Gift Episode 1


Seriously children with one parent really need divine help, am a product of it. This is my life story you are about to read.

Gosh! I love handsome boys and big di-cks, I ate di-cks like breakfast, before I even turn eight sef I don sabi bad thing. From mommy and daddy to the real kpakpa. I lost my mom when I was eight, my dad is a police officer and he owns a bread bakery, he is a very busy man. He has little or no time for me at all.

Our elders once said a tree who refused to dance the wind will teach it how to dance. My dad refused to marry after so many pressures mounted on him, he complained that he doesn’t want his children to be maltreated by step-mother or anybody, all these Nollywood movies wey my papa dey like to watch sha.

My aunt who travelled to overseas took my two years old brother and I didn’t see him for years, due to my dad’s busy schedule. My dad asked one of my aunty that stays in Port-Harcourt to come stay with me, you know all these death sentence wey Naija army dey like give Southerners wey go join army, go and fight Boko Haram. easy way to finish them off, my aunty husband was asked to head to Suicide forest or wetin ona dey call am sef? Sambisa forest.

She parked in with her ten years old son Samuel but we usually call him Sammy. We lived in Estate then, my papa no gree make we move to our own house due to the security in the police estate. Our apartment have like three rooms, mama Sammy na leader of amebo in the Estate, immediately she prepared our lunch after we are back from school, she will go about the Estate spreading confusion with one Bayelsa woman, mama Tari. That is how Sammy started luring me to the bedroom whenever his mother set out to her friend’s place to resume their daily gossip, she will return around seven pm to prepare dinner since my dad always return home eight pm some days.

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Sammy go carry me go inside the room tell me say em wan show me wetin em papa dey do em mama, Sammy didn’t know much about sex. He will climb on top of me and started moving his waist up and down rubbing one strong small stick on my then moulded flesh in between my legs, Sammy will be moving on top of me. the thing will be sweeting me, both of us will be quiet in the bedroom as he climbed me, with time he started pulling his short and his flesh boner will be touching me. To bath come dey sweet me well well. Anytime we returned from school.

Me: aunty, I wan baf.

Aunty: ah ah! Gift, na four thirty already na, kukuma wait baf for evening.

Me: no, my aunty say make we dey baf three times a day.

Aunty: you wan baf hot water.

Me: no, I wan baf with Sammy.

Aunty: okay na, make ona no disturb me. Make ona go baf.

Immediately our aunty take us to the bathroom she don rush commot for house to carry out the manifesto of amebo association, Sammy will start touching me. Pressing the small nipples on my chest, I will now be touching the small ha-rd sti-ck in between his legs. with time we come dey discover say to naked sweet pass the one wey we dey wear shirt, so we always naked while Sammy will climb on me and start moving his waist in form of banging, we no know how to put it. these went on till, a drummer that plays a drum and expect no one to dance to the beats leave himself to sway to his melodious tune, immediately my aunt set out to go out that particular day, we rush enter inside room and naked at once, Sammy was on top of me when my aunt opened the door and met us in that compromising situation.