Identical Episode 13


Kim ji (Kind):

We entered into the fabulous kitchen all the applicants kept gasping and wowing.

Well, it was big and beautiful but It didn’t really freak me because mine at home was similar to this.

Yeah – I grew up in a mansion. So, I’m already familiar with all these rich stuff.

I’m just here because I really love cooking and have always looked for an opportunity to display my passion.

There were 8 gas cookers in the kitchen, most of which looked new.

Hmm. It seems they brought in new cookers because of the interview.

“Everyone, take a stand” the young grumpy boy said and I joined the others in taking a stand in front of a cooker.

There were ingredients neatly arranged beside each gas cooker and with the look of things, we were to make stew.

“So,” he said.

“You’re all required to make a spicy pot of stew under 30 minutes. And by 30 minutes, I mean, your stew should’ve been ready and served in a plate before your time elapses.


He paused and looked at his wrist watch.

“Your time starts now” he announced and immediately, everybody set out to work.

Gosh! 30 minutes!

I’ve never prepared a stew under 30 minutes before.


Kim nana (Crazy):

I returned to my room and

got ready for school.

I took my bath, brushed my hair and wore on my pretty school uniform.

Hmm. I hope I don’t get Kim ji expelled from this school?

I took my bag and left the room, headed downstairs. I hope breakfast must have been served already.

As I clumped down the stairs into the sitting room, I spotted him – dad.

He was sitting at the dining with the step things.

Hm. He was one handsome young man. No wonder I’m so pretty

I wonder why he got separated from mum. I need to find out.

He was working on his meal but as soon as he heard my footsteps, he lifted his head to look at me.

“Kim!” He called and my face beamed.

I didn’t say a word till I got down the stairs and went to peck him

“Good morning dad” I greeted afterwards.

“Morning pretty. How was your night? Sorry, I returned home late and before I did, you were already sleeping.”

“No problem dad. I understand”, I smiled and took a seat.

His wife and son were staring at me.

But come to think of it; how come his son is older than me? I mean, he got married to the second wife after he divorced mum, right? But how come they’re having a son that’s older me? Could it be possible the jerk had already been born even while he was still married to mum?

“You didn’t greet your mum, Kim” dad broke into my thoughts and I lifted my head to look at him.


“My mum?” I asked, wondering what he meant.

He looked at me and signalled to the step whatever.

Hold on; am I supposed to greet the witch?

“She’s not my mum”I said with a grimace and his jaws dropped.

Hold on; was Kim ji really addressing her as her mum? Geez! Not me.

“Kim!” He called in surprise.

“It seems your daughter’s lost her manners after her one day trip in Seoul” the step witch said, clearly angry.

I looked at her and felt like punching her in the face.

“I didn’t lose my manners. They’re hiding in your nose” I was tempted to say, but restricted myself.

“Kim, what’s wrong with you?” Dad asked, calmly tho.

“Come on now, greet your mum”.

“If my mum was really here, I wouldn’t hesitate to greet her” I replied and pushed a slice of buttered bread into my mouth.

“Kim!” He flinched.

Hold on; am I really acting strange to them? Well, they need to get used to it.

“It seems you need a slap to remind you the definition of respect”, the step jerk of a brother said and I looked at him and laughed.

“Really? A slap? Well, before you slap me, just spare a few minutes to dig a grave. It might be useful” I rasped.

“What the hell’s going on here?” Dad asked in ultimate surprise, looking at me.

“Kim! What’s going on with you?”

“Urgh! I’m sorry dad. Maybe its because I’m only comfortable around humans” I said and stood up with my bread butter and juice.

“I’ll just eat in the car. Bye” I added and left after throwing a glare at the step witch and wizard.


I sat in the car and continued with my meal as the driver drove me to school.

I wonder why dad had to get married to those people in the first place. What happened between him and mum?

I decided not to crowd my mind with it and enjoy the meal. It was so delicious.

After a long sweet ride, we got to school and at that time, I was already done with my meal.

I dried my hands before coming out of the car.


Lovely school.

By the way, where will I find Gyeong? We had agreed she’d wait around for me so she could take me to my classroom.

I adjusted my bag and started walking, holding a few text books.

The school was really beautiful and brightly garbed students littered around.

I started walking immediately, having no idea where I was headed.

Suddenly, I saw him!

Oh my! Mr Perfect!


So it was true? He was really a student here?

I stopped walking and stared at him. He was operating his phone and wasn’t even looking as he walked towards my direction

I grinned as an idea suddenly niggled


I arranged the books in my hands and started walking. The plan was to act like I wasn’t looking either. Then, we’d bump into each other and boom! Just like I watch in movies

I continued walking and threw my gaze away. He was so engrossed in his phone.


Finally, I got to where he was and just as I planned, we bumped into each other.

My shoulder hit with his and the books I had fell on the floor.

That was when his eyes left his phone.

“Oh!!” I exclaimed in a shocked manner and bent to get the books.

“Hey! Don’t you have eyes? Make use of them!” He rasped and gawped at me.


My eyes widened immediately.

He snorts and started walking away and I stood up with a full speed and ran after him.

“Hey, you!” I called as I got to where he was and stood in front of him.

“What did you just say to me?” I asked, boring my eyes into his.

“Have you been sick before? How dare you ask if I’m blind?”

He scoffed as he looked at me.

“Get out of my way” he jibed and tried walking away, but I blocked him.

“It seems you don’t have respect. Listen to me, the next time you ask me such silly question, I’ll beat you up and pluck out your eyes” I told him, pointing my index finger at him.

He stared at me in surprise

“You’re not even handsome” I huffed and walked away.

Rude, grumpy fellow.

I got to where my books were and bent to pick them up.

Just then, I heard someone call his name.


I quickly turned to have a look and saw a lady walking towards him.

He was backing me, but I could see the lady’s face.

“Hey” he chuckled and opened his arms and surprisingly, the lady embraced him.


No; no.

Holy Molly!! He kissed her!!

Pecked her on the cheek

what the hell??

“Wats up?” He smiled and wrapped his hand around her waist.

“I’m fine and you?” She replied with her head on his chest and they started walking away.

I watched like a robot and couldn’t believe my eyes. My lips were open in shock.



Kim ji (Kind):

“Time up!” The cold voice announced while I had my spoon in my hand.

Oh, God!

“Any other movement disqualifies you” he warned and everybody stopped working.

Thank goodness my stew was already in the plate.

“Good”, he mumbled and took a spoon.

He walked over to the first lady and took a spoon from her stew, putting it into his mouth.

He flinched as soon as he tasted it.

“Is this a stew or a poison?” He grouse and the lady bent her head in shame.

He threw the spoon away and reached for another.

Then, he went to the second lady and took a taste of hers.

He scoffed and moved on to the next lady and the next and finally, it was my turn.

Oh God!

I felt my heart pounding as he stood in front of me, his eyes fixed on my face.

I could tell he was staring at me, but I kept my eyes fixed on the floor.

He fixed his spoon into my stew and fetched from it and next, he took it into his mouth.

That was when I tried to look at him so I could study his expression.

As soon as he tasted it, he pushed the spoon out of his mouth immediately, like he was being forced to.

He flinched and wore a cranky look.

“What the f**k??” He shrieked.

Oh my God! What have I done?