In today’s episode,

Martin tells Veronica that as soon as she is well, he will make sure to help her get back to her family Because she doesn’t seem happy and Veronica becomes speechless. After Martin took that decision, Veronica sheds tears and asks herself if the attitude she is putting up has really caused a distance between them because she seems not to understand why Martin should take that decision since she is not even sure divorcing Martin will make her happy or not.

Seeing that, Veronica intentionally calls Martin and tells him that, she feels cold because of the medicine and Martin takes a cloth for her to cover herself but Veronica asks him to put it on her and whiles Martin does that, Veronica wished Martin could kiss her but his mind was already made up not to put pressure on Veronica again. Veronica then feels the presence of Magdalena around her and preferred that she be the mother she would have loved to have.

Jorge becomes so happy seeing that Emiliano has decided to carry on in life and forget about Veronica and he asks him to count on him for anything should he be in need and Emiliano thanked his father for his great support.

Botel suggests to Magdalene about exhuming the remains of her daughter so she can actually know if she indeed died of sadness as Clement had told them, according to a good expert and Magdalene finds it so weird but she accepts to do it so she can get over the situation once and for all.


The family of Emiliano goes out on a date to celebrate the happiness and peace Emiliano has brought to the family by deciding to move on and make a life with Virginia and whiles they begin to enjoy, Daniel phones in. Virginia gets up to receive the call and he tells her that Veronica and Martin now know that Dussage spoke to her and so they have both agreed to come to the city but Virginia asks him to sedate her but Daniel tells her he can’t continue that always. Emiliano then walks towards Virginia to enquire what is wrong with Veronica and quickly, she changes the topic to hide the truth from Emiliano about Veronica’s problem.

During the dinner, Emiliano chips in the idea of naming his jewelry company after a woman who inspired him and was able to change him and they all raised their hopes for it to be Virginia only to be disappointed by Emiliano that the woman he talks about is Nanciyaga and suddenly Salma and Virginia’s face change but pretend to support Emiliano that his idea is great if Nanciyaga has really helped him.

After they got home, Virginia tells Salma that she actually hated Nanciyaga since she always threw herself on Emiliano and Salma asks her not to worry since Emiliano will not fall for that lady as she doesn’t much up to the standard he wants.

After taking care of Veronica for a while, Blanca tells her parents that she wishes to become a nurse in future and her father thinks it is a great idea ever and whiles deliberating on the issue, Teo arrives and Blanca pleads with her father to say hello to Teo but he refuses her. Joaquin then asks Teo inside to question him on many things like why he has to date his daughter when he hasn’t given him the go ahead and Teo tells him that he thought Blanca had already convinced him for him(Teo) . Joaquin then tells him his daughter in not the one to convince him rather he is supposed to do so to prove himself as a man and how serious he is of his daughter but everything seems a different thing altogether therefore he is to leave his house. After Teo left, Raymunda questions her husband why he has to be too harsh on the boy since he even made an effort to come over to see Blanca.

Nanciyaga goes to ask Veronica why she is behaving so badly towards Martin because what she is doing is making him suffer a lot but Veronica answers her that she is also suffering as well because of him. Nanciyaga then tells her that the only thing she knows is that the boss loves her and Veronica quickly asks her if Martin was the one who sent her to tell her that and she tells her that she came by herself to ask her not to make Martin suffer anymore. Veronica thanked her for healing her and quickly Nanciyaga says that she never did it for her but for Martin so that he doesn’t see her as a living but dead person. Veronica seeing how Nanciyaga spoke with passion, suddenly puts the question to her straight away if she is in love with Martin and Nanciyaga becomes very anxious but she becomes bold enough to advise veronica not to think about her but should think of what her heart tells her about Martin so they can be together.

Veronica goes to the bathroom to take her shower and unfortunately, she falls since she still limps and Martin quickly goes to help her up. Veronica asks him to close his eyes and not to look at her but he tells her that she is not to feel hurt as he already knows every inch of her body. Veronica then says to him that, she is glad that he does remember every inch of her body because he is never going to have it again and Martin tells her that she is mistaken because she has now possess him and that means no one will take over his heart except her. Someone knocks at the door that moment so Martin leaves to check and Veronica smiles and says that, Martin still loves her and still wants her.

Nicholas enters the office to see Virginia in her new look with Emiliano and he begins to admire her as looking so beautiful and Virginia grows so much enthused and left them to have a chat so they never get distracted. Claudia then enters the office and upon seeing Virginia she also admires her look and after she tells her that she is no more going back to Mina Escondida since her move with everyone backfired and also she came over to see Emiliano, Virginia becomes nervous.


Pablo paints an image of St. Lorenzo and together with Ana Perla they take it to the parish and father Juan becomes so happy seeing that image and after he left the two, Pablo requests that they say their vows in front of St. Lorenzo before he leaves to New York and they both vow that they are going to love each other in good and in bad times.

Mariana and her mother continue to raise their hopes up about Pablo’s marriage to her and they go on shopping  for the wedding dress to await Pablo to join them so they can have his exhibition and after, get married in New York.

Martin feeling so devastated, goes to have some time at the river side but unfortunately, he bumps into Nanciyaga bathing and decides to leave her so she can have some privacy but Nanciyaga asks him not to leave because she is not ashamed of her body. Immediately, she comes out of the water to meet Martin in her nakedness and it comes as a surprise and he turned his back so not to see her nakedness and tells her that she may be right with her decision but they live in a society where the custom does not agree to that. Nanciyaga still insists that he doesn’t feel bad because he already is aware that she loves him and Martin says of cause but he is only just fond of her but the only woman he will and has ever loved is Veronica and that is how it will be but he also wished that everyone will be like them (Nanciyaga’s community) who are sincere and transparent. Nanciyaga then leaves him after he shouts on her for saying awful things about Veronica.


Aaron calls Magdalene while she sits with Dr. Victor to discuss about the exhuming of her daughter and he commands her to send Victor out of the room within 5 minutes so they can talk but she refuses to do that.

Martin returns to the house to tell Veronica that, he’s realized that no matter what he does, things are still going to remain the same and therefore he is tired of all the drama and doesn’t want to try anymore because he can’t go on humiliating himself and insist on begging since if that happens he wouldn’t know how to define himself as a man. He then asks her to forgive him for ending everything because he’s tried to prove his love to her and done everything he could to make her happy but all has fallen on empty grounds and Veronica tells him that the situation isn’t easy for her since she can’t just forgive him and pretend nothing is wrong.  Martin then agrees with her for taking the decision about not forgiving him but again he says to her that, it takes two people to forgive each another and that for sure he now knows that he can’t count on her forgiveness anymore. Therefore he can’t continue to  be humiliated if not, she will think that he is a weak person and a loser and though he’s lost her love that is not the end of the road because he also needs to carry on in life. Veronica then begins to cry her eyes out but Martin left without turning back.

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