Lets Play Cupid-Episode 20


Oh he went too far now, he did. If he thought this was going to scare her, it wouldn’t,. she had had a rough journey after her parents died. So she knew pain, she understood it. Life had decked her blows too and she had fallen hard on the ground. The reason she was a stronger person today was because she choose to get back up, and she knew that remaining on her feet got her to where she was, a better version of her.

And if Mr-thinks-he-is-all-bad-wolf and no one can stand up to him because he flaunts a few bills here and there, he was wrong.

“is that what happened Mr Gerald? “

Marybeth says from the ground

“Is that? You used to hit your wife too didn’t you. Did it make you feel superior to her, did it make you feel good? What did she do huh? Because for you to hit me, it’s nothing new, your fist have been used to it for a while.. it would explain why she is always scared when you are raising your voice”

“SHUT UP!!!’’ Gerald says over her, he bends

“You don’t know what you are saying..”

“No..then what happened that night years ago when you walked in on your wife.. why don’t you tell me, was that when it started, this feats of rage, is that why you are like this to her huh, is that why your heart is hardened to her cries..look at her screaming frantically and you don’t care…tell me what happened that night, is that why she is like this eh..tell me..”
Gerald freezes, his eyes darts to Thelma and back to Marybeth

“What did she tell you,?’’ he grabs her hands

“You know what she told me Gerald.. You –“ she trails off as he lets go off her and goes to Thelma

“You wrench, you told her? did you tell her it was your fault, did you tell her huh” he grabs her by her hands and shoook her, Marybeth jumps up from the ground and runs to him,

“Let Go of her Gerald, let go!!’’ she tries to pull him away from her

Thelma is shaking her head and crying “ I am sorry I am sorry Gerald, forgive me…you you..Adam is”

“Don’t call his name, don’t say it don’t!!’’ he shakes his head

“Let her go!!!!’’ Marybeth manages to pull his off, she gathers Thelma into her hands as the woman crumpled in her arms

“Its your fault and I would never forgive you. You caused this, you brought that thing here, and it took away my joy…I would never love it. Never!!!” he screams at her, his eyes turning red, Thelma is wailing hysterically, Marybeth can’t calm her down ,
“Get out Gerald, just leave if not I swear I would file a complaint and tell them that you are emotionally abusing your wife and further causing her trauma and yes you may have power and money but I believe it would take just one judge to sympathize with Thelma and it would fly.. I promise you”
Gerald stares at her “ You wouldn’t dare!!’’
“No, but I would try!!’’

“No sir I won’t!! And I would report this detail for detail, you hit me, there are witnesses, your staffs. You manhandled your wife, witnesses too. You can’t bribe everyone. And I would like to know how long you have been abusing your wife physically because aside every other thing I have noticed, is fear for you. And that which happened years ago’’

“You want to challenge me ?’’

‘No. I just want to know what the hell is going on, and I want to do my job and I won’t stand another harassment to my person nor to my patient. And I would find out what ever it is “

“You have no right. No right to my family business !!’’ he points to her,
Thelma wailing goes a pitch higher

‘’I know I don’t, but you have no right to  treat your wife the way you do. She is my patient and I would do whatever that is within my power to keep her safe or I would make sure she is taken from you. I think that would hold in court” Marybeth’s nose flares

Gerald walks towards her angrily but stops a few breath spaces away from them.., then he turns and walks away angrily as they staffs move away.

“Thelma, sshhhh it’s okay, He is gone,” she holds her face, rocking her to keep her calm but it doesn’t help

“I need a sedative,  please someone check the room, get my nurse supply bag. HURRY!!”

If she doesn’t calm her now she might get worse. “Hurry!!!” she screamed as someone ran into the house

They come out to say they didn’t find it

“Shit!! The cottage, Adam’s cottage !!’’

Meredith runs down, Adam wasn’t home

She searches both room, finds it, and rushes back to the garden, out of breath.  Marybeth empties the bag, see’s what she is looking for .

“Hold her down please Richard, you too don’t stand there “ Marybeth gets the syringe, draws on the liquid and taps it

“Hold her still, yes , okay Ssshhh Thelma, its okay” Marybeth coos

“Help me carry her back to her room” she says to one of the men staffs

“Adam?’’ Richard asks Meredith who shakes her head

“Good thing he isn’t around, this would have turned out ugly” He continues to Meredith.



Marybeth intends to be with her for the rest of the day. At least for now, Gerald would respect himself
She wondered where Adam went to, if he was around…he would have made sure his father never treated his mother this way.

She wonders why Gerald hates Adam so much and what happened that night. If Gerald hadn’t come, maybe Thelma would have told her.

Whatever it was, it was bad, it had to do with Adam.


Marybeth comes downstairs to meet well dressed guests in tux and gowns, the house beautifully arranged, music playing and delicious aroma of food congesting the air, security men in suits and ear pieces standing at the corner close to a prominent figure.
It was 8pm, Thelma was still asleep and didn’t look like she would be waking any time soon. she was tired and wanted to go have a good bath and sleep, and maybe rub some soothing balm to her face, not intending to lay eyes on Gerald she had waited till now to come downstairs.

Frowning she make her way down. No one told her about a party, she would have stayed back up till it was over. Intent on sneaking her way out, she silently walks through the crowd of people excusing herself

“And who is this pretty young lady?’’

A grey haired man with rimmed glasses says when Marybeth mistakenly bumps into him as she tried not to hit a waitress

“Sorry sir, excuse me I am sorry” she began

“ Gerald, who is she?”

Gerald turns from talking to some people, seeing her he frowns, the cold eyes made her literally feel someone poured her iced water. Well, she didn’t like him too so…

“No one sir” Marybeth replies, excusing  herself

“Nonsense, Gerald have her join us”

“Mayor, she is nobody, just a worker here”

Marybeth had a hot retort on her tongue, she felt a mental tap

Girl, look around you, don’t embarrass us further please.

She sighs

“Too pretty for a mere worker, have her wear something nice and join us for this evening, I insist’’ The mayor says, Gerald jaw flexes. The Mayor helped financed a project he worked on, he couldn’t refuse even if he wanted to

“Tasha, have her wear one of your designed collections you brought in this evening to showcase as part of entertainment,”  Gerald beckons to a lady who nods, beckoning to Marybeth

“No sir, I rather not..” Marybeth insists

“Come darlyne, what would you rather do tonight, work in the kitchen? have a good evening with me and my friends” The mayor laughs tapping her hands, some others join in

“Fine.!!’ She smiles ‘’if you insist “

“oh I do”

Gerald isn’t happy about it, as she walks past him he says

“You keep irritating me every single time, don’t get comfortable, “

“I don’t intend to Mr Gerald” she frowns walking away with the lady.


Adam gets home

“What’s going on here Tom?’’

“Mr Gerald is hosting The mayor and something about his 10th Anniversary.”

“Right,” disinterested, he goes to the cottage.

It was 9pm, he would go see his mom and leave.

Someone stops him at the entrance

“Invite sir?’’

“excuse me?” Adam frowns

“I said, your invite or you leave “

“Do you have any idea who I am?” Adam says to the guy in suit, Richard comes to the door

“I don’t know and I don’t care, Invite!. Who let this person through the gates?” the guy speaks into his coms

“Are you kidding me. I don’t need permission’’ Adam tells him, looking at Richard “Tell him to move or I would make him “

“Sir Adam..I..Mr Gerald..I am sorry” Richard trails off

Understanding sets in, Adam chuckles silently,

So the big Bad wolf thinks he can stop him by putting this buffon-looking-dude at the door.

Three others appeared behind him, Adam was wondering how fast he could take them..

“sir..we would escort you out” one places a hand on his shoulders

“take your hands off or you would lose them” Adam replies

A commotion is heard, then Adam strolls inside, Gerald turns finding him standing there, two of the guards staggers in behind him, a third slowing dragging himself behind

“what in the world..” Gerald Began

“I think you should have better dogs outside don’t you think so Gerald “ Adam says, another guard touches him

He looks over his shoulders , “You should see the first guy who did that”

His guest were watching, wondering what was going on, the Mayor is standing beside him, he nods for them to take him out

The Mayor speaks, “You look familiar, have we met before?”

Adam frowns “ No Sir”

“Strange, where you by chance in the Cadiman’s book fair christening?”

Adam nods “Indeed I was”

“HA!! I never forget a face, you are one of the Authors. My daughter is a bookie, I believed you must have signed yours to her, 18 years old, red hair. Talks a lot!!’’

Adam smiles remembering the chatterbox “Maggie?’”

“Aha that’s the one. By the way, good book, good read. Come, join me”, he takes Adam by the hand and walks in, the guards move away

Gerald is boiling .