Jezebel Episode 9


 why do you look like someone who’ve seen a ghost ” Precious asked, laughing as she stood up.

” what are you doing inside here ” I asked her swiftly covering my d**k even tho I was wearing my short.

” I came here so that we could go to church together but met those Jonas sleeping ” she replied moving closer to me

” I came inside to check on you since I can’t ask them of your whereabout, but you’re not in so I decided to wait for you ” she added as she got closer to me.

” okay, you’ve seen me now, go and wait for me inside the sitting room so that I can wear my clothes ” I said to her still covering my manhood.

” me, leave ” she said as she suddenly bursted into laughter.

” even a tractor can’t move me away from here, go and dress up, I’ll stand here and watch you ” she said placing her hand on my chest.

” Precious na ” I said in a frustrating manner. I knew she’s not going to go until I begged her enough.
Ever since I bestiezone her, she’s been doing many things, silly, naughty and so on to me and I always had to beg her to stop.

” you better go and dress up or else we’ll end up getting late for service ” she replied smiling.

” I’ll leave for you then ” I said turning, as I made motion to leave her.
She suddenly held my hand and dragged me back, it was too sudden as I lost balance, I swiftly lean on her in order not to fall but her weight wasn’t enough to support the two of us as she also fell backward. I swiftly placed my hand behind her head so that she won’t hit it on the floor and fell over her.
She was on the floor while I was directly on top of her.

I suddenly heard round of applause behind me.

I swiftly got up from her and find Usman and Lekan clapping.

” pastor, pastor, pastor Ben omo mummy church ” they said teasingly in unison, laughing as they returned to the sitting room.

” you see what you caused ” I screamed at Precious who was still on the floor. She was also laughing.
She stretched her hand towards me and I held it to pull her up.

” better be fast with your dressing up or else I’ll be back here to hmhm ” she said as she exited the bedroom smiling .

I smiled as I watched her swayed her big buttock as she head to the sitting room. Her body stature doesn’t accolade for the asset she owned.

I was going through my wardrobe to check for the cloth I was going to wear when the small phone suddenly started to ring.

I picked it up and checked the screen.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw Jezebel on the screen.

I inserted my earphone into my ear as I picked the call.

I didn’t utter any word and she also didn’t. We started breathing competition which lasted up to three minute.

” hello ” I finally heard her voice

” hi ” I replied her

” I take it that you saw my message and accept my apologies ” I added smiling

” I’m sorry for slapping you ” she said lowering her voice.

” it’s okay, I was also rude for making attempt to do that ” I replied her.

” it’s okay, where are you now ” she asked me.

” currently at home but will soon be on my way to church ” I replied her.

” alright, we’ll talk later, take care of yourself ” she said hanging the call.

” you too ” I replied but it was already late as the call had already dropped. I was sure she didn’t hear it.

I dropped my phone on the bed and happily return to continue searching for the clothes I was going to wear.

I later settled for a blue polo and black jeans.

I knew something was odd in my dressing, it was like there’s still something remaining to complete the dressing but I couldn’t fathom what it was.

” Ben Ben ” Lekan started hailing me as soon as I got to the sitting room.

” no vex say we enter con burst your level oo, when we heard your scream, we thought you’re injured, we didn’t know that you’re the one injuring someone ” Usman said laughing. Precious also join in the laughter instead of clearing them of the mistake.

I knew better not to try and vindicate myself because they’re just going to capitalize on it to terrorize my innocent life. I smiled, not saying anything as I exited the sitting room.

” bye guys ” I heard Precious said as she tried to keep up with me.

She wrapped her hand around my shoulder as soon as she caught up with me smiling mischievously.

I didn’t bother taking her hand off as we head outside of the gate because she’s gonna return it.

We didn’t wait long before we saw a bike without passenger.

I waved him down and negotiated with him on the price to church inside the campus .

I allowed Precious to sit before me because I wanted to make a quick stop at the engineer’s place.

On getting to the engineer’s place, I met him outside discussing with a guy.

” I’m coming ” I said to Precious as I alighted the bike.

” chairmo, oga agbalagba ” the engineer suddenly started to hail me as soon as he saw me getting off the bike.

I turned to look at my back to check if anyone was behind me but there was no one which meant he was referring to me .

” maybe he hasn’t done my phone ” I thought to myself as I moved closer to him.

” Smallie ” he called when I got to where he was standing.

” Sir!!! ” Smallie answered from inside the shop.

” bami mu hot 6 yen wa ” he ordered Smallie to bring my phone in Yoruba language.

” okay Sir ” Smallie replied.

” chairmo ” he said moving closer to me.

” yan me na, how you dey take do am ” he whispered to me in pidgin language.

” do what ” I asked him looking perplexed.

” all this fine girls wey you dey carry na ” he whispered to me stealing a glance at Precious.

” you no dey do ugly or fine small girl at all , yesterday, na mami water you bring, today again, you don carry another mami water, show me the way na, I don tire for Kafayat and Sikirat wey I dey carry upandan ” he whispered to me still stealing a glance at Precious.

” oga na the phone be this ” Smallie said handing the phone to the engineer.

I collected it from him, inserted my sims and memory card into it and powered it. It looked new and displayed more brighter than the latter.

I tested the calibration and it was working perfectly.

” it’s working perfectly, thank you ” I appreciated him after I’ve fully tested the phone’s function.

” forget thank you, just show me the way, me self wan dey carry high class babe ” he said looking like he meant it.

” you’re funny ” I said smiling.

” she’s not ” I wanted to tell him that Precious wasn’t my girlfriend but suddenly find no need to to tell it.

” try to be cool like me and high class babe will follow you ” I said changing what I was going to say.

” and stop using all the money you make to play bet9ja ” I added smiling as I joined Precious on the bike.

I knew the engineer has changed the topic he was discussing with the guy I met him with to mine with the way the guy was staring at me as the bike man continued with our journey.

” what was that guy telling you about me ” Precious asked me as the bike left the engineer’s place .

” why do you think he’s talking about you ” I asked her.

” I’m a pretty lady, and we pretty ladies have supernatural power to know if guys are talking about us wherever we find ourselves, even without looking ” she replied smiling.

” be deceiving yourself ” I said laughing.

” I knew he was talking about me, hundred percent sure ” she replied smiling.

” if you say so ” I said laughing.

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We’re late to get to church as the service had already started.

Precious sat beside me on one of the vacant chairs at the back.

Brother Collins was the one conducting the bible study.

Precious suddenly cover her mouth in order to suppress the laughter that was about to erupt out of it.

” what’s it ” I asked her and she pointed towards a direction, I traced the direction she pointed at with my eye and find Samuel sitting gently beside sister Chioma. I couldn’t help it but laugh also. I’ve tried many times to get the fool to start attending my church but he made sure all my effort at doing so was futile that I had already given up on it.

But the fool is attending two services in a roll all because of a girl.

I knew he’s not yet been accepted by Chioma, that’s why he’s still trying to be a good guy. I felt like telling sister Chioma to delay telling him yes if she has the intention of accepting him.

” let’s open our bible to Matthew 18 vs 24 ” brother Collins said as he also opened his.

That was when I remembered that I’ve forgotten my bible at home.

I picked my phone and launched the kjv bible app on it.

” hi ” a lady suddenly greeted as she passed in front of me and sat on the next empty chair beside me.

Almost fifteen seconds had passed before my brain located its signal, likewise Precious too as we both tilted our head sideways to confirm who the person was.

” Jezebel ” I exclaimed shockingly.

” hi ” she greeted again with a smile.

I turned to look at Precious, then to brother Collins who was talking but oddly, I couldn’t hear a word out of what he was saying.
She dressed to compliment the event, she even had those kinda mummy GO’s cap on her head.

” what’s she doing here ” Precious asked me in a whisper.

” I don’t know ” I whispered back

” turn to your neighbor and say Jesus is coming soon ” brother Collins suddenly said complicating the situation more.
Precious and Jezebel both turned to me while I didn’t turn to anybody.

” Jesus is coming soon ” I said pointing at the two of them at the same time without turning my head.

All what was running through my mind was how I was going to settle both Precious and Jezebel.
I knew Jezebel would want to talk, probably want us to go to a silent place, while Precious would be keen on going home with me.

And with the way Precious was already reacting, blinking her eye rapidly at Jezebel when she’s not looking and suddenly held on to my arm , I knew she’s not going to budge.

I oddly felt like someone who’s double dating when in reality, I wasn’t dating anyone.