In today’s episode,

Martin and Veronica continue to think about the past and how they are going to make things work to raise a great family of their own.

Dr. Daniel continues to fake Virginia’s sickness to her family like she asked him to do and Emiliano becomes so worried and asks him to allow a different doctor to have a look at her if her condition is too delicate. Daniel then asks Emiliano to trust him and give him the benefit of the doubt that things will be alright.

Blanca continues to shed tears over Teo’s breakup with her and her mother becomes so furious that he had to do that to her daughter and therefore she is going to let her husband know about it but Romeo pleads with her not to if not, Mr. Joaquin will beat Teo and again through him into the river. Romeo then advises Blanca not to let the breakup weigh her down because there is more life ahead of her.

Botel becomes too devastated that Magdalena broke up with him and wishes to have gone back to his drinking attitude but he encourages himself that he has to stay strong for her since he can truly feel in his heart that Magdalene will surely come back to him and following this, he puts back the alcohol.

Aaron goes to see Magdalena at the hotel and this time around, he tries to take advantage of her and when Magdalena refuses, he beats her up furiously till she becomes helpless and rapes her. 

Jorge tells Salma that they didn’t even bother to tell Veronica about Virginia’s illness and he thinks that it seems so mean because gradually, their family is falling apart due to their resentment towards each other but Salma tells him that he has to calm down and not call Veronica because it’s just going to hurt Emiliano if she is to show up and also she’s done a lot of harm to Virginia and also is very bad and envious. Jorge becomes convinced and has to agree with Salma. 

Julio goes to the bar to ask Medel for Ana Perla’s engagement drinks and suddenly Manuel enters and begins to insult Julio for being a servant and this ends up in a great fight. Julio tells Medel that he wanted to beat Manuel up long time because he pisses him off. Manuel then runs off to Raymunda to seek refuge from her and to ask her for forgiveness and pleads with her to ask her husband Joaquin to give him a job in the mine. 

Pablo and Ana Perla go to invite Veronica, Martin and Matilde to the engagement ceremony and Veronica states that mina Escondida is magical and it’s becoming a town of love since everyone is beginning to find love within. Matilde immediately asks them if that means she is also going to find love within the town and they all laughed.


Veronica calls Magdalena right after Aaron’s rape and whiles they chat, Veronica could feel that things are not okay with her since she continues to shed unceasing tears and suddenly, Aaron arrives to yell at her and enquire who she is speaking to and after she tells him, Aaron says to her that life seems so ironic since the one she spoke to also bares the same name as their daughter. Veronica then asks who was talking at the background and she lies to her that it’s Dr. Victor but Veronica felt something fishy and becomes very disturbed.

Nanciyaga overhears Martin, Pablo and Alfredo talking about Emiliano’s decison of getting married to Virginia and she becomes disturbed and says to herself that, then the elders have lied because the pale man like the sun, was destined to have a life with Nanciyaga and not Virginia the bad woman so quickly, she runs to her community but on the way she stops and after deliberating on the issue for a while, she concludes happily that, that means the bond between Emiliano and her has now ended up in friendship and that also suggests that she still has a chance to be with boss Martin.

Virginia continues to fake her sickness with the use of severe medications and this mediations has side effects, it gives her a heart attack making her loved ones worried especially Emiliano and Salma. 

Following Magdalena’s strange call, Veronica pleads with Martin to allow her go to Mexico since she feels all is not right with Magdalena and Martin thinks she only wishes to go because of Emiliano but she explained everything and insists that Martin speaks to her doctor to allow her go.

Magdalena goes to the bathroom and she continues to shed tears over the trauma Aaron she’s putting herself into and one could tell that she wishes to have said “had I known is always at last”. 


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