1. If John Mahama and his family thought by buying Ruby’s silence their troubles regarding the 12.5kg cocaine bust were over then he’s about to receive the rudest shock of his life.

2. British intelligence, with the tenacity of a proverbial British bulldog whose jaws are firmly tightened around a juicy testicle, in its investigations into the VVIP Cocaingate scandal, has uncovered evidence of the direct involvement of the President’s family in the trafficking of the cocaine as well as other criminal activity involving Russian gangs connected to the President operating from Ghana.


3. British Intelligence sources now confirms, for a fact, the following

(a). Of the 10 people flying First Class, two were President John Mahama’s  brothers: Sulley and Inusah Mahama

(b). Inusah and Sulley jointly, and directly, handles the President’s private business interests/affairs, including correspondence, meetings, financial transactions,  and deals

(c). On the day of the flight, an Aviance Officer, a woman, checked in Sulley and Inusah Mahama.

(d). This same officer, under direct instructions from Inusah Mahama, then checked in Ruby and the two girls, and further escorted them from the main hall to the VVIP.

(e). Inusah, Sulley & the girls were then driven together,  in the same vehicle, to the aircraft.

4. Opuni’s Hold on John Mahama
a). Another angle, parts of which are publicly known, is the role of Dr. Stephen Kwabena Opuni, CEO of Cocobod, a Vice Presidential aspirant,  in the control, direction, and more importantly the financing of these deals.

(b). Political observers have long since wondered why, despite the numerous controversies involving Opuni when he was head at the Food & Drugs Board, he was not removed from office by John Mahama. Instead he was given control of the country’s number one revenue earner, Cocobod, by the President.

(c). It has now emerged,  according to British intelligence sources, that Opuni is the President’s principal moneybag, and conduit for shady deals, including drug-dealing.

(d). British intelligence has confirmed regular meetings between John Mahama’s brothers, Inusah and Sulley Mahama, who handles the President’s private business interests, and Opuni, in Ghana, but mostly in the Gulf.

(e). The cast is completed by Ibrahim Mahama, another of the President’s brothers, who handles logistics mostly for the drug operations. He provides a series of private jets, couriers,  like Ruby and the girls, and access to first class services and lounges of international carriers.

(f). Mr. Opuni has already been directly fingered by British intelligence in the VVIP Cocaingate. He was seen dropping Ruby off at the Airport on the day of departure and, as shown by Ruby’s phone records seized by British intelligence,  was the one she called before departure

(g). British intelligence has been sufficiently alarmed at the potential of Opuni & John Mahama pairing up at the Presidency that it has issued a high-level security advisory to No. 10 Downing Street.


5. During the course of investigations,  British intelligence uncovered a link between John Mahama’s business dealings and a Russian gang involved in massive money laundering, operating from Accra, Ghana.

(a). Already,  several couriers have been arrested

(b). However, the most alarming ‘arrest’ took place a few months ago when the First Lady, Mrs. Lordina Mahama,  was detained for several hours at Heathrow Airport when about US $1Million, in  cash, was found in her handbag.

(c). This is not the first time this has happened,  and British intelligence deliberately ‘caught’ her to send a message

(d). When she could not provide a reasonable excuse for carrying such a large sum in cash, the funds were seized. Checks have shown that the Presidency is using diplomatic channels to have this matter resolved.