Identical Episode 29


Mi cha’s Pov:
When I was getting close to the building, I had to drop Jeremy off at a safe place because I didn’t want him to go with me. It was too dangerous.

And besides, I needed him to stay there as a back up plan. Incase something goes wrong and I don’t return, he should call the police.

At first, he was against the idea of staying behind, but when I told him of the back up plan, he saw sense in it and agreed to stay behind.

So, I proceeded alone.

I drove as fast as I could, hoping I wasn’t be too late.

And around the perimeter, I spotted her.

Yes! I found her!

She was running towards me – looking blenched. She was the one!
Oh, yes!

She waved at me and I stopped in front of her and before she could even reach for the car, I opened the door and stepped out and her eyes dilated in shock.

“What?” She exclaimed and moved back in shock.

Kim nana (Crazy)
No; this has got to be a joke. How does she look exactly like me??

She isn’t Kim ji – that’s for sure.

Then, who’s she?

Hold on!

Her hair; her eyes; they looked so familiar.

I thought for a while;

Yes! She was the same lady at the party – the one covering a veil.

“Kim” she called my name, making me more confused.

How did she know my name?

“I know you’re confused and have a lot of questions, but for now, we need to move. Its not safe here” she said and turned towards the car but I didn’t move.

Who was she?

She opened the front door and was stunned about me not moving.

“Come on,Kim” she sighed.
“I’ll explain everything to you in the car. There’s no time. Its not safe here”.

“Who are you?” I asked.
“And how can I trust you?”

She was mute for a moment.

“Like I said, I’ll explain everything in the car but for now, we need to move . your friend -Jeremy’s waiting as well” she said and my eyes beamed.

Jeremy? Jeremy’s with her? That only means she’s not lying.

“Come on;” she persuaded, her eyes narrowing around

And after one final thought, I went into the car with her.

“Who are you?” I asked her as we sat next to each other in the moving car.

“Why do you look exactly like me? How did you know my name? And…And Jeremy.”

She remained quiet and focused on the road.

“You better don’t keep me quiet cause you won’t like my reaction”,I warned and she sighed.

“I’m as confused as you are.” She started calmly.

“Last night at the party, I had come to do something. Then, I saw you and I was shocked because you looked exactly like me. It came as a really big shock to me and I couldn’t face you even if I wanted to. That was the reason I left.

“But when I had gotten a little far away, I stopped and decided to return to you – at least, to talk to you and know who you are. But on getting there, I met your friend – Jeremy- calling out for yoh and…he saw me and was shocked as well.”
She paused and sighed again

“Luckily, I was able to figure out you had been abducted and by who and I decided to be of help. Last night, I had to go home in your place so your parents wouldn’t suspect and…”

“Hold on;” I cut her off.
“what’s your name?”


“Mi cha?” I completed it for her and she nodded.

What the hell?

“Are you kidding me?” I shrieked.
“You’re the lady they’ve been referring to all along. You’re the lady they wanted to abduct but mistook me instead! I’v suffered all these because of you!”

“Well, I didn’t ask you to look like me” she snapped.


I scoffed and tried saying something but decided to think instead.

Why does she look like me? I thought Kim ji was the…

Hold on;

Yes!! The photograph!

They weren’t just two identical babies,but three!

Yes, they were three.

What the…

I gasped and looked at Mi cha.

Could this be possible? Is this true?

Could it be possible she’s the third baby?

“How did you escape?” She asked but I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t even comprehend her at that moment.

The thought just kept ringing in my head.

Is she my sister?

“Hey; I asked a question” she tapped me and I came back to realty.

“Josh” I muttered,, my gaze still on her.

“He sent someone to help me and asked me to meet him at a junction”

Immediately, she stopped the car abruptly in a weird, making me flinch.

I looked at her and discovered she was looking like a ghost.

“Hey; what’s wrong?” I asked, puzzled and her lips shook.

Hold on; was this because of Josh??

She exhaled deeply and ran her fingers into her hair.

“I’m fine” she said in deep breaths and continued driving.

Okay; and now I’m more curious.

Who’s Josh? And…why did those men try to kidnap her? Why was she known by such people?

Hold on; I think the main question should be: who’s she?

Shortly, she stopped the car and I looked at the window to see Jeremy.

Oh my!

I gasped and opened the door immediately, going out of the car.

“Kim!!” He called in excitement and I laughed and jumped on him

“Jeremy!!” I exclaimed in his arms as we both laughed.

“Oh my God! You’re alive! Kim” he unlocked from the hug and said, looking into my face.

“Huh? Were you expecting me to die or what?” I slapped him on his chest and he chuckled.

“I’m so sorry I put you in danger. This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t ask you to go with me to the…”

“Oh please” I cut him off with an eye roll.
“There’s no need apologizing. I had plans of going with you even if you didn’t invite me”.

He laughed so hard.

“I’m glad you’re safe, Kim” he pulled me in a hug again and I smiled.

“Come on, we need to move” he held my hand and we approached the car. Huh? I could see Mi cha from the window and she appeared to be wiping her face. Was she crying or what?

“Come on, Kim” Jeremy said and opened the door for me and as soon as we were all complete in the car, Mi cha took off.

Kim ji (Kind)
I was so nervous as I sat next to mum in the cab which was already close to my house.

I’m doing the right thing, right? Of course!

I just couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“Are we almost there?” Mum asked, looking through the window but I didn’t say a word.

Then, the cabby finally got to the apartment.

“Right here” I told him and he stopped the car.

“Are we there?” Mum asked, her eyes beaming and I just nodded.

Oh! The gate was open. It seemed someone was driving out

Mum and I got off the cab with our bags and she paid the cabby while I focused on the jeep driving out.

Oh my! It was dad’s car. It was definitely him.

Oh, God! Mum; Is she ready to meet him now?

I turned to look at her and she was done with the cabby and by the time I turned back to the jeep, it had already stopped moving.

Dad. Its possible he’s seen us already.

“Is this it?” Mum asked as she stood beside me and watched the jeep.

The door opened and the first person that stepped out was Rebecca – my step mom.

Huh? I thought dad was the one in the car?

She flinched and stopped walking when she noticed mum.

“What?” She shrieked with a crumpled look and my nervousness increased.

The second door opened and this time around, it was dad.

Oh, God! I noticed it; mum shook a little.

“Ha-nuel?” Dad called in shock. That was mum’s name.

We were all stupefied.

Another car showed up immediately and stopped in front of us, creating a little interruption.

All eyes diverted to them.

The door opened and the first person to come out was Kim nana.