Love And Justice Episode 12


The lights from inside the building were taken out, we had taken down the transformer that was connecting power to the building. I knew it would take an hour or even more for the power people to come to check them out. The small lighting from the gen sets was illuminating slightly showing the environment inside as I approached the main entrance, thanks to my snipper the two guards standing by the gate where taken out. I stood aside as one of the guys’ busted open the small gate and I rushed in shooting the first two guys I had seen running to the gate after the explosion from the gate made a loud noise.

“Forward! You and you there cover me” I shouted to the two guys next to me as we were approached by full fire coming right ahead at us.

Scar and the other guys were attacking from the back and they helped save us faster taking down the guys that made our proceeding difficulty.

“Clear!” I heard him shout and we matched forward our guns pointed out as we reached the door.

It was silent for a moment and I knew behind that door we were to face the hottest firing. We all stood in position.

“This is the moment guys, stay close and make sure we over each other, keep your eyes open. Take out the first lights you see and let’s use the night goggles” I whispered and we were good to go. I had to lead by example so I rushed in first and the moment the door swung open the firing started I had to stoop a little. In minutes the whole building was covered with the gun fire noise and screaming of those being shot. It was not time to see who was still alive or dead, but survival of the fittest, so I charged forward checking out the rooms inside.

I left Scar and others behind firing and walked towards the end where I could see the small deem light. The door was shut close, and it was heavily guarded I assumed that was where they were keeping either Jim and Chama or Queen.

Shooting continuously I kept the guys who were guarding the doors back. I aimed at the door hinges and shot it open. It was quiet and dark inside I wondered if at all there was anyone in there. Slowly I matched in and saw her cramped in a corner shivering and crying softly.

“Please don’t shoot” she cried her voice so cracked and scared I felt my joints go weak.

“Queen?” I asked getting closer to her.

“Steve?” she whispered back and slowly tried to stand but I could see she was too weak she went back down with a rush. “b******s!” I cursed inside feeling angry at what they made my precious woman go through. I held her up and embraced her assuring her she was alright.

“Am here my woman, you are safe now” I whispered kissing her forehead as she cried in my arms. I was taken away wanting to hold my woman longer and comforting her I didn’t see the guy standing behind us ready to shoot. In an instant I felt a presence behind and the moment I turned to look back he had fired.

I went down with Queen in my arms shielding her. The second gun shot came and I was sure that was the end for me but I heard it go silent my whole body was still intact. I looked back and there he was standing firm holding his gun with a smile.

“Come on, let’s go!” Scar shouted indicating with his head.

“Come on Queen, let’s move” I pulled her up and I saw it was pointless making her stand so I lifted her up and run outside.

“Did you find the other guys?” I asked referring to Chama and Jim.

“Yeah, they were badly beaten and are injured, my boys have taken them outside but I was informed two trucks filled with some soldiers are heading our way, we have to hurry am not sure we can put that off” he spoke as we trotted outside Queen on my shoulder.

We got to the vehicles a few minutes later and the moment I started the car engine we heard the vehicle engines approaching.

“We have to move now before it’s too late!” I shouted but Scar was still standing there, it seemed he was waiting for someone.

“What the hell man, we got to go!” I stepped out of the car.

“No, I cannot leave without Joe, my men told me he went back inside to get one of the guys injured. “ I looked at him and shook my head.

“Come on he will find us, we need to get out of here, you have no idea what kind of fire is coming our way” I tried to push him to the truck but he stood his ground.

“he is my man Steve, I cannot leave him. He would never leave me too” he frowned and stared walking back to the building. The vehicles were fast approaching and I could not leave him alone. I ran back to the car and handed the keys to a guy.

“go now, take them out of here as soon as you can, I will drive back with Scar and the others” I instructed him and pushed him to move faster, I watched for a couple of seconds as the truck went off seeing Queen trying to shout something to me.

“Am right behind you” I waved and quickly went back following Scar. The gun shoots where still hot on the side his man was at. We had to fight our way in and after we ran out of bullets we had to fight hand to hand to get through.

“Where is he dammit?” I asked Scar seeing we were being surrounded.

“There!” he shouted as the man he was referring to as Joe struggled to pull his friend who was badly injured. He was shot on the shoulder too. We ran to them with me taking cover on the edges of the walls for the rooms and Scar helping them both.

“Are you okey?” Scar asked Joe

“Am hit man, about 4 of our men are dead” Joe lamented wincing in pain.

“Come on guys this is our only chance to get out of here” I shouted seeing the vehicle light slights outside.

“s***! It’s too late let’s get to the back!” I shouted and we ran back Scar and Joe lifting the guy gasping for his life. After the struggle of dodging and shooting our way out, we managed to get out unfortunately the truck we were to ride in was parked far from where we had escaped from.

“We have to stay hidden here for a while, call your boys to move ahead without us” I told scar

“Are you nuts? Can’t you see my men need to be attended to as soon as possible” he yelled at me angrily

“calm down man, the only way to stay alive is to hide here till they assume we ae gone, it’s a full military army out there and they will search the entire area to make sure they take us all out, our only chance and that of the men by the truck is us staying put and them going far away now” I yelled back seeing his face angry and he was panting.

“My men are dead Steve, I cannot lose one more man, no. I didn`t bring my boys here to have them all die in this your war” he shouted angrily

“I know, am sorry for your men, I truly am and I want to help save as many as I can right now, please stay calm” I pleaded wanting to make him understand I was not happy about his men too. I felt my heart ache at the sight of the two men before me. They looked sad and taken aback. I was used to the kind of life, but I could tell they had never come across anything like that before. I now realized how vital the training I had undergone was, it prepared me physically and mentally and I could run into a war and come on without any shock or inside tension, I was made to overcome anything even the death of a close friend in war or else there was no surviving if at all one involved their emotions in combat.

Quickly I went down and tied the man who was badly injured tying his bleeding arm to stop the bleeding and telling him to hold it tight. I removed the drugs I had in my pockets and made him sniff some of it to easy on his pains. I gave some to Joe too. His would was not as bad so I asked him to hold it still.

“How is that?” I asked when I was down siting him his back on the stone. Scar and Joe watched me in silence

“Better” he winced

“Good, you gonna make it man, stay strong okey?” I assured him and he nodded his head before standing. We had to stay in that place till I was sure we were not spotted. An hour passed as we sat in silence each of us lost in thoughts.

“How is she?” Scar broke the silence

“She is the most amazing person I know, she makes my heart stop for a second every time I see her” I smiled not really answering his question.

He let a small laugh making me realise I just sold out what I was thinking about.

“I mean is she okey? Was she hurt?” he asked again with a soft laugh as Joe joined in too.

“Yeah I know, she seemed a little shaken up but am sure she will live” I sighed

“Good, or else my men could have died for nothing, I know there are two types of wars in this world. That which is fought for love and for power.” He giggled smoking his cigarette and shrugging casually.

“Yeah” I nodded my head at him.

“Which one are we fighting for Steven?” he asked with so much tension in his voice I could tell he wanted to have a good reason for what he was doing.

“Hm” I murmured and paused before answering

“For love” I sighed

“Both the love for my woman and mostly love for my country” I responded earnestly.

“You believe we ca win this war?” he asked the more standing up ad walking about as though he was searching for answers.

“Why do you ask?” I looked up at him my hands wrapped on my knees.

“Because I am not going to fight a losing battle, I believe in fighting for survival, but now I want to fight for my men. Am not going to lay down and watch the son of b****es walk around freely after taking down my most loyal men” he spat and I could tell he was damn serious.

“We can win, we are few in numbers but we have the hearts of lions. We will fight together my friend for love and for justice” I smiled and he looked at me nodding his head.

“Good, game on” he responded and looked away lost in thoughts again.

To be continued…