In today’s episode,
Emiliano arrives at mina Escondida through the help of a Good Samaritan and he shows him martin’s house. He enters to see veronica scrubbing the flow and he calls her and veronica quickly run to embrace him and Nanciyaga becomes shock with that passionate hug. Nanciyaga seeing how intimate they look, she picks up her basket and excuses them so they could spend time alone. Emiliano tells veronica that he only came over to check on her and here she is doing all sorts of indecent work and veronica tries telling Emiliano that, she and martin are very happy and therefore Emiliano should stop exaggerating but he still insists on taking her away with him and this makes veronica gets bored and asks Emiliano to stop disrespecting her if not she will seize from speaking to him. He then begins to ransack stuffs in the room all because he thinks veronica is not realizing the hardship martin is putting her through and this generates great argument between the two since veronica tries to let martin see reason that he is an anthropologist and therefore must know environmental or community leaving of a particular people and not to judge martin since he doesn’t know the situation at hand. She therefore asks him out of the house.
Crescencio and the family meet for breakfast and he calls for Ana Perla to have breakfast with them but she tells him that she is never going to do and looking at the look on her face one could tell that she is still angry at his grandfather’s decision on not accepting that she dates Pablo. Crescencio then asks her not to be stubborn because he is going to the city with Martin and Botel to cater for some things and he’s therefore leaving her in the hands of Manuel so she is not to mess with Manuel as she knows what he’s capable of doing.
Martin becomes shocked after hearing Joaquin tells him that Crescencio gave them the surprise of the night at the canteen since he gave his authorization to Claudia to come over to sing any day.
Mariana and Virginia keep enjoying themselves at Cancun and she continues to think about how Emiliano is doing at mina Escondida. Salma calls them to ask how they are doing and Virginia covers up for Emiliano that he is swimming so he can’t talk to her so Salma asks her to tell him that they will also be joining them there so they all have fun together. After the call, Mariana asks Virginia what she is going to do since Salma and her uncle are going to go angry if they arrive to discover that Emiliano isn’t with them.
Virginia putting things together in her mind suggests to Mariana that she has to go and get Emiliano back from Mina Escondida therefore Mariana should also cover for her in case Salma calls so that they wouldn’t suspect that she (Virginia) covered up for Emiliano to go to mina Escondida without their approval and Mariana accepted it reluctantly.
Nanciyaga arrives home right after Emiliano leaves and she questions veronica who that pale man (Emiliano) is and after veronica discloses to her that he is her cousin, Nanciyaga says to her that, that is not how cousins behave by hugging so passionately and also Emiliano doesn’t look at her as a cousin but as a lover.
Emiliano meets martin and he confronts him on how he can be so wicked as to treat veronica roughly and fail to fulfill his promise of treating her as a queen but brought her to a rotten place as a rich man. it ends up in an argument and Emiliano hits martin and whiles he tries hitting him back, he pulls out his gun to shoot martin but he discovers a snake from behind that was about to bite martin so he shoots it to save him from the snake bite and after he ask them to settle scores man to man and martin says there is no need of the fight but Emiliano still continues to rain insults and martin not being able to contain it he hits Emiliano and it ends up in deep fight but Nanciyaga arrives to separate them by jumping on Emiliano to leave her boss alone but Emiliano throws her away and within a second the miners also arrive to ask martin to go with them to the mine.
After martin left with the miners, Emiliano asks Nanciyaga to forgive him for the way he threw her away off him since she took him by surprise and also never knew it was a woman who jumped on him. She then says to Nanciyaga that he’s heard a lot about her and he wishes that she can teach him more of their culture but she tells him that he has a cold heart therefore she can’t teach him anything and she run and left him there.
Manuel tries to honor himself that he is the one who has the money of the mine since he is in charge of the mine besides his grandfather just to win Claudia over but little did he know that Claudia is cleaver than him ten times and if indeed he has that money she will help him squander it so she accepts to be his friend.
Emiliano goes to the canteen and he meets Claudia there and he blames her for giving them false information about veronica’s situation. He continues to drink all he could and he becomes too drunk to the maximum. Claudia then arrange with Fernandez to take Emiliano to veronica’s house and not to the hotel just to cause a havoc there and Fernandez agrees to but asks for a favour in return.
A black butterfly enters the room to lean on the wall and Nanciyaga defines it as a bad omen.
Though Julio is in love with Ana Perla, since he wishes to see her happy, he agrees to help Ana Perla see Pablo but before that he warns pablo not to try hurting her again if not he is going to have him to contend with.
Martin tells Botel that veronica has proven to him that she is a good woman and a good wife therefore he wants to treat her very well by building a mansion for her to stay there. Botel agrees and he tells martin that he has indeed made veronica to suffer very much after marriage and he did not even take her to leave in a different place but in the same house Demetrio killed himself and that is awful because everyone knows him to be a rich man. Botel then tells her if where they are leaving is his only problem with Emiliano there is no need to worry since he’s made up his mind to mount a house after returning from the city. Martin then explained into detail the truth about the matter that Emiliano is in love with veronica and he still hopes that someday she will break up with him to be his but he swears that if ever he dares go near veronica, he is going to do the unforgivable.
Magdalene advices veronica to forget about Emiliano and concentrate on her marriage since they are now happy together as a family therefore martin is the one she should think about since he is her family now so veronica tells Magdalene that she will have to speak with Emiliano first to tell him that her marriage comes first in everything and if he continues to insist on doing any nasty thing, he would leave her with no choice than to separate from him (Emiliano).
Fernandez takes Emiliano to martin’s house and upon reaching there, Ana asks him to put him on their bed whiles she prepares the guest room for him. After preparing the guest room, she comes to lift him up from their bed to the guestroom and in trying to do so, martin feeling so drunk pushes veronica on the bed and he lay on her and in that same vein, martin has also arrive from the mine to see the nice dinner setting full of lightered candles all around and looking so happy he goes to the bedroom to check on veronica only to bump into Emiliano lying on his wife.
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