Harmattan Made Sale of shea butter rise in Northern Region …



As the harmattan wind sweeps the streets and homes in the Tamale metropolis, the sales of Shea butter has intensified in the Tamale central business market and the recent fire-hit Aboabo market.

The lip cracking and skin burning harmattan has set in, making life uncomfortable for the people in the three northern regions. The north-east trade wind, otherwise known as the harmattan, occurs from November through to March.

The wind blown is usually dry, affecting visibility, and the sun looks dull but scorching when viewed.

The harmattan season has never been friendly to most people, especially school children, as the weather becomes extremely cold in the morning,such that getting out of bed becomes a huge task. However, I personally experience dry skin with my hands and feet, sometimes too cold generating unpleasant feelings.

Others also have their lips crack as well as the feet. Motor riders are prone to the harsh weather as the wind carries dustinto their eyes, causing itching and red

Credit A Borasa Hams