Flower Girl – Episode 6


Peggy’s POV continues

“Leonard had being advised to withdraw from the school” Stephanie said and looked at us

“ you must be joking , why would he be advised to withdraw , what has he done?” I asked my sisters not expecting any definite answer from them because we barely know who Leonard is , we only knew he was the boy that helped Miranda when she was being molested the day before yesterday by the crowds of students

“ X girls “ Miranda called as she entered our class

“ you fucken commoner , what the hell do you mother fucker want ?” Stephanie said and faced Miranda who was approaching our sit

“ she did not seem to realize that this class is for the richest in the school and not for bitches like her “ Erlone added

“ Girls, lets give her audience “ I said and faced Miranda

“ I’m sorry for intruding you on your privacy “ she said with a pleading look

“ what do you want this time?” I asked

“ Please , help me , I just found out that Leonard had being advised to withdraw from the school “ she said

“ Are we the one that suspended him , why can’t you just go to the school management and lodge your complain “ Erlone said

“ so , they can know you guys are into something and advise you to get the f**k out of the school like Leonard “ Stephanie added

“ Miranda, what did you want us to do for you ?” I asked

“ I know you guys can help , help me do something , this is a government school and not somebody’s personal property , you can help sue the school for this baseless act “ Miranda said

“ you really thnik what the school did was baseless, they might have proves behind their actions “ I said

“ and they may not “ she added quickly

“ where is Leonard by the ways ?” I asked

“ he isn’t in school presently , the letter was given to him as soon as he got to school, he was asked to go home and come with his parent tomorrow“ Miranda answered

“Oh! Well, I’m gonna speak to the secretary to the principal, he is a family friend” I said

“ when “ Miranda asked

“ may be by break “ I answered

“ no , please do it now “ Miranda said

“ Miranda ! anyways “ I said and brought out my phone , I will put a call through to the secretary to the principal


“ hey , Its Peggy “

“ Peggy , wats up , hope u doing fine?”

“ not really , got some issues “

“ issues, tell me about it “

“ well, not on phone , can you come see me ?”

“ oops, Kinda busy , but I’m gonna shuffle off in secoonds and attend to you in few minute , you in class right ?”

“ yeah “

“ good, gonna come soon”

“ thanks “ I said and hung up the phone

“ what did he say?” Miranda asked

“ he said he is gonna come here” I said

“ oh ! I’m happy , I hope he helps us “ Miranda said

“ help us ?” I asked

“ yes “ she replied

“ not us , we aint in problem , you are the one in problem , and if we may know , what is the relationship between Leonard and u?”

“ just a friend “ She replied

“ just a friend and you panting up and down because he was advised to withdraw, hope you are not falling for him “ I asked and look intently at her face

“ I do not know what you talking about , I’m just tryna help “ Miranda replied and faced another side of the class

I faced my sisters and winked at them , they winked back and we all kept quiet

After few minutes, The secretary to the principal entered

“ hey X girls , you guys are looking gorgeous “ he said

“ thanks “ we all replied

“ watts up , what is wrong ?” He asked

“ well , our sister here “ I said pointing at Miranda

“ what about her?” he asked

“ well,her brother… “ I tried to say but Stephanie interrupted

“ her brother !!” Stephanie exclaimed with surprise as to why I will be referring to Leonard as Miranda’s brother

“ are you gonna keep your mouth shut and let me talk “ I rebuked her and she lowered her head gently

I looked up at the secretary

“ do not mind her please” I said

“ It’s alright “ he said

“ Her name is Miranda, her brother is Leonard” I said

“ Leonard, Isn’t it the Leonard that was advised to withdraw from the school today ?” He asked

“ yes , excatly our problem , Leonard is our brother ,what was his offence ?” I asked

The secretary looked back and looked around to see if anyone was not watching

“ well, we have some baseless lies against him incase he sue us to court , but … the truth of the matter is that he has done nothing wrong “ The secretary said silently like he was whispering

“ Did he offend someone amidst the school management ?” I asked

“ No! , he offended the authority himself , the principal” he said

“ what do you mean “ I asked

“ well , Jan and Leonard was invited by the school authority to face the school panel yesterday, but his boldness and confidence defeted the principal who ochestrated the meeting , the principal lost some respect from the school management because the students he accused proved to be innocent , so the principal called me , and told me about his plan to satisfy his ego , he said he want to ensure that both Jan and Leonard are expelled from the school, he said they are a threat to him “ The secretary said

“ how are you gonnna help us , why was he asked to bring his parent with him tomorrow” I asked

“ for blackmailing , we are gonna report some of his acts that are against the school rules and look for six to seven students that can testify against him in the presence of his parent , so that , even if the parent are thinking of sueing the school before , they will re consider and know and know that their child is the one at fault” he said

“ so what ?” I asked

“ well, I’m gonna help you now that I know that he is your brother “

“ then go ahead “ I said

“ We must have a deal ?” he said

“ deal! What deal ?” I asked

“ I had being wishing to have sex with one of you for a long time, I wanna have sex with just one of you. That’s all” he said and smirked

“ such a wicked fellow “ Miranda replied from where she sat

“ oh no! Miranda , allow me to handle this “ I said facing Miranda

“ whom would you choose to have sex with among us just for you to help us save Leonard our brother from being withdrawn “ I asked the secretary

“ well, wouldn’t mind you ?” He said and licked his lips

I slapped him hard on his check

“ you bas***d , you such a gullible as***ole , now,get the f**k outta here “ I said and signaled for him to walk outside

He rubbed his cheek gently and stood up

“ you girls are gonna regret this “ he said and walked out

“ what the f**k !” Stephanie said and stood up from where she sat

“ This man must have being crazy somehow “ Erlone said

“ what are we gonna do now “ Miranda asked

“ I’m confused , the only person that can help us is demanding for sex in return “ I said

“ I think we should visit our lawyer “ Erlone said

“ yeah, as soon as possible “ Stephanie added

“ Nice idea, but we gonna need Miranda and Leonard to follow us to the lawyer”s suit “ I said and faced Miranda

“ where is it?” Miranda asked

“ fifty seventh street , juvenile avenue” I said

“ but you can come with us , we are gonna be going there together after class” I said

“ sure, I will “ Miranda replied

“ inform Leonard too” I said

“ you cant believe I do not even have his digit” Miranda said

“ How then are we gonna get to him” I asked

“ I think we should check the schoool’s students profile on the schoool blog , we are gonna see his house address there “ Erlone said

“nice idea, I think we should just go to Leoanrd’s house first ,then we can all go together head to the lawyers suit “ I said

“ alright, I love that , thanks girls “ Miranda said and walked to her class

Leonard’s POV

I was at home thinking of how I’m gonna break the sad news to my parents

“ but whom in the world did I offend ?”

“ why will the school management advise me to witthdraw, on what basis?” I kept pacing around my room , It was indeed a bad day for me .

Ring ring ! I heard the visitors bell rang, I walked sluggishly outside like somebody that had lost all hope , I opened the door and I found four beautiful babes standing stylishly in front of me .

For a while , I thought I was dreaming , I rubbed my face to confirm that I was seeing the right thing .

“ Leonard !” Miranda called

“ Miranda, X girls , Is anything wrong ?” I asked

“ yes, something is wrong , but not with us , its with you “ Peggy said

“ Oh!” I exclaimed

“ Yeah , you were advised to withdraw , isn’t it ?” Peggy asked

“ yeah , so painful, I don’t even know how to break the sad news to my parent , I would have kept it away from them , at least for a while, but I cant, the school management has requested for them to follow me to the school tomorrow “ I said

“Leonard , you are rude “ Peggy said

“ so rude “ Stephanie added

I raised my brow wondering why they said I’m rude

“ we came here for a reason ,and for whatever reason it is , I think a responsible guy is gonna welcome us into his house first, make us feel comfotable and offer us what to drink , but what do we have , you stand at the entrance here pouring out your damn frustration , I hate you “ Peggy said

“ I’m sorry , I was just …erm… just so sad . I’m sorry , please come inside “ I said and signaled for them to come inside

“No , we came here for a serious business, we want you to follow us to the lawyer’s place , we have confirmed that you were advised to withdraw based on lies and unproven facts , we wanna seek justice from the lawyer and sue the school management “ Peggy said

“ I will be so glad, give me some seconds” I said and hurrid inside to change my cloth to the one that is suitable for that kind of outing , I came out after few minutes and they were already inside their limousine , I steppped in the car and their driver started driving us to the lawyers suit

The seats in the car were not like that of a commercial car or a common car ,the inside looked more like a room , the chairs were arranged in twos and there is a bed at the back , there is a small private room that is opposite where the bathroom and toilet was.

We all sat down listening to the music that was being played in the car , the girls were vibing with the song ,twisting their heads and shaking their body in a way that matches the beat of the song , they were all pouring themselves glass of wine and sipping drinks

I was perplexed and hoping seriously that the lawyer is gonna successfully win the case

I watched Miranda , she was slightly smiling too and was watching the X girls as they were enjoying themselves like people that had never have problem

“ Leonard, you not drinking ?” Erlone asked from where she sat

“ just cool here “ I said and gave a boring smile , It’s obvious that I just forced myself to smile , It wasn’t coming from within

“ leave the boy ,he has too much problem already “ Peggy said and kept rhyming the songs like she had crammed every lyrics in her head

I felt like easing myself , I stood up at once and went to the toilet to ease myself , I was almost done when I heard a knock on the door, before I could finish what I was doing, the door had being opened

“ what the heck !” Erlone said as she saw me zipping up my trouser

“I raised my brow in anger

“ you knew someone was inside , why would you open the door like that “ I said with a frown face

“ poor boy , you don’t have a limousine , this isn’t a toilet for males ,its beside that room , she said pointing outside the bathroom

“ I never knew , I’m sorry “ I said and try to pass beside her

“ where are you going boy “ she asked and held me by my wrist

“ I felt a tingling sensation surge through my body

“ oh! An X girl touched me “ I thought and faced her

“ you asking where I’m going , to the males toilet of course “ I replied

“ Aren’t you done easing yourself here ?”she asked

“ may be “

She moved closer to me and stood head to head with me , I could see her beautiful face clearly , her pink lips was very close to mine , her pointed nose was almost touching mine , I could see my self in her eye balls

“ what .. do you want ?” I tried to ask

My heart was beating rapidly already , I did not know what this girl is up to

“ I’m having some sort of feelings for you , you are such a handsome boy , I love your fresh triangular face , your jaws are beautifully made “ she said and placed her right arm on my chest

I felt like fainting but I controlled myself

“ Do you think we can sttart up something “ she said seductively and moved her lips like she would kiss me

I stood still. For a while I closed my eye, I was indecisive

“even if I do not love an X girl, just being a friend with any of them is such a blessing to me ,I can just fake a lie to her , she is gonna think I love her , whereas , I do not , I’m just gonna keep using her to gain prestige in school,people will be saying I’m now friend with the X girl “ I thought happily and a smile formed broadly on my face

I opened my eye

“ why are you smiling ?” Erlone asked

“I think I do have feelings for you too” I said and kept on smiling

“ oh really ! since when?” she asked

“ since I set my eyes on you “ I replied

“ oh! Do you think we can date ?” she asked

“ I wish to, but the school authority is not gonna allow that “ I said

“ yeah ,I know , but we can do that privately ,after school , what did you think ?” She said

“ yeah , after school hours , you can always come to my place or we may go together to a beautiful place to catch some fun “ I said

“ I’m very happy right now , are you?” she said

“ no “ I replied

“ why ?” she asked

“ you and your sisters called me a commoner,but my partents are rich too just that they aren”t as rich as your parents “ I said and squeezed my lips upward in way that will tell her that I’m not really serious

“ oh! Sorry about that , that’s how we were taught to do, American international school is a school of the rich , everyone coming there comes from a rich family , but as long as they aren’t as rich as us , we call them commoner , but I’ll stop calling you commoner “ She said

“ what of your sisters , are they gonna like the fact that we are dating “ I asked

“ Don’t worry about them , I will know how to make them see that we are dating, and make them cool with it “ she said

“ what about Miranda, did you guys have something together ?” Erlone asked

“ No,Miranda is just a friend “ I replied

“ are you sure ? she is so much concerned about you “ Erlone said

“ yeah, she is probably doing that because I once helped her “ I said

“ Alright, I gotta start going “ she said and left

I closed my eye and breathed in deeply , I came out of the toilet and went straight to my seat

Everywhere was cool , no one was suspicious ,I sat down gently and I saw a letter dropped at the empty seat beside me

For a while , I thought if I should open it or not

“what if the letter is not meant for me “, I thought

I think it is meant for me , because It wasn’t here before

I watched and I saw that no one was looking at me

I took the letter and it reads

“Leonard, you handsome , my heart is ripping off because of you, I love you, tell me you love me . from Stephanie

What! “ I muttered silently and almost jumped off my seat

“ what the hell is happening here , I think this girls are crazy “ I thought

Just one day , within one hour , they had being expressing their love for me , are they playing a prank on me or they are really serious

Well, Stephanie is a no no , she is fat and short , her round face disgust me , she shouldn’t even be among the X girls in the first place , I guess it’s because she is rich

NO! but wait ! I think I can also play along, she is rich , her father is a notable person in the government , If I finish high school, her father could help me secure a nice job

Yes! This is an opportunity for me to secure my future , I can’t be so blind to see my helper ,
Yeah ! I’m just gonna play along , gonna do as if I love her too, even though I know that I do not have any feelings for any of them

At least because of the benefit I’m gonna be receiving , I will give them a chance

“ Their leader , Peggy, too can join, I don’t give a f**k, I just have to be smarter than them

But, am I bad ? am I doing the right thing ? Is this good ?

I checked my conscience, It wasn’t pricking me

I think I’m right , I’m not gonna have sex with any of them , afterall , I’m still a virgin , I have not even kiss before , so , I’m not gonna do all those shits with them , I’m just gonna make it look like a deep kind of friendship

“ yeah” I smiled and I looked towards the X girls

I saw Stephanie staring at me and smiling like a fish

I smiled back , even though my smile was a forced one , I still had to smile so she can think I’m cool with he request

She shook her body like a baby wanting something from his mother when she saw me smile

Its obvious she is blushing

“ am I that handsome ?” I thought

“ hey guys , we are there “ Peggy said and stood up

She stepped out and the two other X girls , Erlone and Stephanie, stepped out , Miranda followed and I followed

Peggy led us to the lawyers suit

Peggy told the rest to stay outside , Just Peggy and I entered to see the lawyer Office, He welcomed us and we greeted him , Peggy told him everything about the illegal and baseless act of the schoool to force me to withdraw, she brought out a recording device and she played the voice of the secretary to the principal foolishly saying why I was sacked

“ Peggy , you are so smart , with this alone, I’m gonna have them nailed “ the lawyer said confidently

“ Thanks , how much is the bill ?” Peggy asked

“ I’m gonna speak to your dad, he is gonna foot the bill , don’t worry “ The lawyer said and smiled faintly

“ thanks” Peggy said and walked out , I followed her

“ how was it “ Miranda asked as we got outside

“ job done , the lawyer is gonna handle the rest ,we should just wait for the result “ Peggy said

“ Thanks so much “ Miranda said

“ why is Miranda so much concerned about me” I thought and kept staring at her

All this while , she had done as if she had not seen me , even when we were inside the limousine , and maybe she was expecting me to come to her

I thought deeply as we walked back to the limousine

The limousine drove us all to our various houses

I dropped and waved everyone bye at the junction that lead to my house

I entered the house and sunk on my bed , I was thinking on everything that happened today inside the limousine

My phone rang briefly , and I knew it was a message

I checked the the name of the person that sends it , It was Peggy

“ Peggy !” I said out loud without noticing

“ what did she have to say , should I open this message , hope its not what I’m thinking , what If it is what I’m thinking , my heart was beating , I sat very well on the chair and was scared of opening the letter

I finally summoned little courage , I closed my eye, clicked on the message bar and it opened , I slightly open my eye , then open my eye widely when I saw the first sentence of the letter

The message reads:

To be continued