Just for laugh- Konongo


KUMASI TRIP An old woman boarded a bus to Kumasi from Accra and told the driver; “driver,if you reach Konongo tell me o!” The driver nodded and then she shouted again “my children, did you hear what I told him?” Everybody responded “YES MAA”.

On the long journey to Kumasi, everybody slept off but this woman never blinked. They never knew she didn’t know Konongo. After several hours of driving and Kumasi close by with Konongo about 2hrs behind, the poor woman then asked;

“driver, haven’t you reached Konongo? Ooooh!!” The driver exclaimed, “madam Konongo is like 2hrs behind us”. The woman started crying “take me back to Konongo abeg I don’t want wahala o!!!

After all said, and considering the age of the woman it was agreed that the driver should turn back to Konongo. When they got there, the driver came down, opened the door and told the woman they’ve reached Konongo.

The old woman simply opened her handbag, brought out a sachet of panadol, removed 2 tablets and swallowd them with water. She then smiled and said,

“my daughter said if I reach Konongo I should take 2 tablets of panadol, Oya! now we can go to kumasi.”