“I’m Obinim”Season 2 – Episode 2



I just stood there not knowing the answer to give him.

As much as I was scared when I woke up, I felt it was just a dream. But for Pozo to be there with the same mission and even wearing the same attire, just like I saw in my dreams placed me in a state of a dilemma.

Apart from the fact that I dreamt about this whole thing, nothing really had changed. I was still suppose to meet Paulina and Shela as planned and most definitely, it’s likely that, Shela may be waiting for me to show up.

Pozo however kept demanding that I should join him, indeed I really owe him a lot and compare to what I owe him, this was just a peanut and the little I could do for him now that he needed me.

Again, what excuse will I give him? That I had a dream and “blab la bla” or I should tell him, I’m on my way out?
I didn’t want to go in the first place but I just couldn’t also say no to him. What if he eventually starts asking for his money, I can’t pay him. The cheaque I was given by my dad came to mind and that gave me a relief, I could actually say no and i will easily get money enough to pay him off if only he ask for my payment.

“Pozo, I can’t go with you, I really have to be on my way to an urgent place” I said.

“Urgent place? I came to meet you comfortable in your bed. It doesn’t seem like you have anywhere going” Pozo asked.

He insisted the more, it seemed he was not bent on going without me. It was only the call that came from Shela that saved me. She called me right at his presence and asked me if I was already on my way to her place.

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I gave a sigh of relief of when he told me he was going, I then decided to see him off.

That was the least thing I could do. I just saw him of off to the main gate and went back inside to prepare for my meeting with Shela.

All this while, I just thought of the dream that I had and the coincidental visit of Pozo which followed subsequently. Well I didn’t really have any believe in superstitions but this dream really ate me up.

I blamed it on the movie I watched last night before I slept. It was a Ghost movie, perhaps, it influenced my dream. This could be a mere coincident. That’s what I thought. Afterall I didn’t follow Pozo to wherever he was going so all those things that happened my dream will not come to pass.

I was done with my preparation and was just about to set off from the house, upon getting to the main gate I saw Pozo running towards me. He was being chased by group of people who I don’t even know. He just run towards me and same with the people. It didn’t happen exactly like it happened in the dream but how can I avoid this.

Pozo just came and stood behind depending on me to save him from the crowd.

Within a few seconds I was surrounded together with Pozo by this crowd. I was then caught up in another daisy moment, whether I should deny Pozo and hand him over to this men who really looked harmful or stand beside him at the expense of my own life.

To Be Continued.