In The Dark-Season 2 Final Episode 35


just as Kelvin would say “they were the cutest set of twins” right from the womb.
I only watched as the doctor’s lips moved as he explained the images on the screen to us. I didn’t even hear a word from all he said, all that was on my mind was the joy of carrying a set of boys twin. I could not wait to inform my family of the bundle of joy I was carrying . My excitement knew no bound when the doctor finally said we could take our leave, his long talk was beginning to bore me.
Kelvin carried me to the car after we changed into our dresses,according to him, he didn’t want me to stress myself. I saw the excitement in his eyes and I could not help but feel special for been the source of his happiness.
Throughout the ride home, Kelvin placed his hand on my Tommy. He kept on rubbing it gently as he suggested different names for our babies. Before we arrived home, he had suggested more than twenty names, I could not help but laugh at his childishness.
Finally we arrived home after about forty minutes drive, I was about hurrying out of the car when Kelvin held me back. I made faces at him and he said
“ma’am, maybe you weren’t informed before, I’m using this medium to inform you that you are not allowed to walk on your own, until after delivery”
I laughed and said “so who/what will carry me around? What if I want to pop? ”
“Right here madam, I’m your new personal bodyguard” Kelvin said and took me into his arms. I laughed out loud as he carried me into the house. He eventually placed me on the bed and kissed my Tommy severally before he allowed me make the phone calls I wanted to make.
The first person I called was Khole, she was super excited when I informed her of my scan result. She pleaded with me to come over to Abuja and I promised to see her first when I arrive.
After talking to khole, I called my foster parent. They were both happy to hear the news. Mi dad almost blocked my ear when he started singing loudly with his cracked voice. My foster parent invited me over to their house and I promised to be with them for dinner.
The third person I called was my dad. He almost broke down in tears when I told him I was carrying a set of twin boys. According to him, having a twin boys had always been his dream. He got emotional and remembered my mom and my late sister. Just like me, he wished they were both alive to share in my joy.
I was still on the phone with my dad when Kelvin rushed into the room, he handed his phone over to me and informed me that his dad was on the line. I quickly hung up on my dad and accepted the president’s call.
“afternoon dad” I said into the phone.
Just like Kelvin, the president did nothing to hide his excitement. He sang my praise on the phone and even went to the extent of singing (something I never expected)
He told me he heard about all that happened and he was happy with the way I handled the whole situation. I never knew Kelvin was keeping his dad updated but I was happy he was proud of me. After the whole daughter and father advice, the president cleared his throat loudly and said “my dear, I already told Kelvin that the both of you should come back home tomorrow. I want to see you and feel my grandchildren. I also want to hold a small party and celebrate the goodness of God. The both of you will be taking the first flight to Abuja tomorrow morning by God’s grace”
I was surprised at the sudden travelling arrangement and wanted to give an excuse to stop the journey but the president gave no room for any excuse. Seeing the way the to be grandfather was excited looking forward to meet his grandchildren, I agreed to come with Kelvin the next day. The president was so happy when I agreed to come over the next day. I also spoke with Kelvin’s mom and Loretta before we finally called it a day.
I pretended to be mad at Kelvin for agreeing to the sudden journey without my knowledge. He apologized and explained that his dad was o in a hurry to see us. I accepted his apologies and he tried to bribe me by volunteering to pack my bag.
I informed Attorney Berry and my foster parent of my urgent journey. My foster parent were happy for me and Attorney Berry promised to look after the company in my absence. Kelvin and I had a big diner and saw a movie before we eventually called it day. We slept early in order to make early journey that awaited us.
At exactly 9:00am the next morning, We were already on our way to Abuja. The flight was smooth and peaceful as I slept soundly throughout the flight. Kelvin allowed me rest and he did nothing to wake me until we arrived Abuja. He blew breeze into my ear and said “Sleeping Beauty, we are here”
I slowly opened my eyes and discovered that we were in Abuja already. I threw a fist at Kelvin for not waking me up and he grabbed my hands. He playfully hit himself with my hand and told me to hit him as much as I wanted. We both laughed as we head out of the plane.
Kelvin caused a scene at the airport, he swept me off my feet immediately we got down from the plane. I pleaded with him to put me down but He reminded me of his promise and payed no attention to my plea. Without considering the crowd filled with reporters and lots of people with cameras, Kelvin carried me to the tinted car provided to pick us up. I opened my mouth and stared at Kelvin as he settled beside me in the back sit.
“I’m a stubborn husband, I know, you do not have to tell me” Kelvin said and we both burst into laughter.
I wrapped my hand around his neck and said ” thank you for loving me like this” before I claimed his lips. We kissed and made beautiful promises to each other through out the drive home. Kelvin was more of a best friend than a husband.
The president welcomed us like a king. He invited my favourite band and they woahed us with their beautiful performance. He hugged me for a long time and later his hand on my Tommy before he started his prayer session. Kelvin was exactly like his father. The father and son did nothing to hide their joy as they pampered me and turned my Tommy into a mirror. My mother in-law also could not stop asking after my health. She practically wanted me to tell her all the food I had eaten ever since we left Abuja. She went on and on to give me the full list of all the nutritious food best for pregnant women. I was eventually saved from the long chat with my mother in-law by Loretta. She was all over me and wanted to be alone with me. I immediately knew that loads of gist was waiting for me. I excused myself and made to leave with Loretta when the president called me back.
He walked up to us and said “Nancy my dear, I have decided to throw a welcome party for you. It’s won’t be an elaborate one but I will try my best to make it special. All you have to do is to go shopping and rest. At exactly 8:00pm, I want you fully ready for the event. I will personally walk you down to the party”
I smiled and looked at Kelvin for a clue about the unannounced party, instead of giving me an answer, he only stared at the ceiling to avoid my gaze. I thanked the president for his kind gesture and went into the house with Loretta.
Loretta Welcomed me with lots of gist. Everything she talked about revolved around Jordan. Without been told, I knew she was madly in love with him but I wasn’t sure Jordan felt the same way for her. I shared in her joy and gave her candid advice before we decided to go shopping.
The rest of the day was filled with nutritious talk with my mother in-law, relationship talk with Loretta and kids talk with Kelvin. The whole Smith family made my day exceptional fun.
At exactly 8:00pm, I was beautifully dressed in a cream dinner gown. Everyone had been busy with one thing and the other but I was left out of the whole surprise package. I sat in front of the mirror and admired myself as I await the president to walk me to the party as he had promised. My heart skipped a bit when I heard a soft knock on the door, I loudly said “come in” and Kelvin walked in. I did nothing to hide my disappointment. I frowned my face and looked into the mirror without sparing Kelvin a glance.
“looks like someone is disappointed to see me. So it’s my dad you want to see? I think someone has been cheating on me, I need to contact my lawyer” Kelvin said and made a funny face. I burst into laughter and told him to go ahead.
Kelvin helped me up and made my eyes meet. He rubbed my hands gently and said “I promise to love you, no matter what baby”
His beautiful promise made me blush and I ended up in his shoulder. I was still enjoying the sweet scent of his perfume when the president walked in.
He cleared his throat loudly and said “son, I’m ready to take the mother of my grandchildren. Please make way”
Kelvin smiled and said “dad, want to be alone with the mother of my children. Please stay away”
I could not help but laugh at the father and son jokes. I kissed Kelvin lightly and walked up to the president. He offered me a hand and walked me out of the room while Kelvin followed closely from behind.
I was surprised to meet a dark room when we arrived the large livingroom. I could hear the underground sound of music but I could not see where the music was coming from. Funny enough, the president had left my side and I could not locate Kelvin in the dark.
“Kelvin?. ……. Dad?. ……. Mom?.. ….. Loretta?……” I called out to everybody. I was about reaching for my phone when the whole place was light up. “WFT!!!!” was the only statement I could scream out as I saw a full house.
“how did you pull this off? ” I asked Kelvin as I stared at everyone in surprise. Everybody that mattered to me was present. My foster parent, Khloe,Josh, my dad, his wife,their daughter, uncle Mike, aunty Nike, Lizzy, her son and Jordan.
I was lost on who to hug first, I wanted to hold all of them at a time. I rushed at my foster parent first and then my dad before I went into Liz arms and then Khloe and Jordan. Everyone was glowing and their presence made me feel like the happiest woman on earth. They all treated me like a queen and took turn to congratulate me. After the surprise prank, the president made a toast to safe delivery and we all held our glasses to the sky. We all talked and laughed like one big family. Theres no fun without family!
I was hosting with Khloe and Josh when I felt a tape on my shoulder. I turned back and it was Jordan. He looked at me with surprise and I teased him by asking if he would love to take me back regardless of my condition. Jordan laughed and held my hand. I was lost on what he was up to but I allowed him have his way. Jordan stared at me for awhile before he suddenly went on his knees right In front of me. I looked down at him with a “what are you doing” look and he smiled.
Jordan joined his hands together and said “Nancy, I want to use this medium to apologize to you for all the pains I caused you. I know you’ve forgiven me a long time ago but I still want to apologize properly. I heard about the video your mom left behind and I realized, I had caused you more pain than happiness. About coming in between you and Nelly, I’m so sorry. About trying trying to come in between you and Kelvin, I’m so sorry and about breaking your heart severally, please forgive me”
Jordan said looked down at my feet. I was left in shock with his words. I could not help but feel lucky. I looked around and saw all eyes on us, though I was a bit shy, I took Jordan’s hand and helped him up. I smiled and said “I have forgiven you a long time ago”
He took me into his arms and said “thank you” repeatedly. Everyone clapped and praised Jordan for doing the right thing, I eventually released myself when I saw the look on Kelvin’s face.
Jordan hugged everybody in the house and stopped right in front of Loretta after the all round hug. He stared at her for awhile before he went on one knee and pulled out a shinning ring from his b—-t pocket.
The whole room was silent as everybody looked at the love Birds with surprise. Jordan held the ring out and said “without minding the number of people here and without considering the fact that I might be rejected again. I want to use this medium to tell you that I love you from the bottom of my heart and my life is incomplete without you. Don’t make me ask the popular question before you will scream yes baby! ”
Loretta scan the whole room before she brought her finger forward and said “yes” to Jordan. The whole room was filled with excitement as the love birds kissed. they were congratulated by everybody, and Jordan was welcomed into the family. I also walked up to Kelvin and gave him a quick kiss before we were interrupted by Josh.
“looks like today is world surprise day” I said as Josh walked to the center of the room. He held his glass up and said
“ehm…. I want to say I’m super grateful for the family I married into. I see the way you all come together and celebrate and I wish for nothing but a great family like this. Without a long speech, I want to use this medium to inform you all that my wife and I are expecting our bundle of joy as well”
“yes oo” Khloe shouted in addition to Josh’s speech as he walked up to him. They shared a hug and fed each other with drink. There was shout of excitement everywhere. The day was so perfect and fulfilling.
We all hugged and celebrated each other as we danced and partied. Everybody was filled with excitement. Nothing could be more excited than have a family filled with laughter and joy. The party continued till late at night when everybody was sleepy.
That very day was a day to remembered by the Smiths, the Stanleys and the Williams.
(ten months later)
During the tenth month of my pregnancy, I was in my delivery week. According to the doctor, it takes longer or shorter months to deliver a set of twins. In my own case, it was longer month.
All the plans for my delivery had been made, the nursery was set and the materials needed were in place. I could not wait to hold my bundle of joy.
I was about to take my bath one Sunday afternoon when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I held at the door and called our to Kelvin.
Before Kelvin could join me in the bathroom, a river of water gushed down in between my legs. Kelvin held me from behind and asked what was wrong. I looked at him with panic and said “my water just broke”
Kelvin jumped out of the bathroom and rushed back, he became restless as he helped me into a free dress before he rushed out to call his mom. Loretta and my mother in-laws rushed in with Kelvin after few minutes. Kelvin carried me into the car while others got the stuffs I would be needing.
The pain was becoming unbearable as we drove down to the hospital. Kelvin held my hand and told me everything would be just fine. I held unto his words but the pain made me loose hope.
We arrived the hospital and Kelvin carried me in. The nurses and doctors rushed at us immediately and I was rushed into a private ward. Kelvin was allowed to come with me while everybody else was shut outside.
The room was filled with lots of doctors and nurses. It got to a point that I became so hot and I requested to take my bath. My request was denied by the doctor in charge. According to him, I was due for delivery in less than ten minutes.
Those minutes were the most painful minutes of my life, the pain I felt was immeasurable. I held unto Kelvin and told him to pray for me as I pushed with the whole of my strength.
Time checked 4:10pm, the loud scream of babies filled the room. Though I was weak, I stood up and stared at my babies, I was over excited. Kelvin kissed me all over as he held the babies tiny fingers. The babies were cleaned up and so was I before I was allowed to feed my kids with my dry boobs. I felt like jumping to the sky and telling God “thank you” when I watched my babies suck from me. I had the fullest idea of the joy of motherhood. Nothing could be compared with that Joy.
After feeding my babies, I fell asleep due to the amount of energy I lost.
“Mom? Dad? You are here? Come and see your grandchildren” I said to my parents as I tried to show my babies to them. I was so happy to see them after a long time. Though they were standing in a distance, I was so happy to see them. I showed my babies to them and urged them to move closer but they only stood fixed and waved at me.
I was confused, I called out to them again and said “mom, dad, won’t you say something? I miss You so much, do you miss me?
Are you back to be with me finally? Please say something, your silence is killing”
“we are proud of you” my mom said with her charming smile.
“forget all about us and be happy baby”
My dad said and they both turned their backs at me.
“no, I can’t! I can’t live without you. Please come back. Please!! !!!!!”
I screamed as I watched them leave.
“Nancy… …baby? Are you okay” I heard Kelvin’s voice from afar.
“Mom… .. Dad.. .. Don’t go, please come back” I repeated the same statement till I eventually opened my eyes and saw the present.
It was just myself, kelvin and the babies.
I was so shocked as I remembered my dream. Kelvin held me to himself and asked if I was fine.
“this is the first time I will be seeing my parent in my dream”
I said to him and he held me closer to himself.
He told me not to worry and just be happy. I smiled to myself when I remembered my parent words.
Nothing could be more encouraging.
“Take a look at our product baby. They make me want to cry”
Kelvin said and we both held our babies. Everything about them was cute, including their tiny little fingers.
I kissed my babies and kissed their father before I looked at the ceiling and said “rest in peace mom and dad”
Kelvin realized I was finally accepting the fact that my parent were no more. He kissed my fore head and took me into his arms.
We were like that until the door was flung open.
Everybody rushed in. My foster parent, my dad, Jordan and my in-laws.
“my cute grandchildren”
“My handsome god son”
“My bundle of joy”
“my future hope”
“my future heart breaker”
Those were the words coming out of my families mouth as they met my kids for the first time. The room was once again filled with happiness and laughter.
I went on my knees and said “ITS BEEN YOU GOD! ”