country and am not going to allow anyone to mess it up!” I screamed angrily in the mouth piece but he laughed the more.

“Get the recordings soldier. Time is ticking, call me when you have them and I will give you more Infor on how to hand them all. I mean all of them” he cut the line.

I held my head kicking the small stones in anger. Now that even Chama the man with ways of tracking our way in was taken I felt stuck.

“yeah, it’s time I engaged the mafia and his crew” I spoke to myself walking down the path to where we had left our truck and was relieved to find it intact.

“Come to Lusaka as discussed” I made a quick call and started the ignition.

To be continued…