It Hasn’t Been Easy Working With Sarkodie – Sammy Forson Explain On How He Met Obidi



Lots of people have times without number refer to multiple award-winning presenter, Sammy Forson as the errand boy of BET rapper, Sarkodie, reason being his actual position when it comes to the management of Sarkodie is not known. Today you would see him playing the role of a road manager, tomorrow he is providing security, the next day he is doing PR, next two days he is the hype man, and the list goes on, and on.

On GHOne TV rhythm’s show hosted by Blackboy he asked, what exactly does he do for the rapper? Sammy Forson is seen doing many things which confuses people concerning his position in the management of Sarkodie.

He clarified his role and how he met Sarkodie. He also talked about how the journey with Sarkodie has been.

“I play an all-round role when it comes to the management of Sarkodie, that’s from performance to securing contract to making sure monies have been paid, through to doubling up as the road manager, to dealing with bookings, playing PR roles, simply I do almost everything when it comes to the management of Sarkodie but officially I’m his Business Manager”.

“It was all after the Rapperholic concert, then Sarkodie knowing the role I played to ensure that the concert was a success approached me, and was like he has been a great fan of me all these years, showered praises on me, and added that it won’t be bad for us working officially together, and the rest they say, is history”

On GHOne TV rhythm’s show hosted by Blackboy with Sammy Forson

“It has been all rosy working with Sarkodie at all; the higher he goes, the more pressure pile on me to deliver, so basically I was faced with a situation where I have to continue to learn, be knowledgeable, and upgrade on my roles”.

“We do have differences; there were times I would disagree with his way of thinking and more, but whatever the case is, we make sure we settle all our differences privately as possible so that they doesn’t get out to the public. ”