In today’s episode,

Martin pleads with Veronica to allow him  near her so he can offer any help she may need while she rests at the hotel. Therefore, she should let Dussage give him a room closer to hers so he can attend to her anytime to settle their differences and Veronica accepts. She then goes to call Dussage for Martin so he can give him a room closer to hers and Dussage agrees.

Virginia tells Salma that she isn’t comfortable with Claudia’s visit to their house to see Emiliano because she might end up destroying the great bond she now has with Emiliano as she is again a social climber looking for rich guys to be with. Salma then asks her not to get worried because she is never going to allow her to come closer to her son at all. She again warns her not to get separated from him also so that Claudia can’t have her way because she and Emiliano make good couples. Salma then suggests to her that she is going to teach her how to cook Emiliano’s favourite food so she can become a good wife after marriage and Virginia pretends to be happy but after Salma left, she says to herself that, as if she is actually going to learn how to cook indeed because all she wants is to get married to Emiliano and after, she can get rid of all of them from the house and will only allow them to set foot in the house for visits.

Martin after Pier Dussage gave him the room, goes to bid Veronica goodnight and to ask her again for forgiveness and Veronica returns a goodnight message to him also. After martin left, Matilde advises Veronica to try giving Martin another chance because he sounds sincere whenever he talks to her and Veronica tells Matilde that she perfectly knows that but that is why she has doubts again and doesn’t know what to do. Veronica then tells Matilde about everything and she asks why Martin would marry his brother’s girlfriend because it sounds really horrible but it may be that Martin thought she had a relationship with Demetrio and that led to his death and he tried marrying her in order to take revenge but may be he’s realized his mistake and wants to fix things so she should try forgiving him.

Martin tells Alfredo that he’s tried all  possible means to win back Veronica’s love but he thinks forgiveness is far from her heart but Alfredo counsels him not to give up though he was the first person who mentioned that Veronica cannot forgive but he should have patience and press on as she might give in to him one day because he now notices how much he loves Veronica because trying to break up with him has actually caused him more harm than good.

Emiliano and Nanciyaga experience a great nightmare of love together at the same time in the night and come out of it same time and they both begin to wonder.

Dussage cooks a great dish very early in the morning for Veronica and upon reaching there he takes the opportunity to tell her that though he’s cleared things up with Martin that there is nothing going on between him and her but he wants to ask her that in case she decides to divorce Martin, she should count on him and give him a chance to be with her but Veronica makes it clear to him that she appreciates his honesty but she hasn’t decided that yet. She then gives him a letter to send it to her uncle for her.
Just when dussage was about sending the fax, Teo arrives to tell him that they are having a problem in one of the rooms and therefore needs to be sorted out but he still preferred to send the fax first before anything but since Teo insists that it’s an urgent matter to be attended to as the water is overflowing out, Daniel asks him to allow him send the fax so he can attend to the matter and Dussage agrees. After Dussage left, Daniel calls Virginia to ask her what he should do with the message Veronica wants to send and she tries being rude towards him but Daniel warns her to stop disrespecting him if not he’s never going to feed her with any information to carry on with her plan and Virginia seeing that something is at stake, intentionally says sorry to him and asks him about his reason for calling and after he tells her, she agrees to be at the fax machine to get the letter so no one receives it. He again tells her that Matilde is also in mina Escondida to be with Veronica and Virginia gets annoyed with Daniel for not killing Veronica to put an end to all these nightmares but Daniel corrects her that the fact that he loves her does not mean he has to kill someone to ruin his career and end up in jail.

Claudia goes to Jorge’s to see Emiliano but unluckily for her, she bumps into Salma and quickly she tells her that Emiliano isn’t home and if she came purposely to discuss business with him then she prefers she meets him at the work place and not his house. She then walks her out.

Spin and Hilary after swimming for a while, come out of the water to continue their kissing and suddenly, Manuel arrives to threaten Hilary that, she has no right to kiss or get involve with anyone except him but Spin also pulls out his knife to threaten Manuel that it is high time he respects his girlfriend as he is not going to allow him hurt her again.

Matilde tells Veronica about the relationship between Virginia and Emiliano and she becomes very disturbed that Emiliano might put himself in danger by getting involved with Virginia therefore she is going to tell Emiliano and her uncle about it so he can back out.

Martin arrives to bring the paintings of the Virgin Mary and Veronica feels so happy. He then asks her if she will agree to allow him bring flowers to her every morning and Veronica again accepts and tells him that the flowers he brings to her always is the most prettiest and she thanked him for everything.

Claudia meets with Emiliano at fencing and he becomes shocked seeing her back from mina Escondida and she tells him that Martin fired her from her job because Veronica asked him to since she got jealous of her. Emiliano then tells her that he doesn’t think Veronica will do such things since being mean is not part of her character. Unluckily for Claudia, Virginia arrives to distract them.

Matilde still insists that Veronica learns to forgive Martin but she still says that she has a resentment towards Martin due to the many awful things he did against her and that makes her not to have any motive of forgiving him and Matilde then asks her what again she wants Martin to do so she can forgive him and Veronica thinks more gestures will do.

Magdalena agrees that they do open the grave of her daughter and after opening it, it is determined that it was only a doll in the coffin and not the remains of a human being and Magdalene wonders how this can be.

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