Give It A Title


​It was a cold Sunday Evening about 5mins after the Heavy rain that had just Hit the surface of the Earth had just went back to its source. Its Five Years and half after my NYSC service, life has been the way I have thought, my four years old daughter and my beautiful wife were both in the kitchen preparing the dinner for the family. My families had been the most happiest when I Introduced my wife to them Five years ago after my NYSC programme as the lady who will be the Mother of my children.
“Daddy meal is ready” said my daughter, I can smell the aroma of the meal that sparks over the whole room from the dinning table. I am not the fan of hot meal, my wife never waste her time to repeat what my inquisitive daughter just said. Getting bored with what am watching, I turned to my right hand side to tune to the Movie station on the “PAY TV”. My daughter was already with the remote, 
“Daddy let’s watch football now” she said with her Audible stocky voice.
I wonder how a young child at her age is so rampant in watching football match. Its the trend transferred to her by her mother; I remember her mother was among the Kano state NYSC football ladies team during our NYSC days. 
“Darling. I have to watch a soap opera by 8:0’clock you know that’s Dad’s favourite” I said to her. The look on her face indicates the young lady didn’t buy my idea she went to her mother and rest her head on her thighs. 
“why not let her watch football, when the meal gets cold, we’ll go eat and she’ll sleep off” I had no option than to do their will. 
She turned to a station where live game in the German league is being aired, we all had to engage our eyes on the football match to wile away our time for the meal to get cold a bit more. What I saw was unbelievable I didn’t know when I screamed Timi’s name. Timi was was thr boy in my primary school days who never knew a single question that was thrown at him in those days, asking Timi a question was like a burden to him, he’s so dull and knew nothing academically. Sometimes the teachers will advice his parents when they come to check on him to take him to a Children technical School where the kid starts to learn a trade. But he was just too small, his parents gave him more years to adapt. 
As years goes by Timi’s inability to academics goes worse that his parents had to gave up and withdrawn him from school. The day he was saying his goodbyes, pupils and teachers pitied him and wish him success in his endeavours.
But this is Timi Ojelade, on the screen in front of me being giving a standing ovation when being substituted in this very live game am watching. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Timi who no one gave a chance is now the one who is being celebrated in Germany. I lost appetite, I felt dumb and never believe my eyes. My wife asked what the problem was and my daughter had grab my hand, they were both scares. I had to hug them and narrate the source of my shock to them.
Timi Ojelase whom we all had thought will end up miserable is now the one who is being given a standing ovation in Germany, what a life. My wife smiles, holds my hands and cuddled our child on her chest and said
 “in life, honey. Never look down on anyone or thinks this person Is incapacitated or brainstormed towards an objective means he or she won’t make it in life, God is a faithful God he has proven himself in the life Of Timi. Truly he is God.” 
I had to go on my kneels with my wife and daughter to thank God for his goodness toward Human. Our Meal had now gotten cold like a Dog’s nose but we had to Eat with gladdens.
I had to write this short story here to share with us. Never look down on anybody even yourself. I didn’t know how timi got to land in Germany or a celebrated personnel but I know he puts his passion and mindset into football when he knew academically he will not excel, Timi might have thought that is the End of Life when he was being withdrew from school but someone out there saw a potential in him, he stood to his gift from God and he is who he was eventually in the story. 
So fellas my advice for us all is when everything seems not to be right and you feels you want to faint; don’t faint because you are about to get to your DO-SEASON. Remember,when you run the race and your sweating don’t throw in your towel, because very soon you will smile and use the towel to dry your sweats after the race.
Guys pls you can give this short story a Tittle you think that fits for it. Thank you’all