In The Heart Of A Lady ~ Episode 15 Final


Days later in Kaycee’s apartment…..
“Arrgh, take it easy now Mr. Lover boy” I chuckled, as Kaycee hastily reached for the buttons on my top. Unbuttoning my top carefully and gently with our mouths locked in a passionate romantic kiss, Kaycee led his right hand up my cleavages taking my right b—m as he caressed and manipulated my hard and erect n—-e.
Laying on the bed now and our mouths still in a hot passionate kiss, Kaycee began stroking my hair with his left hand. Now removing his mouth from our kiss, he drew me closer, caressing my neck area as he laid forward and started kissing my neck, giving me the vampire bites as his tongue did magic in my sensitive areas, making me respond with moaning as his tongue licked my neckline then downwards to my bosoms and my hard erected n—–s.
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“Arrrrh, yeee, feeeeels so good” I moaned as he continued sucking and licking my n—–s like a baby’s feeding bottle. Still on the bed, he slipped his hands from my bosoms down my groin area, as he felt my nicely shaved pubic hairs. Caressing and playing with the lips of my love tunnel with his index finger, he inserted it inside my honey pot while i gave out a loud moan.
“Awwwsh, arrrhh”
He rose up from the bed with a satisfied expression and went on his knees on the bed, gently parting away my two legs one to the East and the other to the West, he brought his tongue down and dived into my jewel box as he licked and sucked. In no time, my body began to erupt violently, shaking as my body warmed up for an orgasm.
When i recovered and had gotten control of myself, i requested he laid down on the bed while i worked on him which he obeyed almost immediately. Taking his hard and standing c–k in my hands rubbing it up and down gently, Kaycee had started letting out small moans of pleasure as i smiled within me satisfied that i was doing a good job.
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I brought my face down and took the whole thing inside my mouth, working on it gently as kaycee’s moans filled the room. ‘I’m cumming, i’m cumming’ he warned while i removed my mouth immediately as his sperm spew on my face and body.
Kaycee got hold of a condom carefully kept in a corner of his room as he tore it and rolled it up his fly. Drawing me closer to himself with his D–k directly opposite my honeypot, in one swift action, he penetrated me.
“O-My-God” I gasped, as he began ramming me, slowly at first, but he increased his tempo increased with time.
Few minutes later…..
“That was out of this world!” Kaycee exclaimed as we laid exhausted with my head on his chest. Stroking my hair again gently, he kissed me on my cheek, while i smiled.
“Becky, I love you” he muttered.
“I love you too” I replied.
He smiled and drew me closer to himself as i felt my unclad boobs against his built chest.
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You see your life? Now tell me what you learnt from this story??..lolz.
Thank you for reading the story. God bless you.
Everything written above is a work of fiction, none is real and none exists. Thanks again…..

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