“I’m Obinim” Season 2Episode 8


Apparently, my step sister Shela, had called after that night to stay away from her man Jojo, so then I guess she took her anger out on me. On a more serious note Shela was beginning to get on my nerves this time around. She was really destroying and ruing all my chances of getting closer to Efua.

I quickly packed my stuff and set off from my ward. I could feel that my legs are heavy and still had pains all over my shoulders. Perhaps, it was nothing to worry about, that was why I have been discharged.

I went straight to Doc. Efua’s office to find her looking busily into some patients file. Though she wore her lens, I could see that she had been crying. She offered me a seat and began writing on my file. I starred at her carefully and observed every movement she made.

I don’t know what came over me, my ego and confidence level just got hyped. I got up of my seat quickly, went behind and placed my hands on her shoulders, giving her a gentle massage. Yes, you heard me, a gentle massage. I could tell that she felt good about that.

She softly parted my hand and said “Obi, what are you doing”

“I may have paid you to take care of me, but I don’t need to be told that you also need to be taken care of. You can only pay me with your smile” I said.

Trust me, I didn’t know where that lines came from. I never planned on it or even rehearsed it. It worked like magic. She held my hand gently and took it off her back. I knew she loved it but was just not comfortable with me doing it. I could tell from her eyes that she needed more of that.

When she held my hand, I could feel her soft palms that felt warm in her fully air- conditioned office. She the stood up and stood right infront of me. She was very close to be that I could smell her lovely body perfume.

I needed to control myself before I end up giving her a kiss which I know I will be slapped even before I make the attempt. Still holding my hand and looking right into my eyes she asked.

“Obi, what is this, this ain’t right” She said.

“What are you talking about Doc” I asked

“Don’t pretend, right from the very first day, there is this thing going on with you and I. its not the usual doctor –patient relationship but something else.” She said.

“Hmm, now that you have mentioned it, do you like what that thing you are talking about” I asked.

“Obi, don’t put me in that spot, Please” She said.

That was where I got to know that whatever I felt was mutual. That moment was the turning point of my entire life. That moment was the moment I noticed that all the feelings I had for Shela and Paulina and all my crushes were just infatuation. This very moment was different. I felt something different. It was real. This is the time that I could boldly say that I was in love. Yes, I was in love with Efua. And this love of mine goes beyond the care and all that.

I was not even thinking of sexual relationship, like I did with the other girls. I just wanted to make her happy. I love Efua.

“Tell me Efua, Do you like it? I asked again.

She came even more closer, closer enough to feel her breath. I thought the next thing was going to be a kiss. But out of nowhere she just laid back took my prescription and told me to take it to the hospital dispensary.

“Efua, don’t deny yourself of what you feel. I ….” I said.

She didn’t even let me finish talking and said.

“Obi, please, you should be on your way” . She then looked away, and took some files she was already working. I had no option. She said I should leave, I love her, so I have to respect her decision. If we are truly meant to be, then destiny will always favor us.

I walked to the door and as soon as I stretched my hand to hold the knot of the door, there I heard her again, calling me in that soft sweet voice of her. “Obi”.

She quickly stood up from her chair and ran towards me, the next thing I noticed was our lips cling together in intense deep kissing. This is where my love story begins.

To be continued.