Dear Sir

I’m writter this letter with haters and tell you that I’m leave your school for good enough.

The why of the leave it is because at your school, the teachers are beat us very harmful and very sad. Sometimes one day of once upon a time, I wanted to cried but my friends telled me a man is a sheep he is not a cry. I was silent but vibrating in and out.

Another why is because of discriminate, we writted a test and I’m cheated, I get 20% that I’m not deserved. The teachers says my head is dead. Oh, it pained me too much.

I will tell you plenty things when you want us early in the morning but Sir you must know it is very ice in the morning, blanket is not want to be removed from body, I wake up early but I am come late.

I’m write exzam study at another school. Great your wife and childish. Pliz tell all childs of school that I’m say good bye for ever and ever amen.

Your’s faithfool
Evans aka 2 sure