The Beatles said that love is all we need, while another old saying has it that love makes the whole world go round. But while it may seem that other people are in love everywhere you go, you might be wondering just what in the heck you need to do to find your true love.

It’s not easy to wake up on Valentine’s Day knowing you’re still single, nor is it all that nice to watch all your friends’s get married and have kids while you’re still getting creepy messages on OK Cupid. Standing on the outside looking in might be fun at first because you’re free and single, but eventually it can really start to get to you.

Sure, being single has its plus points, and it can help us to take some time out to discover more about who we really are. It also gives us the chance to have lots of fun without having someone else to answer to. But there eventually comes a time when we have to ask ourselves when will we ever find our soul mate?

Lots of people will tell you that love doesn’t just happen if you force it. They’ll tell you that you can’t go into a bar one night with the aim of finding true love. They say that love comes to when you least expect it, perhaps on a delayed train or a missed flight. While this can certainly be true, the Law of Attraction can help us to find our soul’s counterpart in another person. It teaches us how to direct our thoughts in the right way, and can give us the confidence to meet our soul mate. Let’s take a look at how to find true love using the Law of Attraction.

Believe In Yourself

You can’t find true love if you don’t believe that you are even worth of being loved. You might think that this sounds easy enough. Everyone deserves to be loved, right? But ask yourself this: If you feel as though you’ve been worthy of love all these years, why haven’t you found it yet?

It’s easy to assume that you’re screaming out for love and that you’re ready for it. But you might not realise that you’ve actually got a lot of self-doubts that are blocking the pathways for love to enter. So until right now, you may have unwittingly sabotaged yourself by allowing doubts to hold you back.

Ask yourself what you doubt. Ask yourself whether anyone in your situation has found true love.

Each time you start feeling doubts creep in again, keep asking yourself these two questions.

Remember, everyone around you is rooting for you. They want you to win, so why do you need to doubt yourself?

Visualise It

If you can visualise something, you’ve got a much better chance of actually achieving it.

Spend some time getting lost in a universe with your ideal partner. Picture yourselves doing things together, going to places, and plotting your future. Listen to the conversation, smell his fragrance, and picture all the sights you see. Immerse yourself 100% in this vision.

Love Yourself

It probably sounds like an old cliche right now, but you can’t find true love until you start loving yourself first.

If you’ve still got emotional baggage leftover from your last relationship, you’re unconsciously wrecking your chances of finding true love ever again.

To love yourself, you need to free your mind, body and soul from feelings of negativity that are still lingering from your previous relationship. Maybe your last boyfriend cheated on you, and you can’t get over it. You feel dirty and even partly guilty. But by feeling like this, you’re building up walls of resistance that are stopping you from loving yourself – as well as blockading others from loving you, too.

It’s time to look back on past experiences and extract the positives from them. If your boyfriend cheated on you, remind yourself that at least you found out and was able to end the relationship as soon as possible. Moreover, perhaps it taught you valuable lessons about men that you need to learn from. Instead of going for the same type again, you can now look for loyal, dedicated men who are going to love you for who you are.

Turning negatives into positives is a remarkably powerful thing, and it certainly helps us to love ourselves, as well as the whole world.

Don’t Give Up

I once had a friend who had become really frustrated with her love life. One day, she tried hard to focus on finding true love and started to use the law of attraction. I knew good things were going to come her way soon.

Only, she gave up after just a few days. She said that she hadn’t seen any evidence that it was working and that she was just wasting her time.

Giving up so early and so easily is like ordering a meal at a restaurant and walking out after five minutes because it still hasn’t arrived. True love doesn’t just come so easily; you have to be patient. Good things will come, and it’s important you don’t give up.

Know What You Want

It’s practically impossible to find true love if you don’t even know what you want. If you can’t picture your ideal man or where you see both yourselves in five years’ time, you may find that you continue to stumble from guy to guy on OK Cupid.

Ask yourself what you want from a man. Do you want him to be athletic, bookish, introverted, extroverted? Do you want him to be geeky, suave, sophisticated, bohemian, outlandish, thrifty?

If you want the Law of Attraction to work, you need clarity. You need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Spend some time today or this weekend pinpointing what it is that you want from a partner. Also, think about what you don’t want and write it all down. It’s actually really easy to focus on the things you don’t want (bad hygiene, obnoxious, sporty et cetera), so take some time doing this.

You could also look back on past relationships and identify the things you hated. Maybe you dated an avid video gamer who spent most of his free time killing zombies. You definitely don’t want that again!