Family Excited About Their Daughter’s Performance Of Being 48th Out Of 50 In Class



The family of a 10 year-old daughter, could not hide their joy when their little girl who has persistently been ‘chopping’ last in a class of 50, came 48th in the class examination, beating two other mates.

To express their appreciation about their daughter’s improved performance, Mr Francis Amengor and his wife Grace, both traders threw a lavish party at their Accra New Town residence at the weekend.

To crown it all, the Amengor family attended a thanksgiving service on Sunday to thank the Lord for what he had done for them.

Speaking to The Spectator on Monday, Mr Amengor said each time their daughter writes the exams she placed last (50th position) and always returned home in tears.

“We will console her and encourage her to study hard to perform better,” he said.

When she eventually managed to beat two boys in her class, she came home happy and this wonderful surprise motivated her parents to express their gratitude to her.

“We provided lots of food and drinks with music and invited friends within the community”, said her elated father.

To many, the party was very surprising but the family saw it differently, especially, when the little girl has moved two steps up, which signifies hope for the future.

Source: The Spectator