Hasty decision episode 9


For a while we just starred at each other. I kept looking at those eyes that were unblinking when my virginity was being ripped away from me. Somehow, I knew he could recognize me as his frowns deepened. He stepped a little closer and shut the door behind him.

“What do you want?” He growled.

That voice seemed to bring back the nightmare of that night and before I knew it, tears were dropping from my eyes. I was trembling and maybe I had hoped for some kind of remorse but the hatred that radiated from him was overwhelming all I could say was….”Why?”

He scoffed. “Are you here with the police? Are you here for some kind of revenge?”

I shook my head slowly. “I am here to know why you ruined my life!”

At that, he raised his brows. “I ruined your life?” He demanded with a deeper growl…”You ruined my family!” He shouted. “I wish I had done more to you!”

My heart was falling and rising with both anger and curiosity. “I did not deserve it! You are a monster! What did Henry do to you! You spoke with him that night. What did you say to him? How is he related to all this? Why did you have to punish me for it?” I was lowering my voice and sobbing loudly…”Why? ….why did you have to rape me to punish him?” This time I was already sitting on the ground, I wasn’t having enough strength to talk again or cry…

The elderly woman called form inside and then he shouted back in bemba language. Then he faced me.

“You want to know why? Come, I will show you.” He replied, opening the door while I stood up and followed.
*************** ***** *****

The living room contained four chairs and a single T.V . It seemed a little bit furnished and plates seemed to be scattered here and there on the dining table. There was an elderly woman tying a cloth around her, wearing a big dark sunglasses and holding a stick. Beside her was a girl that couldn’t have been more than eighteen years old, she was arranging the table. I recognized her, she was the one celebrating her birthday in the picture. As we came in, they both turned towards our direction.

The woman asked Musa something and he responded in their language.

“That is my mother..this is Agatha and that is Benita….” He said, pointing to a picture on the wall. Benita was holding a certificate in her school uniform.

“You need to sit down for this!” He replied, taking a seat for himself while I did the same.

“Agatha, come here.” He beckoned to the girl who came instantly.
“Tell this young lady who you are and how your friend died.” He demanded, looking a bit angry.

The girl was surprised and stared at me. But shrugged and started.

“I am Agatha, Benita’s closest friend. Benita died on June 14…and….”

“June 14?” I asked and she nodded.

How ironical, that was the day I got married too.

“She did not come to school that day and it was strange because we have been planning for the birthday together. So when I go back home that day. I came to check on her and I see everywhere… bloody… everywhere is in blood. I was afraid and I run to check for mum who was not inside that day, brother Musa too, wasn’t around. So I came back to Benita’s room and I saw her rolling on the floor, blood coming out of her….” She pointed to between her thighs. “She told me that… the trainer…the instructor did this to her… she said the trainer raped her and gave her different drugs”

I gasped as she was explaining, Musa’s eyes were already red and there were some lines on his forehead, he was also biting his lips .

“But what trainer? I am sure there were many instructors.”

“It was teacher Henry!” She shouted angrily and affirmatively and all my world came crashing down.

“Did she mention Henry’s name?” I asked again, stubbornly.

“No, but she never told me about any trainer apart from Henry. He used to come here very well then, to take her lesson and she liked him a lot, she used to tell me.”

“Thank you Agatha, you may go.” Musa said and faced me as I battled with my discovery. Somehow, I had known this would happen but for it to finally happen was just making my heart shatter.

“When my mother heard that her daughter was bleeding to death, she left her shop and was running across the street. She didn’t see the truck coming and she got hit. That was how she lost one of her legs and her two sights!”

I gasped even more and glanced at the woman, she seemed not to understand a word, she was busy talking with Agatha in a hush tone.

“I had a dream of becoming a doctor. Going to India to further my education but now, I have to stay at home to take care of my mother!”

“I am so sorry…” I began to sob.

“Your sorry will not bring back my lost sister…or bring back my mother’s sight and leg. I did what I did because he destroyed my family and I wanted to revenge. If you want to arrest me, go ahead, I am not sorry.”

Just then, my phone started ringing, it was Henry but I ignored it.

“I cannot believe Henry could do something like this!” I said to myself.

“Benita had a diary that explained everything. Yes, she may be throwing herself at him but he should have known better. He was her teacher! Then he raped her and destroyed her, he killed her!” Musa was sobbing now.

“There are two diaries.” Agatha said from across the dining. “I have one with me, the second one is still missing. We don’t know where she kept it.”

“Do you need the diary?” Musa asked and I nodded, then he signallled to Agatha who went inside and then came out with a diary.

I collected with trembling hands as I scanned through it. I couldn’t read, everything I saw was ‘Teacher H in every page. I dropped it on the table then I burst into tears.

It was time to go back home, I had discovered what I needed to discover but before I boarded a plane back that night. I called Felix and cried.

“Henry is such a killer Felix. I am coming back home to divorce him. I am so sorry I left you, will you take me back….?”

He was confused but was also happy with my decision. He just wanted me to come home. I decided to sleep in his house that night once I landed, Then I would finally confront Henry with the truth.
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