God told me to open a Christian night club – Julius Agwu

Few weeks after surviving a brain surgery, Nigerian comedian, Julius Agwu is planning to open a new night club in Lagos in the coming weeks.
The club, according to the Rivers state-born entertainer, will be a ‘Christian Night Club’ called ‘Believers Lounge’ where no smoking or drinking of alcohol will be allowed.
In chat with NET, Julius confirmed to us saying, “Its God’s Calling. God spoke to me do it. We have unbelievers going to clubs, popping champagne and all that, so we want to have a club where believers can hangout too and pop non-alcoholic drinks.”
“It’s basically an assignment from God. The club is located at Lekki and we are taking it everywhere. God also told me to raise young ambassadors that will fight his battle.”
Speaking on why he’s closer to God now, he said, “I was recently declared dead. I realised that I actually died but God brought me back. He is giving me a second chance and people rarely get this opportunity of having a second chance. He saved my life and I have decided to dedicate my life to him.”
“I have a Christian group now called CEO, Christian Entertainers Outreach through which we will bring back many people who devil has taken away,” he added.