Flower Boy – Episode 26


(Bob meets Brian )

Anthony’s POV

I entered my room sluggishly cus I’m sad. I didn’t know why, but seeing Brian with Nancy creates some sort of discomfort around me

I can’t explain what is going on with me.

I stepped down to the kitchen to serve myself an alcoholic drink . The sadness in my heart is far beyond my imaginations

I entered my room and gulped in the drink , I’m loosing control of myself now and I can’t help it.

Donna, the Love I have for you is permanent, nothing can ever make me betray you even though you are dead. But I’m scared , I’m tempted with this stupid feeling I’m having

You are the Love of my life but this girl called Nancy seems to be getting into my head. She even tried to trick me with her memory

I’ll try and fight this feelings off cus I do not ever want to fall in Love with another lady not to even talk of a common baby sitter

I drank myself to stupor till I lost awareness of my environment

I did not know if I slept off but by the time I came back to my sense , I’d already noticed that I’d vomited to the floor

What the hell is wrong with me? I think I just need to brace myself up. Never! Never in this life will I ever fall in Love with that girl called Nancy

I will make sure I did not ever fall in Love with anyone. Donna is all I wanna keep thinking about.

I cleaned the vomit

I played a music on my media player and force myself to dance, I was trying everything possible to get rid of the stupid feelings I’m having for the poor babysitter

The more I dance, the more I felt more jealous that Nancy is in Brian’s room

My head is sparking lights and I felt like barging into the room to disrupt them. I just didn’t want them close.

Won’t the two of them think something is wrong with me? First, I separated them when they were hugging yet I claim not to like Nancy

Of course I didn’t, but why do I have to separate them? Why am I getting jealous ?

I stopped dancing and stood akimbo.

I bowed my head thinking deeply with a heavy heart

I took my phone and opened a game application, I started playing my favorite game to see if I will forget about the feelings I’m having towards Nancy

But the more I played, the more I feel sad cus the terrible feeling I’m having towards Nancy is making me feel like I’m betraying Donna

I need to help myself now.

I ended the game and dialed my doctor’s number

The doctor picked at my first call

☎ Hi Doctor” I greeted

☎ Flower boy, how are you doing?” He asked

☎ I’m not fine sir and I need a serious advice , If I’m having some sort of unwanted feelings to a girl, what could be the cause and how can I stop it cus it’s happening to me presently” I said

☎ Oh! Well, the feeling is a result of what your heart wanted, what your soul long for but your body denies it. However, if you do not want it, the only way is to stay far away from the person, stop seeing her daily , block her on all mediums of chatting and exchanging of conversations, after a week of trying this, call me and let me know the result ” The doctor said

☎ The girl is living in my house, do u mean I should leave this house for her or better still , tell her to leave this house for me?” I asked

☎ Yes , if you are in the same class at school, change her class so you can stop seeing her ” he said

☎ Alright, thanks” I said and hung up

Humn, that is gonna be a nice idea now.

I think I need to execute that plan immediately before this terrible feeling gets out of hand

Dad shouldn’t have issues with me sacking her from here but mum was angry the last time I sacked her.

I think I need to speak to mum.

I put a call through to mum and she picked at the first ring

☎ Anthony, how are you?” She asked

☎ Not fine mum, the girl you employed is seducing all of us here, you know we don’t like ladies but we have suddenly started liking her and that has brought about misunderstandings between my brothers and I” I reported

☎ What do you want ?” She asked

☎ I wanna sack her but I need permission from you” I said

☎ You wanna sack her? I do not give you the permission to sack her. I employed her and please don’t threaten her cus I won’t like it if she reports to me” She said

☎ Mum ” I called

☎ Goodbye son” She said

☎Mum , hold on! If you do not allow me sack her, that implies that you telling me to leave this house cus either of us must leave ” I threatened

☎ ‘must’ . Well, since it’s a must that either of you must leave, I suggest you do what you want but she is not leaving, she is staying in the house, make your choice” My mum said and hung up

Oh really? So mum is indirectly telling me to leave this house. Good ! I’ll leave and I’m leaving this night

I can’t allow myself to be seduced by a common babysitter . I packed my luggage and went out.

I took one of the cars in the compound and drove out.

I settled at a hotel. I arranged my clothes. I’m just gonna be staying here for a while till I get an accommodation

I went to the bathroom and shower

I rehearsed some songs and slept off

Bob’s POV

I was dragged out from the cell that Romeo’s body guard had kept me

I was brought before Romeo , I stood before him and bowed my head

“Bob” He called while I maintained my bowed head

“My suspicion was right, do you really wanna kill me cus you have being loyal to me for years?” He asked

“Boss, I was weak then, I wanted to bring out my gun truly and follow you, I did not have any negative intentions but the bodyguards suddenly misunderstood my acts and punished me” I reported

“I keep my eyes on everyone and I’m good at detecting what is in the heart of men. Bob, tell me, are you in Love with Nancy?” He asked

“Boss, let’s not talk about that, Nancy has escaped, how did anyone know, who could be the betrayal among us?” I asked and ignored his question

He sat down and smirked. He looked straight into my face and kept smirking

“I’ll find who the betrayer is, answer my question”He requested

” yes boss, I can not lie, nevertheless, I will do anything you tell me to do” I said

“Interesting, you know it’s a taboo for an assassin to fall in Love, why did you?” He asked

“It’s a feeling I can’t explain, it’s beyond me boss” I said

“Now you have a weakness, the enemy can easily get you trapped with this, Love is an impossible occurrence for an assassin yet you break the rules” He said

“I’m sorry boss” I apologized

“We are killing your weakness this night and you are doing that” He said

“sir, that is not problem, but we need to know who the betrayal is among us, the first time we attacked Nancy, we were defeated. We kidnapped her , she escaped” I said

“Who else would I suspect if not you” Romeo said

I arched my brow

“Boss, how could you think that way , I was even injured ” I said

“I’m smarter than that, that might be a planned work for all I care” Romeo said

My face dropped cus it’s obvious that Romeo is now suspecting me , I’m not safe anymore now

“Anyways, kill Nancy before twenty four hours or you die before twenty four hours, the choice is yours” He said and stood up

He walked inside and I was shocked at what he said

So I’m to choose between my life or Nancy’s life. I Love Nancy so much but who in his right senses will choose another person’s life over his

I walked out and decided to kill Nancy once and for all if that will make me live and make Romeo trust me again

I stepped out while thinking deeply on who could be helping Nancy. I just didn’t know who the person could be

Is William really dead? I think I need to confirm if he is dead or not , he might be the one protecting Nancy

Where should I go first? To William’s place or to Nancy’s place.

Since I’ll be going alone, I think I need to go to Anthony’s house as the flower boy’s manager and not an assassin this time and speak to Nancy first, maybe I can get some information’s from her

I drove straight to Anthony’s house and entered the house , Nancy was sitting in the living room with Helen

I joined them, Nancy greeted me . Helen greeted me and walked inside leaving Nancy and I alone in the sitting room

“It’s quiet late, did you come to see any of the flower boys?” She asked

“Not at all, I came to see you” I replied

“Oh! Alright” she said

“Nancy, I was informed that you were kidnapped recently , who helped you?” I asked

“I did, how did you know?” a voice said from behind and I turned

It’s Brian

He joined Nancy and I and sat with us

“Erm…that, I actually” I stuttered

“How did you know? Do you work for them ?” He asked

“Who?” I replied

“Romeo, the assassin. I found out who he is already, answer my question , do you work for him?” He asked

I’m doomed, whatever answer I give will still make him suspect, but how can he be the one helping Nancy. He is fragile and not too strong for that

I stylishly touched my gun and quickly brought it out and pointed it at Brian

He has casted me already and he may expose me, since he can’t fight, I can easily take him down

“Ha ha ha” Brian laughed and sat comfortably

“I got my answer already, but we trusted you, why do you want to kill Nancy? What has the poor girl done?” He asked confidently

“I don’t know what is giving you the boldness, I’m not ready to reply you, cooperate now or I will be force to do what you do not like” I said

“Oh really? What I don’t like, what could that be, like killing me right?” He said and laughed

“Drop your gun” A voice said from behind

I turned to see who it was and I saw Scot pointing a gun at me

Before I could know what was happening, Brian had kicked the gun away from me and kicked me in the chest making me fall to the ground roughly

Brian and Scot walked closer to me and watched me lay fretfully on the floor

“Please don’t be angry, I Love Nancy too , I didn’t want to kill her but Romeo said I either kill her or I die” I said

Brian stretched his palm to me. I held it and he pulled me up

He escorted me to sit

“How did you end up working with Romeo and what has Nancy done?” Brian asked

I truthfully explained all I know to Brian, Scot and Nancy who were listening to me

“Good. Time to take Romeo down, keep pretending like you working for him while I work on getting more information about Nancy” Brian said

I stood and walked to him.

We shook hands and I left

I never knew Brian is so skilled in fighting in all my years of being the flower boy’s manager

I drove away and went to my house. I stepped inside and what I saw shocked me

Jeez! I’m dead

To be continued