“I’m Obiniim” Episode 6


I couldn’t believe my ears. Shela’s father is actually my Dad?
As my Aunty and I walked towards him, you could also tell how shocked he was.
Shela by then, was seated in the car waiting for his Dad. Apparently she also knew about this child of her father that her father was yet to meet.

Shela herself was eager too to meet this step brother of her’s. She wanted someone who could actually stand by her. At this stage in her life, she needed that brother figure to at least protect her against Jojo.

She married Jojo out of the good relationship her father had with Jojo’s family but not really out of love. From the initial stages, it looked as if Jojo really loved her but not until he began subjecting Shela into beating anytime they had a misunderstanding.

That was not enough, to Shela, she had never had the luxury of a good foreplay and love making. Jojo was not that type. His love making was more of the aggressive type paying no particular attention of what his partner is feeling.

Whether She was in the mood or not. He usually comes home drunk and its either he aggressively force Shela into having sex with him or she becomes a homemade punching bag.

Shela couldn’t bare that anymore, the situation got worse as Jojo started spending the night out and the worse part of it was the fact he had impregnated a lady out of it.

Shela only got to know when at a point in time, she felt insecure in the relationship and in the absence of Jojo, she went through his text messages.

That was the main reason she needed someone to talk and coincidentally she met Me. Her father didn’t know about what was really going on in the relationship and never bothered to even find out.

His only priority was to keep the marriage going and this will ensure the bond he had with Jojo’s family.

Shela’s mother was in the states and hardly did she even communicate with her own daughter. When my mother conceived me, my father never knew about it until 4 months to my birth.

I didn’t know why my mother kept it secret from him but as to why My father didn’t take care of his responsibility, I was yet to know.

I was shocked when my Aunty introduced him to me as my father. The first question that came out of my mouth was

“Who is Shela to me then”

The answer was no diffirent, She is my step sister.

“Have you two met each other already? My Aunty asked.

I kept looking at my father standing right in front of me. My conscience began putting me wrong, why would I even be attracted to my own sister.

Notwithstanding, it didn’t change the way I felt about him. I didn’t want him any closer to me. I blamed him for my mother’s death because my mother really loved him so much. And the fact that he was worthy made me more angrier.

What could actually be the reason for not taking care of my mother and I, He is rich, so there was no excuse.

At this moment, I just wanted to start everything afresh with my step sister Shela.
For Three good years, I was in the same class with her and even sat with her without knowing that she was my sister. I just wanted to reconcile with her.

What I felt for her actually grew much stronger now. Not the feeling of being in relationship with her, but the feeling of being there for her like a brother should be.
As much as my father wanted to talk about the old times, and what really went on with me and my mother, I was only concern about Shela.

“Does she Knows about this” I asked my father.

“She knows she is meeting her brother today, she has no idea that you are the one. As at now, she is waiting in the car now” Said my Father.

Without saying anything else, I wanted to break the news to her myself. I just left him and went straight towards where the car was packed. There she was, seated at the front seat going through her phone.

From the distance from where I was coming from I saw how eager she was to meet this brother of her’s. I looked up to the sky and asked God for forgiveness for the way I felt about her.

As I got closer to the vehicle, she saw me. Immediately she came out of the car and stand right in front of me. I noticed the surprised look on her face. We just stood there, eye to eye, without saying a word. We just stood there looking at each other. All this while her father was standing behind looking at us. It was obvious now, no words could explain the way we both felt.

To be continued.