Heart Of A Woman season 2 Episode 6


“sometimes doing the right thing can be very wrong. No I can’t just face Stella. What do I tell her?. No no no, I can’t. Yes my feelings for her aren’t as it used to be but I can’t break up with her even if it’s the right thing to do. No no no” I reasoned, stood up and went after Lillian, joining her in the kitchen.
“hey dear. I’m sorry to upset you. Let’s just forget about my problem. I’m a big jerk. How about we go out and catch some fun huh. You know all work and no play isn’t good for the body” I said sweetly, holding her hand. She turned, looked at me and smiled.
“very well, where are you taking me?” she asked with bright eyes,
“where would you like to go”
“just surprise me” they both smiled and left
I woke up with a jolt, lazily grabbed my phone and checked the time which showed 7:15pm. I gasped.
“jeez, I can’t believe I have been sleeping all day” I murmured, yawned, turned on the bed and dialed Kelvin’s number. He answered moments later, but there was too much noise in the background.
“hey I’ll call you back. I’m in a noisy place” I heard him say before hanging up. I hissed, feeling very bad. Very early the next day. Kelvin showed up at Lydia’s house, surprising me a great deal. He gently came to my room, sat on the bed and kissed me.
“I called you last night but you didn’t answer. So I decided to see you first thing today. How are you my love?” he asked. I stared into his eyes and bit my lips.
“let’s stop pretending. A lot is going wrong in our relationship and I have strong reason to believe that your colleague Lillian is influencing you a lot. I hope she isn’t more than a colleague to you?. It’s time to choose between me and her who you actually want. I’m a woman of honour and I hate playing games. Tell me who do you choose?” I asked seriously. He drew back with surprise, instantly growing pale.
“what’s wrong with you sweetheart. Are you out of your mind or what. How do I choose between my colleague and you. Hope you won’t be asking me to quit my job next because I won’t. I can’t stand your over- authoritative behaviour anymore. This got to stop or I quit this relationship” he angrily scolded, leaving me gasping with shock. I furiously held him by the collar, ready for a fight. My head was filled with anger and hate.
“what did you just say?” I screamed, almost choking him. Fortunately Lydia ran into the room that moment to save the day….
“I’m sorry but I’m leaving” he finally muttered, causing more damage to my already wounded heart with his words.
After a while, i got off and entered back into the bedroom. As i laid, i reached for some ice cubes and stuffed them inside a cloth. I placed them on my head to reduce the impact of  my headche. The cubes were soothing and the only comfort i had at the moment. I slept off like a baby even though my heart was ladden.
The subsequent morning held no hope. I constantly checked from the window if there was any sign of him but found none. The kids had left for school and left me in peace. The questioning and nuisance they caused this morning is enough to send me packing but am not backing off. I felt an edge to call back but stopped. ” I don’t want any form heartbreak again”. I was helplessly  moving up and down the room.
Last night i had a terrible dream. In it, i was lying inside the bath tub with Dunca. We were touching each other delicately. Our eyes were closed and what ensued between us was next to the word- bliss. But all of a sudden, a person in black intruded and started pulling him off away from the tub. I also made a vain attempt to pull him back but the other person was stronger than i was so overtook him and they disappeared.
That accounts for my pacing up and down in the room. Will i just sit and do nothing? i asked myself after doing laundry in the afternoon. No way! If i allowed boredomness and self pity to overcome me, it meant nothing than defeat and defeat was certainly not my portion in Jesus name…
i laughed off and got the shears from the store room. I went out to trim the hedges. I have never been a fun of trimming hedges. It was normally Mr Duncan who took to such task  and was really good at it. I  cut the hedges with all the strength, pains and fire left in me.  Sweat was all over my body.i was certainly overworking myself  and that was no way of solving a problem. I reached for glass of water from the kitchen  and continued my task.
A Nissan model flashed in my direction after a while but i took no notice. It stopped on the road adjacent to our house. My curiosity caused me to spy on who ever was coming out from it.
A dapper man in black suit matching with concise Italian shoes dropped off elegantly from the car. He went to the other side of the car to open the door. Another man hobbled out. He was full of bruises and his attire was shabby. He made painful efforts to lift up his head and that was then that i realised it was Mr Duncan. “Ow my love”
To be continued….