Love And Justice Episode 2


The night was silent, there were neither movements nor voices around the white house in front of me. My heart was racing, not that I was afraid, but the anger burning inside me was making it pump faster than normal. If I had history of High blood pressure I could have thought I was having it right at the moment

“Well, you killed what is mine so will I take over everything that belongs to you” I spat moving down the small branches in the back of the yard. I had gone to the first person that came to my mind, Mberere. He was the one Chama tracked as part of the crew that drove to my farmstead and I thought I would begin with him. At first I thought of killing him together with everyone that he held dear, but on second thought, I felt that would be too easy for him.

A woman dressed in a silky night gown sat in front of the TV sipping on a cup of some hot substance, I wasn’t sure whether it was tea or coffee. I looked back to make sure the guards I put down where still asleep, satisfied it was still silent in, I moved along the wall and passed round the front door.

On another day, I could have tried the gentle way in, by knocking softly on the door and walking in customarily, but this night was different, everything in me was not in order. What with the fact that I had to take in twice the dope I usually took to help calm myself which evidently had resisted.

Shooting the door knob to get it open, I heard screaming sounds from inside the house and a cup falling to the ground I smiled at the thought of how the woman I saw earlier jumped in flight at that bang.

“Got you!” I hissed as I rushed inside to where she was pointing a gun at her. She started shaking and going down her hands in surrender. “You are not in some kind of movie for you to raise your hands like that” I teased matching across the room to where she was and grabbing her by the neck. “Where is he?” I asked her not minding her wincing and kicking to be set free.

“Who are you? Please let me go” she screamed her voice chocking my ears I threw her down with a strong push she cried out in pain getting to the well tiled floor and holding her hand I assumed I broke her.

“Where the hell is he?” I asked matching to her my boots leaving a trail of dirty. The route through the back yard I used must have left some pieces of mud on my heels and in was glad because that will leave some marks that I was in the house.

“Who, who oo, are you talking about? It’s just me and the kids in this house, my husband is out on a business strip” she panted shaking her hands raised to her head like she could shield herself from my hit if I went for her head.

“Where are the kids?” I asked her looking straight at her eyes, her shaking and panting made me put my gun in my back knowing so well she was terrified by my presence and I needed no gun with her.

“In the bedroom on your right” her shaky hand pointed in the direction.

“Good, can you now sit down and tell me what I need to know” I calmly spoke sitting down across her and indicating for her to sit on the couch near where she was.

She slowly sat up without taking her eyes off me.

“Now, I’m going to ask you one more time. Where is your husband? Where the hell is Jose Mberere?” I paused giving her a chance to respond.

“He went out to some meeting and was supposed to come back tonight, I have not slept because am waiting for him to return. Why are you here?” she asked afterwards.

“Where is that, I mean where did he tell you this meeting will be taking place?” I asked instead ignoring her question.

“He didn’t say for sure” she shrugged now seemingly comfortable I stood up to remind her I was not on some courtesy visit.

“Look here, am not here for you or your kids, but if you force my hand. I swear you will hate me for what I will do to you all. So take that cell phone, call your husband and ask where the hell he is and ask him nicely to come home” I instructed her my face so close to hers she kept fidgeting to escape my glance I could bet the smell of dope was covering her nose as I noticed she was struggling to keep her breath.

She nodded at me and I smiled.

“Good, now do as I say.  Just tell him you are waiting for him and have a nice surprise for him and let him come home” I giggled pushing the phone closer to her hand.

“Where are you?” she asked her husband upon his response. I grabbed the phone and put it on loud speaker and nodded for her to go on.

“What is it? You are still up this time?” he responded.

“Yeah, I missed you and thought of waiting up for you, where are you? I have a surprise for you” she went on and I nodded my head all way through to agree with the way she was handling it.

“Am on my way, something came up and I delayed but am 5 minutes away from home now” he responded.

“Okay then please hurry” she told him and I cut the line placing the phone back on the side table and looking at her.

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“Good, am glad he didn’t marry a dull woman.” I smirked teasingly and moved back to my seat. “I used to love your husband, we came a long way and he was my good friend” I started, playing with the gun in my hands my legs folded.

“Well, what kind of friends shoot their way into the other`s house.” She murmured looking away from me.

“The kind that has been betrayed and made to go through pain more than once” I responded bluntly. “I wanted a normal decent life for myself as at today, I had planned to be happy. To settle down with the woman I so much loved and forget the past. I thought well, if I have found a woman that catches my breath and made me smile, then why throw the chance away” I looked at her with a sad smile.

“Why not do that then?” she asked innocently.

“Well, let’s say your husband and his friends cut my dream short by killing that woman” I chuckled feeling so broken I didn’t realise saying it aloud would pain so much.

“Why would he do that? I know him he would never hurt a fly, am sure there is a mistake somewhere” she spoke up sitting up.

“Hmmm, here he is to defend himself” I smiled standing up as I heard the car driving in. I stood and quickly went to the back of the door placing my hand on my mouth to warn her not to do anything stupid.

A few minutes later I heard something drop and someone cursing by the entrance and before he could awake from his shock I pointed a gun at his face.

“I should have known, what the f*ck!” he screamed seeing me standing before him.

“Welcome home Mberere, how much I waited for you” I smiled pointing inside with my head to let him walk in.

“What do you want? How did you find me?” he asked one question after the other.

“Stop asking stupid questions and join your wife there?” I shouted loudly.

“Don’t do anything stupid man, I don’t know why you are here. Am not…”

“Shut the f*ck up son of a Bi**h!” I yelled my anger so evidently his wife shrunk back in the couch

“Leave me and my family alone you b******!, why are you here?” he shouted back his hands raised as he moved back his face on me. He in an instant passed his hand behind and pulled a gun at me but I was quicker shooting his hand off before he could raise his gun. He screamed in agony falling down to the ground.

“Last time we talked I told you never to cross my path, you gave done more than that by killing my people and someone so dear to me,” I shouted loudly.

“Wait, wait! Don’t kill me please, I don’t know why you are…” he could not finish defending himself and I shoot him in the leg sending him back to the floor there was blood around him.

“Another move and the next one will land into your skull” I yelled and the wife screamed kneeling down before her husband.

“Please stop you will kill him.”

“The bullet has passed on top of his skin. He has a few minutes to tell me who else was involved in this or he will bleed to death” I responded shaking my head.

“She was innocent, she had nothing to do with all this s*** and now you have killed her” I pronounced angrily.

“If she was with you then she was not more than a slut” he spat to get at me and he succeeded.

“Say that again!” I stooped towards him.

“Get out of here, you b******! I don’t know what the hell you are talking about” he spat in my face and I was done. I pulled the trigger and before he knew what I was about to do I shoot his wife in the leg too and she fall down beside him wailing in pain.

“The next one goes to her head” I spoke intensely. “Speak dammit!” I yelled my gun at her.

“You wouldn’t dare! If you wanted to you could have killed her, I know you will never kill a woman especially that she is innocent” he said, wincing and moving back to his wife.

“Well, I thought you would say that” I moved closer aiming at her head and my finger close to pulling the trigger. “You killed what’s mine and I will kill yours” I shouted and before I could pull the trigger he screamed loudly.

“She is alive!”

“What?” I asked removing my finger from the trigger.

“Don’t kill her man, that woman of yours is alive, please don’t kill her!” he groaned deeply crying like a little boy.

To be continued…