How well do you know your onions?



Some time ago I was in the kitchen and I had to slice an onion bulb, usually I don’t find slicing onion as a fascinating task and eventually my head is raised and my hands are at a great speed while I slice to avoid stories that touch.

But then something spectacular happened, I was slicing this bulb and something was lacking. I continued slicing and then kept wondering what the problem was.

Alas it struck me.

Everyone slices, chops or cuts onion and they are greeted with that burning sensation in their eyes. Yes! That irritation you get is actually a unique quality of the onion but here I was slicing an onion and I could not feel it.

Trust me, although I knew I was supposed to be happy that my eyes were safe from another spree of lacrimation but inwards I was albeit disappointed. Here was an onion bulb that had simply existed as a bulb under the camouflage of being an onion but in the true sense of it, it lacked what every onion was supposed to have.

Sometimes you purchase a body cream, a perfume, a bar soap or perhaps a toothpaste even and then on usage you are disappointed that it does not work up to the expectation you had in mind.

You complain to whoever is around you how you wasted your hard earned money to buy something that was not worth your money.

But then as humans, we forget something(this includes myself as well).

We forget and neglect the fact that God has blessed us with gifts, talents, potentials and then we go on to merely live like passive species.

Whereas we have been blessed with ‘active principles’ but we ignore the active constituents which we are composed of.

How do we think God who has bestowed these gifts and potentials on us feels each time He observes our lackadaisical attitude towards tapping into the wealth He has deposited in us?

This is a post that calls for reassessment and total reevaluation of our lives. Would God applaud the way you use the gifts He has blessed you with or would He frown at how you use your gifts?

Discover your potentials.
Know your worth.
Reignite the fire.
If the need arises, know your onions. 🙂