How to Act Like a Rich Girl


Two Methods:Thinking RichLooking Rich

Everyone wants to be rich and live a charmed life–you need to know that you can and will. Right now, you’ve got to act the part before it becomes a reality. If you’re reading this article, you probably aspire to a better lifestyle. Know that you can be a rich girl, in time. By rich we mean, not just wealthy, but upper-class and well-bred – leading a charmed life. There is more to being a “rich” girl than appearances; it is also about behavior and having mature mannerisms. So let’s get started!

Method 1 of 2: Thinking Rich

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    Be confident and relaxed. The goal is to try and look like your glamour is effortless. Almost nothing is worse than trying too hard! Your background will show through anyway. Don’t worry about not having been born into a wealthy family- so long as you get an education, work hard, etc. you can get there on your own merit. Begin with self-respect and confidence.
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    Be polite and use excellent manners. The ultra-rich are trained to be well-mannered. Truly rich girls are nice to others. They do not act snobby because they already know that they have what it takes, so they can afford to be kind. Nothing is more flattering than a nice person who cares about the feelings of others. Don’t swear.
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    Ignore trends. Old money people are more “classic” and not swayed by trends. They also don’t flaunt their brand names in big alphabets on bags as they don’t have to!
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    Develop your vocabulary and speak clearly. More than anything, try not to swear. Foul language is a sign that you cannot come up with another more appropriate word or expression. In current culture, there is a lot of swearing on screen, and in the streets. But on the Upper East Side of New York, and at chic restaurants in Beverly Hills, you will not hear f-bombs in every other sentence. Try to weed these inelegant words out of your vocabulary.Act Like a Rich Girl Step 5.jpg
  5. Read up on current events. Read the front page of the newspaper, or an online news site, every day. Even though you may not discuss current events with your friends, developing an awareness of the world outside your town is a sign of education and worldliness.
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    Educate yourself. Pay attention in class, and learn as much as you possibly can. That may sound corny, perhaps, but it’s essential. Knowledge and education are hallmarks of the wealthy. Becoming an educated young person is often the first stepping stone to looking rich and becoming rich later. Do well in school and aim to go to college.
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    Choose role models who are successful. Think about the person you idolize most, or most want to be like. Then every time you need to make a decision, or are in a situation that requires some action or response, ask yourself: “What would [this person] do? Or say? How would [this person] handle it?” And then try to see how it works. Slowly, it will become natural to you. Just be sure the person you picture is one who would be admired by the upper classes, and not pop culture. The aim to to appear cultured – not tabloid tacky!
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    Know how to entertain. This includes knowing your party foods and cheeses, such as brie and feta. Rich girls have big houses and entertain a lot. You don’t want to get invited to a nice place and not know which fork is for what, it will appear as if you’ve never been to a nice place before.
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    Be social. Rich girls are always being introduced to family friends and clients, as well as potential future employers and new friends.
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    Get your driver’s license if you are old enough. Rich girls can afford gas, a car, insurance, driving school, and license fees. Often enough, their parents will give them an expensive car for their birthday. Your parents may not be giving you a brand new Lexus for your birthday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford the luxury of being able to get places without relying on public transportation.

Method 2 of 2: Looking Rich

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    Choose a flattering hairstyle. It should be easy to keep up and flattering. Avoid trends that look bad, just because they’re “in”.
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    Have a skin care routine that’s right for you, and follow it every day. It’s also very important to eat the right foods so that your skin glows and looks healthy from the inside out.
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    Apply make-up tastefully. Remember that you want to look naturally lovely. Keep it simple and classy. It adds extra polish to a regular outfit and upgrades your look. You are not putting on make-up for a stage performance. People aren’t looking at you from the second balcony. They are standing close to you, and your makeup should be subtle. In this case “less is more.” A lot more!
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    Wear less jewelry, not more. Multiple rings, bracelets and dangly earrings worn at the same time is not the look you’re going for if you want to look rich. Remember, rich girls don’t have to prove anything, so they don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Take a page from their book.

    • Again, use your money to buy the best you can. Small gold hoops, or studs, for your ears. A pearl necklace is a classic rich girl touch, and they wear a simple strand with everything. Look for the best imitation you can afford at the jewelry counter of a good department store. Remember the mantra: Less is more. One strand, 16-18” long, in the best quality you can afford. Ditto a gold chain with a charm. This looks as good with jeans and a T-shirt as is does with a Little Black Dress.
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    Whiten your teeth with white strips. Rich girls can afford professional in-office whitening treatments from their dentists, so pick up some whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, and gel or strips and do it the cheap way. You’ll get the same look for way less cost.
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    Wax your extra body hair. Rich girls can also afford to go to day spas to get professionally waxed, make sure any dark hair (like an unsightly upper lip moustache!) is removed and get your eyebrows professionally waxed. You can pick up do it yourself waxing kits for the body hair that’s not on your face.
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    Re-do your nail polish often. Even if you can’t afford a manicure every weekend, make sure your nails are neat and shaped and your polish is fresh.
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    Get some designer clothing items. TJ Maxx has cheap designer clothing, especially Ralph Lauren and other expensive-looking brands. Shopping at outlets is a great way to find stylish clothes that won’t cost nearly as much as they look like they should.

    • Don’t wear the same outfits too often. People will start to recognize them, even if you think nobody notices. Aim for 2-3 weeks of rotating outfits, if not more. It’s also good to have different clothes for season changes. If you put a top away for 3 months, nobody will know it’s not new when you bring it back out.
    • Keep in mind that patterned blouses, shirts, etc, are easily recognized. So if you wear an item often, it will be remembered and people will think you have a small wardrobe. Base your wardrobe on separates that you can mix and match, using neutral colors. Then you can spice them up with an inexpensive, trendy item or two. When trends change, the good stuff will still be with you.
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    Only wear expensive makeup. You don’t have to wear Chanel foundation, but your makeup should at least come from Sephora. It’s not worth trying to find drugstore makeup that doesn’t look terrible. With the $40 you spent buying drugstore foundations that are the wrong color, texture, formula, and that you can’t return, you could have gotten matched in a makeup store for a quality foundation.