Gift Episode 34


My aunt work in a General hospital as a nurse while her husband is a banker, useless man I didn’t know he has been staring at my heavily endowed soft and sweet bu-ttocks from day one. My aunt lived in outskirt of town, the place isn’t that developed. But there is a wide road and the area is undergoing some development, there were lots of buildings been worked on, My aunt house is fenced round with a gate, and a gate-man called Ahmed was at the gate, he sold cigarette and local gins mixed with some herbs.

There was also a house opposite ours, the old couple gave birth late to two boys, Odele is their first son about eighteen years old while Budu is the younger one. The same age with my aunt daughter Bella who usually call me ‘Aunty Gif’ I no know why her tongue nofit add letter ‘T’ to the pronouncement.

Budu and his older brother Odele usually come to our house, Budu is more regular to play with Ella whereas Odele became obsess with the visitation when goddess like me visit my aunt’s house, I know say some girls don dey jealous me, jealousy is allowed sha.

Odele helped my uncle in washing his car and sometimes come to stay with Ella when the girl’s parents leave for their place of work, where to buy edible things will take about fifteen minutes walk and Ahmed open smoking joint for our house front, nawa oh!.

There is one house by the roadside, Odele told me is one guy that misused the opportunity that his parents gave to him to study abroad. He can smoke for Africa, no day you will pass his bungalow without seeing him smoking under the mango tree in his compound, Odele always escorted me anytime I go buy something. Odele and I became close and Odele like playing touching body with me, we will be watching movie and he will just slap me and I will chase him and he will ran inside the room, if I want to slap him back. He will wrestle me to the bed and started rubbing his g—n around my lower region, this act continued for days and I don’t usually feel his hard kulikuli, Maybe em dey wear twenty boxers because how I no go feel em thing in such close contact.

There is one incomplete roofed building closed to Odele’s their house, one day my sister and I went to their house when my aunt and her husband have gone to work.

Odele: Gift come, I wan show you something.

Me: for where?

Odele: just follow me.

Me: okay *we start walking towards the uncompleted building* why we dey go the incomplete building na?

Odele: I hide am for that place.

Me: wetin be that na.

Odele: I wan show you, make we first enter the house.

Me: *we walk in* we don enter, tell me wetin you wan show me.

Odele: make we go one of the room.

Me: na waoo oh! *we walk in one of the room* I no see anything.

Odele: close your eye.

Me: *I close my eyes* I don close my eyes.

Odele: oya open am.

I open my eyes to see Odele’s short pulled down to his kneel and ere-cted kulikuli as small as my smallest finger pointing at me, if you see the way i laugh hungry me ehnn… I nofit hold the laughter, I just ran away so that the young man will not commit suicide. But please if na the size of every guy for this area be, abeg oh! make my papa carry me go back to my State oh! I kneel beg am.

I took my kid sister home and warned Odele to avoid if not I will report him to my aunt, I hate boys with small danglers. Gideon didn’t stop pestering me with text messages and calls, thank God Ezekiel no get phone how I for cope with all these kind wahala from two ho-rny males.

Gideon didn’t allow me to even breathe with hid calls, telling me he wants me to return, as my Chi or papa abi? I told him I won’t. He started begging that I should tell him where I am, I told him Abuja.

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One Night like that my aunt was on night duty in the hospital, I wore my nightie because I be wan sleep so that I go wake around 3am to read. When my uncle asked me to help him dress his bed, I no wear pa-nt and bra*. The way the sleep hold me like konji ehnn.. I ran quickly and started dressing the bed, My uncle came in and locked the door. He started pressing me.

Me: uncle stop na.

Uncle: help me, em dey hungry me well well.

Me: *pressing my yansh* oohh! go meet my aunty na.

Uncle: just the cap.

Me: go put am for her own *smooching me all over* stop na.

Uncle: you be fine gal, I no go waste time.

Me: stop… Stop *penetrate my sugar-pot with two fingers* ooohh! Uncle sto…p na.

Uncle: abeg abeg.. Only the cap *he dig in with his big kulikuli*

Me: aaahhh! Ooosshhh! sto…p *ba-nging and pressing my bre-asts* aasshh! my toto oohh! Harder harder. My uncle started ba-nging me fast and hard with missionary style, scattering my we-t toto with his hard and big kulikuli, setting my body on fire with sweet pleasure. He was breathing heavily and panting, sweating on top of me as he was just moving in and out of me. He groaned “aaahhh” and pulled out then spurted his warm akamu jehovah on the marbled floor, I was so ashamed of myself. I picked up my nightie and ran out of the room, the next day I told my aunt I want to follow her to the hospital, that I want to be a doctor. My aunt agreed but my uncle started acting like villain with horn.

Gideon called me that he is in Abuja, that I should come and meet him in somewhere that he mentioned, Me wey nodey Abuja. I told him am not in Abuja and removed my phone battery, kuji will kill him on my behalf.

Our Elder say is only a man with grey hairs will know that reality is more than it meets the eyes.