Lets Play Cupid-Episode 16


It seems like a touchy subject , her interests was piqued.Whatever it was, was causing a rift in this family. What’s her business anyways, their family their business. If only she could leave it at that.

Of course Marybeth, can you leave it at that??  Her mind nudges her

She was curious the Cat, she just hopes she doesn’t get killed.

Oh don’t be too dramatic Marybeth, her minds kicks her ,

“What ..are you crazy too, talking to yourself?”

She blinks, ignoring “Did you really call the hospital?”

He didn’t say anything,

Silence meant acceptance right.

“thank you” she managed

“I didn’t do it for you, just do your job Marybeth, butt out from everything else.” he walks away

She collapses on the chair

She should listen to him. She really should


For the next couple of weeks, it was quiet.

She had woken up the next day to find the cottage empty, Richard had told her Adam had  gone out of town for a few days, and Mr Gerald had gone for a trip for a conference, he would be gone for a month.

Thelma hadn’t called out “Damien”, neither did she relapse going into her delirious state. She was just another normal patient suffering from paralysis.

The staffs went about their duties, Meredith and Richard trying to stay clear of her.

When she isn’t attending to Thelma and eating, she is sitting in her room and reading to her, or watching tv.
At night she is in the cottage, its quiet. Too quiet.

She had gone round the house, Adam was a typical bachelor, the place was a mess.

She had cleaned it up. changing the sheets and curtains, washing them, opening the windows to allow the air in, bringing out the throw pillows from the bags she has placed them on the chair, she bought flowers and put them in a vase, trying to give a feminine touch to the place.

You know this isn’t your house Marybeth, her mind says

So what? I would be here for a  couple of months and I won’t live in a place as though I am a bat living in a cave. It’s a mess! I wonder how his girlfriend stays here. its stuffy, toothbrush in the sink, shirts on the ground, boxers too, a dirty pile of cloths. He lives like a shaolin monk. No sir, I won’t stay here like this. Good thing he isn’t home.  I cleaned and washed, he should thank me.
She told herself.

Is that your excuse? Her mind asks  her

What do you mean?

Or It’s an apportunity to touch his things

Oh get out of my mind. Marybeth orders

Sorry I can’t! but if you did die, maybe I will


She ignores the voice in her head and continues to clean.. she goes into his room, and continues

Then she finds something in his drawer, it’s a picture of a young man, infact when she opened it wider, there were more pictures of him.
She gathers them to the Adam’s  bed, she was going to go through them..later.


She goes to shower, she puts on her nightie and goes back to his room.
she saw Adam or who she thinks is Adam with a much younger boy, they were always holding hands or arms over their shoulders smiling into the camera, there was a picture of his graduations, from kindagarden to grade school, high school and then college.

there was one him and Adam had a baseball cap on, and he had the one she had seen in that room with the initial “D’

“Damien? Maybe he is Damien..” she says

There were so many pictures and she went through each of them, happy moments, sports, party hangouts, friends, and a beautiful woman beside them..those eyes

“Thelma!” Marybeth says, she was right, Thelma was a beauty for sour eyes

“What happened to you Thelma, what happened?”

And then she notices Adam; he was happy. those cold eyes she had become used to seeing wasn’t even there, his eyes was soft and warm, drawing her in, she rubs the picture

“You seemed happy too, all of you were. So what happened ??”

She didn’t see Gerald in any of the pictures and she wondered why

“Damien must be Thelma’s son, but where is he?and No one wants to talk about it” she says to herself, she gathers the pictures back and closes the drawer

It’s late at night,

Sighing she goes back to his bed and sits down, wondering about the younger boy with such happy smile

“What happened to you Damien..?  what’s your story. What’s the story behind the cold eyes of Gerald’s, why the hate..why the rift’’ she wonders deep in thoughts

She lays on the bed and she falls asleep


Tired, sleepy.. Adam enters the compound past 1 am at night,  going into his cottage he didn’t bother putting on the light as he walked into his room, he drops his bag, stripping to his underwear he yawns and climbs on his bed and goes to sleep

Sometime during the night he turns in his sleep, the cold breeze seeping from outside caused goosebumps to rise over his skin, turning again not opening his eyes, still deep in sleep he turns again.

Then he turns again, finding warmth, drapping his arms over it he pulls it to himself, holding it tight as warmth from ‘the warmth” began to warm his body, relaxing he continues to sleep


Sometime during the night, due to the silk of her nightie and how it barely covered her body, she felt cold, but she was tired and sleepy and kept telling herself she was going to get up and go to her room or look for a duvet to cover herself  since it was already too late and she was too tired to walk, she knew she left the windows open, she heard when the rains began beating against the window panes and she told herself she was going to get up to close it..

But she never did.

She knew she was cold, she had began to shiver, but she was tired and enjoying the deep sleep..

She turns facing the otherside and continues to sleep, her nighie..too light, too small, cold sweeps over her.
Later on, still deep in sleep she felt something warm over her arm, and then like a cloth it covered her.
Pulling her into warmth
She falls back into a peaceful sleep, snuggling even closer to the warmth


She was dreaming, dreaming of her prince charming..
He was holding her, touching her, trailing hands all over her, she was smiling, her eyes was closed..
It spiked desire in her .
she moaned..


Adam was frowning, something was wrong, it didn’t feel like his body, why couldn’t he feel anything as he ran his hands over his chest, going down his stomach, legs..why couldn’t he feel his boy down there but something else.
It was warm..between its legs.

Then it moaned, as the legs opened up..and his hands touched there, in between.

It moaned again, Adam’s eyes shoots open

“holy Jesus!!!’’ Adam exclaims

Marybeth’s eyes flew open.

She wasn’t dreaming.  Someone was touching her..was touching her there!!

Someone was in the room

She began to scream..