How to Tell Someone They HaveBody Odor



Personal hygiene is important not only for the sake of one’s own health but if one wishes to be in a mutually satisfying relationship. Bad breath and body odor are some of the most common reasons why a promising relationship may suddenly appear to hit a dead end.

However the good news is that though gross, such conditions are relatively easier to remedy. So here are a few things you can do when your partner has bad breath or body odor.

At the outset, consider how well you know your partner. If you have just got acquainted with this girl or guy, all it may take to remedy the situation could be perhaps a well-placed hint.

Suppose you were first drawn to your partner because of his handsome looks or her brilliant conversational skills, but when you got near, you realized that they had a lot of work to do in the personal hygiene department. Instead of nipping a potential relationship in the bud, give the guy or girl a chance – perhaps he/she may have more to them than dragon breath or body odor.

So even though it may be a touchy subject, bring all your diplomatic skills to play and leave a series of subtle hints on how it may be easier for you to get closer to him or her.

You could start off by telling your partner how you simply love snuggling up to people who smell clean and freshly-showered. In fact, rather than musky or woody, the newly-showered is by far your favorite scent!

If you know or perhaps like this girl or guy well enough to give them a gift, settle on a nice perfume or cologne within your budget and make a big deal of it. Tell them that you went to great lengths to find out what fragrance would suit them best and ask them to wear it whenever they are with you.

Not only will your suggestion appear to be hugely romantic, it will more importantly take care of the problem of your partner’s body odor. On one hand, you will be relieved to find your partner finally smelling great while he/she will be thrilled to receive a gift.

If it’s bad breath that is putting you off, try the age-old “here’s-a-gum” trick. When you are with your partner, offer him/her a gum or a mint as casually as possible and for good measure start talking about how disgusting it is when people don’t practice oral hygiene.

Don’t forget to mention that bad breath is your number one peeve, in fact a deal-breaker even, as far the opposite sex is concerned. Such definite hints should be adequate for any sensible person to pick up the message that is being sent out.

The best part about his indirect approach is that it need not offend anyone’s sensibilities and yet bring about the desired result, to the eventual satisfaction of all parties.

Unfortunately, the delicate approach may not always be the most effective one. If your partner is one of those people who are unable to take a hint even if it is being shoveled on them, it may be time to try a more direct approach.

Suppose the two of you are wandering in a shopping mall, pause in front of a personal care store and talk about how bad breath or body odor can be a real passion killer and even ruin potential relationship.

You could even do this while watching TV together and when a relevant commercial comes up. Discuss the various causes which are responsible for these problems and point out remedies which help to maintain personal hygiene.

Discussing the problem may also be easier when you have known your partner for some time.  If your partner’s poor personal hygiene is a frequent problem or if you have already tried and failed with the subtle approach, choose a time and place when you both can talk in a relaxed frame of mind.

Be honest about what is ruining your romantic moments together but also use tact to get your message across. You could for instance request your partner to brush their teeth or take a shower before getting intimate with you. And when they do that, don’t forget to show how pleased you are – this will not only help them to realize what was bothering you but also encourage them to be more mindful of their personal hygiene in future.

However if you find that your partner’s bad breath or body odor is a chronic problem, it may be time to seek professional advice. While short-term bad breath may be caused by consumption of strong-smelling foods or lack of oral hygiene

If the problem persists for long and does not appear to be solved by occasional mints or mouth gargle, it could be indicative of underlying dental problems or lifestyle causes like smoking.

Likewise persistent and foul body odor especially in the genital regions could signal an infection and when accompanied by other symptoms like rashes and discharges, sexually transmitted diseases too.

This is not to say that you should get ballistic and drag your partner to the nearest hospital, but just that if the problem is chronic, it merits serious attention and may even be crucial for your partner’s overall health and well-being.

However if your partner continues to ignore your concerns and more importantly habits which are potentially hazardous to their own health, you may need to take a call.
Decide if this person is really who you want to be with, especially if you witness in your partner other evidence of a harmful lifestyle, like abusing alcohol or drugs, overeating, depression and so on.

On the other hand, if you are committed to him/her, you need to look for professional help as much for your relationship as for your partner’s own health.

Dealing with a partner who has bad breath or body odor is not the easiest thing to do. On one hand it is impossible to get intimate with such a person and on the other, it is difficult to talk about for fear of causing offence since after all nobody likes being told how bad they smell.

The only positive thing about the situation is that unlike relationship issues like infidelity and jealousy, this is far easier to take care of. So there are ways and means by which you and your partner can find a remedy to this problem and get your romantic life back in fast gear.