Flower Boy – Episode 34


( Ha! She slapped the devil’s daughter )

Larry’s POV

I pretend to fall and the car try to speed off but it was shot in the tire by one of my bodyguards who was standing outside.

He is not dressed like a body guard so it’s impossible for anyone to suspect him. I have no gun with me but I still had to lay flat like I’m died

The gun couldn’t penetrate cus I was putting on bullet proof underneath my suit.

Other gangsters came out since they assumed he has killed me and shot sporadically on the car. The car came to a halt as different bullet holes were seeing around the car.

Many gangsters surrounded the car and warned the guy inside the car not to prove smart. He obliged and came down gently with his hands raised up in the air

I noticed that the man that came to kidnap Anthony had being arrested by my gangsters. I stood up while few of the gangsters were surprised but others were not.

They were so sure that I can’t die easily that way. I ordered that Anthony be brought out of the car. I’d lost all verve to punish him

I ordered them to keep the kidnapper in our cell while I go home with Anthony.

My bodyguard helped me place Anthony inside my car and we drove home together

I called on some of my bodyguards to carry Anthony inside the house , he was made to sit in the living room but he was still unconscious

I called Nancy from the room I gave her and she came around. She was surprise to see Anthony sat on the chair unconsciously

I watched as Nancy quickly ran towards Anthony, she wanted to touch Anthony but she is scared too

“What happened to him please?” Nancy asked

“Nothing really , I helped him escape an assassin that was sent to kidnap him” I said

“Please do something, why is his eye closed ?” Nancy asked

I brought out a plastic pack and picked the pin that dissolves the toxic substance in his body

I injected it inside Anthony’s body and he opened his eye slightly. He stared around and his eyes finally met with Nancy

I expected him to yell at Nancy but he was just staring at Nancy who was squatting before him like a dummy

“Anthony” I called and he looked at me .

He was stunned at what he was seeing and he stared around the house wondering where he is

“This is my house , some assassin came to kidnap you but Nancy helped you” I lied

“Nancy, how ? When?” Anthony asked

“I was stunned too, I was going to the club when I saw a simple lady beating some men in front of your house. I had to get down cus I was wondering how powerful the lady can be , I stood and watch as she dealt with five of those men , could you believe she beat those men. She exhaled like someone that is tired .

I took some steps closer to her and I saw that the lady was Nancy. I was still trying to recover from what I just saw cus I was practically thinking that it was a dream.

We never knew that one of them had ran inside for you , he came out with you and shot at Nancy but

Nancy dodged it and fought the man and made you escape but the man has injected you already, I had to tell her to come with you to my house since I have the antidote of the toxic substance the guy injected you with” I lied hoping that he will believe it and begin to see Nancy as his saviour

“You mean Nancy saved me?” Anthony asked

“Yea she did . Such a good lady that she is . Not many ladies can do that considering how cruel you are to her ” I said and Anthony bowed her head

“Larry, do you really think I’m cruel? I’m not cruel. I just have to defend my Love . Let me tell you this.

You should know when I use to date Donna before she had a plane crash and died. I vowed by myself that I will never love any other lady except Donna

Now could you believe that ever since Nancy came, she has being trying to pretend like Donna just so I can Love her , just imagine! I was even almost getting deceived that she is Donna for real before Brian showed me all the videos of memories of Donna and I on her phone . Guess what she does, she watches those videos , master them , then she will tell me a times that she remembered a memory of Donna and I , where as, she has being watching it somewhere, am I wrong by sending her out of my house? Now ask her please, where in the world did she get those video? Who sent it to her?”Anthony said

I exhaled , I may not be that close to Nancy but I know she is not someone that is deceptive

” Nancy, tell us , where did you get the video?” I asked

“It was Helen that brought Karen’s phone and showed me the videos of Anthony and a girl , I sent it to my phone just because of curiosity , I have no idea that the lady is Donna” Nancy replied

“Did you get that?” I asked Anthony

“How could I? Until I see the video in Karen’s phone and also ask Helen about it , then I’ll consider what she said ” Anthony replied

“Anthony, you need to be very careful this days . I’ll like to personally take it up to help you and protect you if you don’t mind” I said

“Who are you, how are you gonna protect me , do you have any idea whom those that are after my father and I are?” Anthony asked

“I may not have the idea, just give me the permission?” I requested

“Fine, so how do you plan achieving that ?” Anthony asked

I brought my back pack and removed a tracker , I ordered Anthony to open his mouth and he did . I placed it in a part of his teeth called canine. No matter what food he chew , the tracker will always remain there.

I brought out a small mic and put it in between a part of his teeth called canine.

The tracker will enable me to trace wherever he is and the mic will enable me to hear whatever he says anytime

I’m not really good in fixing coms, but Johnny my bodyguard and friend is good at that. I called him and he help Anthony fix the com in his left ear.

The com will enable him to hear us anywhere he is.

We did the same for Nancy too even though we have no reason for doing it. But since it’s a norms for us , all of our bodyguards have it and now that Nancy is with us too, it’s good that she has all those gadgets too

The gadgets are neither ambiguous nor hurting, it’s very tiny and hard to detect

I led Anthony to a room where he can sleep for the night.

Nancy went to her room to sleep too while I also went to lay on my bed for the night

Following Morning

Anthony’s POV

I can’t say if I slept actually cus I was just thinking about Nancy, what if what she said was true, then I’m cruel for real. I should have asked her where she got the videos before punishing her

I feel damn guilty but she must have watched the video right? And she is telling me what she watch . or what? I’m just as confused as hell

Let me see Karen first and little Helen too and ask them

I stood up , bath , dress and went to the sitting room. I saw Larry standing before Nancy, they were busy discussing but I have no idea what they were talking about

“Larry, thanks for yesterday” I appreciated

“You welcome bro , seems you going to your place now, are you taking Nancy along? ” Larry asked

“Sure or you wanna keep her with you?” I asked

“Oh no, she is all yours” Larry said and raised his hand

“Funny you, she’s just a common baby sitter ” I said and walked outside

Nancy followed me . Larry gave us one of his car and I drove it to my house

We got home and noticed everywhere was scanty and silent

I do not want to believe anything is wrong

Then I saw Karen and Helen walking out together

They approached us sadly and I had a feeling that something was wrong , but what could that be? Or the assassins came back again for me and ended up kidnapping my brothers

That reminds me , I requested for Karen’s Phone and she gave it to me. I checked the gallery and searched for the videos but I couldn’t find anything pertaining to Donna and I there

I handed the phone over to Nancy to search by herself . Nancy did too and she shook her head that she can’t find anything like that I squatted before little Helen and smiled at her even though her face looked gloomy and sad

I know I’m suppose to ask about what is wrong with her but I’m not willing to yet. I need to satisfy my curiosity first

“Helen, did you send videos of I and a girl to Nancy?” I asked

“Brother, Brian, Scot and one daddy had being shot and carried to the hospital” She ignored my question and said what had made her sad

I forgot about the first question I asked her instantly and looked up at Karen for more explanation

“Helen and I are going to the hospital to check up on them” Karen said and I felt so sad then I quickly remembered the question I ask Helen

“Helen, answer my question before we go and check them at the hospital?” I requested

“Yeah, I saw Karen watching the videos of a girl and you and I took it to Nancy to see, then she sent it to her phone” Helen said and I looked at Karen for a defensive explanation against the words of Helen about her

Karen giggled and looked at me

“I don’t get what you guys are talking about, which videos ? of who and who? I don’t even watch videos for crying out loud, so what’s all this I’m hearing about watching a video of you and a girl, by the ways , did you see any video on my phone” Karen said and I was more confused cus truly I didn’t find any video on her phone

Who exactly is right ?

I turned to Nancy to hear her own side

“Helen has spoken the truth, maybe she deleted the video” Nancy said

“You poor babysitter , have you gone crazy? Why are you lying on me ” Karen said and moved closer to Nancy and slapped her

Nancy staggered backward and held her check as tears rolled from her eyes

I’m confused , I’m just tryna get an explanation or I say the truth and now they are fighting or I say Karen is bullying Nancy

“Nancy, I hate you” Helen said with a red eye

Oh really? I think Helen is about to confess against Nancy

“How can you be so dumb, your fellow lady slapped you and you are crying, I hate you that you can’t slap your own” Helen yelled painfully

Nancy’s face dropped and for the first time, I saw Nancy formed a stern expression on her face , she walked towards Karen and gave her a hot slap

Jeez! That was hot

Karen fell to the floor as a result of the slap

“good of you Nancy, now Bring the phone” Helen said and collected Karen’s phone from Nancy

Helen pressed some stuffs there and opened a folder.

She handed over the phone to me

“She has a hidden file where she keeps those video, I’m close to her and I operate her phone well, those are the videos” Helen said boldly

I watched the videos and I found out that Helen and Nancy are saying the truth while Karen is the lier here


Like seriously, Nancy had the gut to slap Karen. Let’s watch and see what happens in the next episode

To be continued