Gift Episode 6


Me: daddy! I yelled and leapt on his body not minding the sorry state I was, I was so happy that my dad was back. I missed him and it was over two Months he left home after being transferred from our State to another.

He asked of Grace and she hurriedly came out of the room pretending like someone who has been sleeping all these while. It was a miracle how Uncle Ben escaped that particular day, my dad took me to the hospital and I recovered.

Examination was fast approaching, I and Kennedy didn’t stop our little escaped after my dad went back to his place of duty. Charles stopped coming to our house immediately Grace told him that she is pregnant, it was funny how Uncle Ben quit his private teacher job without being sacked, a day to my Primary Five first term examination a knock landed on my window and I went to open it, the flats in the Estate are not protected with protector bars because no sane criminal would come and steal in an Estate filled with officers of the law, And a Police station close by. Is an act of suicidal.

Kennedy climbed in through the window, I was so excited and went to lock the door. He quickly pulled down his small short, before the knock landed I was watching po-rn with Grace phone. ona remember the scamming bah? I saw a video a lady was su-cking a man and the man liked what she was doing to him. I removed my pyjamas, I don’t wear pan-t at night Aunty Grace advised me not to.

We entered the bed naked and grabbed his small hard korikori and tried to cover it with my mouth. He looked at me.

Kennedy: Gift! wetin you dey do?

Me: I watch am for aunty Grace phone, you go like am.

Kennedy: you wan put am for your mouth.

Me: yes na, naso the woman do am. I didn’t even know how to su-ck, I nearly bit off his di-ck. He is lucky sha.. that day em for either land for mortuary or hospital. I bit his har-d kurikuri and he started crying and screaming. My thing oh! Gift don chop my thing oh!! Till Aunty Grace banged On my door, I went to open it and she was surprised to find Kennedy in my room. But she later dragged him to his house and his father gave him bicycle kick before giving him Shao Kahn finishing then took him to the hospital.

From that day henceforth Kennedy hated me more than Devil. He refused answering or talking to me, he ran away at the sight of me. Chaii!!, naso the fu-ck wey I dey get from Kennedy end oh!!

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I came back from school and find Aunty Grace was screaming and crying on the floor, I was so scared that I had to call our neighbors to help her ’cause she was bleeding profusely. Trust Estate people na, them get all the information from the doctor in charge, and waited for my father to return.

Immediately, my father came back. They fed him with all the latest news gathered from their eye-witnesses. My dad dealt with Grace and made her confessed to him who impregnated her, she pointed at Uncle Ben and my dad dragged him to Police Station like ikpe, big goat. That particular term I carried fourteen position, my teacher was so proud of me, he was saying Gift wey no sabi English carry fourteen miracles do happen. em papa yansh sha..

My dad was so happy with me that he bought me plenty big big text books, I wonder who go even read them. My dad put another notice for any interested teacher to come and teach me at home, for double salary. The notice stayed there till we travelled home for Christmas, nobody wan fall victim.

Grace was so happy as we travelled home to our village because nobody wan give am fu-ck again na, she was also my village girl. The day we went to stay with my granny at the village, because she was the one staying in the big house my dad built in the Village.

Grace ran home to greet her parents, there was gardener and gate-man with one lady like that, that my dad paid to take care of the house and mama.

Mama asked me to get the gate-man at the security post when something happened between us, I called his name thrice but he didn’t reply. Okoye wasn’t really handsome, I even wonder why konji never still kill am oh! until I discovered why, the security house is like self-contain but kitchen was removed from it, I entered inside his house because it was unlocked and started hearing funny sounds coming out of the bathroom. And another sound I knew very well, I pushed opened the bathroom door and my eyes widen, what I saw was intriguing.